Monday, November 12, 2012

David Gandy's new Fitness App. to be released Dec 1st (Video)

The new fitness app, developed by David Gandy, has been set to release on December 1st.  At the same time the announcement was released the app's website, changed it's look and feel. It's shown us a little more of it's definitive style and distribution.

Only a few tips have emerged, among the technical characteristic the app will be available on the Iphone's IOS platform and the Android platform as well. Even the though the app is mostly focused on men's fitness, women will have a use for it as well through the "Lean" section developed by personal trainer and model Nathalie Schyllert. Nathalie is one of Europe's most sought after accelerated fat loss specialists and serves as Director of Operations & Bodywear for
She has established a brilliant reputation for incredible results through her work with top models, housewives and business executives.

Recently, David Gandy sat down with to talk about his upcoming app also giving us a glimpse into some of the routines. He also answers a few reader's questions (We have also included the transcription of the interview below).

MSN: We're here at MSN Her with David Gandy. Thanks for joining us

DG: Thanks for having me.

MSN: David, it's a normal weekday and you're taking time out to join us. What would you normally be doing during the week?

DG: The beauty of my job is that I never really know what I'm going to be doing and that's why I like so much. I'm not very good with doing the same thing, the same sort of mundane thing everyday. The beauty of my job is one day I'll be traveling, I might be on a plane, working on a charity. Everything changes and that's the beauty of it, I absolutely adore that.

MSN: Now you've just launched a fitness app which means everyone can have David Gandy as their personal trainer in the gym, which I'm sure legions of women will be very grateful for. Can you tell us a bit about the app?

DG: The idea of it, I've done two apps now, this is my second app. I have a David Gandy style app and they've come from kind of people asking me a lot of questions, before it was style but even before the style they've always been about fitness. Men have always come up to me in the gym and because of the Light Blue and Dolce & Gabbana they see the body and stuff. Ummm I'm quite known for obviously having a quite well maintained body and so people want to know how I get that. So, I've wanted to do this for a long time, I thought with the olympics coming up it was a great timing and it is as you say sort of like a personal training sort of app. Unfortunately there's not cheats, there's no magic pill, there's no magic powders or anything. It's hard work, but there is so much information out there for guys I think can be narrowed down.

MSN: How do you stay fit?

DG: I mean, as I said there's no, again there's no sort of magic solution it's hard graphed, it's hard work. I'm in training at the moment because I have a few things I'll be doing in September which I can't talk about, but there are other projects which I have to be in good shape for. So I will be training sort of five maybe 6 days a week but only maybe for 45 minutes to and hour and doing the same exact workout that I'm doing from the app. Your body is very clever, this is what people have to realize, your body will always adapt so,um, you have to shock your body all the time and them you'll see some better & better results and of course dieting. Dieting is very important, so I'm not saying I'm that good, I still enjoy my alcohol as a good British boy always does and I enjoy my food I eat a lot, but um there's stuff you should stay away, processed foods, I always say white foods are very bad, that's one step. We've said in the app not to go cold turkey and eat broccoli and not have anything. What we're kind of explaining a few cheats, we're not saying don't eat biscuits, we're saying if you do eat biscuits eat this kind of biscuits or you know if you still want carbohydrates eat the right kind of carbohydrates don't eat the bad ones. So it's slowly moving somewhere, it's not asking you to be drastic, it's slowly moving you somewhere into a healthier lifestyle.

MSN: And we joked earlier, but can women use the app as well as men?

DG: Yes, I mean the lean section of the app, obviously women are not going to be a bulk, some women might want to be, but I don't think they will be so you know a bulk is probably used for like a rugby player, Johnny Wilkinson kind of build. My build is probably between (?) and bulky and quite muscular cut. Brad Pitt is a good example of that kind of body. And then the lean is a very lean body, which of all the women, this is what Nathalie Bomgren ( side note: now goes by Nathalie Schyllert ) they go for long and lean and the exercises are very advanced, very,very low weight a lot of stretching it's awfully hard work, so women can have that section if they want to use the other sections as well they just have to  lower the weight they use. Same with any guy you're not going to start off with heavy weights, so we don't say what weight you can use you have to adapt that to your body, so you start off low then you get higher and higher and higher. So, of course women can use it.

MSN: A couple of questions from our reader came in. When you're not working, how do you relax?

DG: That's a good question, there's always like, people always joke I'm always working. I'm always getting my picture taken, always got a blackberry in my hand and uhh, umm driving I love, I'm a huge petrol head

MSN: What's your car?

DG: My car at the moment is a Mercedes SLS gullwing and I'm having a classic 1958 Mercedes being restored at the moment. It's away from the fashion world and that's where a good drive on a summer's evening is my relaxation.

MSN: If you could live anywhere in the world?

DG: I think I can live anywhere in the world, that's the thing that's the, in some regards you don't need, I mean I travel so much for work I don't need to be in place. I live in London that's where I choose to live. Everyone in the fashion industry seems to go off to America or New York for some reason, I stay in London this is where the talented people are int he fashion industry so I stay here and this is where I choose to live. So, London at the time being.

MSN: Excellent! And just finally, What's coming up next for you?

DG: I've got my own charity called The Blue Steel Appeal. I worked with Comic Relief and this year on Absolutely Fabulous and Twitrelief as they called it and we brought in a lot of money through out the fashion industry. But the fashion industry hasn't really engulfed in Comic Relief or helped Comic Relief as much as actors or comedians do, sports people working on sports relief. There has never been someone to channel the fashion industry to get involved that is what I'm trying to do. It's called the Blue Steel Appeal after Zoolander's blue steel, we'll be working on that be launching it hopefully in January. And then try to raise as much money as we can in March and hopefully we'll build and build and build until we engulf the whole of the fashion industry to come and help.

MSN: Aww fantastic,we'll be looking forward to seeing that next year

DG: Thank You

MSN: Thanks for joining us today

DG: Thank You, Thank You


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