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David Gandy covers '10 Magazine' (Winter/Spring 2012/13)

Special thanks to our colleague Melissa for these UHQ scans in exclusive for   

David Gandy Covers '10 Magazine'  for their Winter/Spring 2012/13, photographed by Paul Wetherell.


There would be no David Gandy the model, if not for daytime television. Richard & July. And there were would be no David Gandy the supermodel, if not for D&G. He has basically been “discovered” twice. Which is quite an achievement. It’s hard enough to be discovered one, let alone twice. And also to then be crowned the male equivalent of Naomi Campbell. Which he was. His super status was cemented at the London Olympics’ closing ceremony this summer, when his face graced the side of his very own truck as a symbol of all that is great about British Fashion.

We should probably add that he was there in the flesh, too, but it’s not every day that your face graces a moving vehicle. Unless you’re David Gandy. He gets to grace other things as well, such as buildings, and 6ft billboards in Times Square, and the has even had books devoted to his beauty. Dolce & Gabbana Books. He’s fine, fine, super-fine boy.

Natalie Dembinska: How are you?
David Gandy: I’m okay. Glad to be back

ND: What side of the bed did you get up this morning?
DG: The left

ND: How tall are you?
DG: Six three

ND: What size shoe do you wear?
DG: Seven and a half

ND: What other measurements can you give us?
DG: Inside leg? Thirty-four

ND: If you took us on a date, how would you woo us?
DG: I’d buy you a piña colada

ND: Who’s your ideal woman?
DG: Someone who makes me laugh

ND: Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?
DG: As long as they make me laugh I’m easy

ND: What are your grooming secrets? Do you exfoliate?
DG: No

ND: Do you have any brothers? Are they as attractive?
DG: Just an older sister and, yes, she is attractive

ND: What would you be doing if you weren’t a model?
DG: Tough question. I would have loved to be a motoring journalist

ND: What does your mum think of your career?
DG: She’s very supportive

ND: Are you a supermodel?
DG: No

ND: Would you get out on bed for less than $10000?
DG: Yes, I do every morning

ND: Would you ever star in a George Michael video?
DG: Only if he did a remake of Freedom

ND: Do you get recognized in the street a lot?
DG: Yes

ND: Do you like it? Do people come up to you and ask you for your autograph?
DG: I appreciate anyone coming up and asking. I try to be chatty and give them as much time as I can

ND: Have you ever had a stalker?
DG: Yes

ND: Oh God, that’s horrible. Sorry. I wasn’t expecting that answer. How may covers have you been on?
DG: I think I’ve shot my 15th

NG: This year?
DG: Yes

ND: Wow. Any top tips for getting the perfect six-pack?
DG: I haven’t got one, so I wouldn’t have a clue

ND: Do you read your press? Do you have an album of your press clippings?
DG: Yes

ND: What’s the secret of your success?
DG: There’s a saying I have always believed in, which is, “There’s no such thing as luck. Just well-prepared man waiting for an opportunity”

ND: How many times a day do you look in the mirror?
DG: I’m getting older, so I try to avoid it

ND: Do you have a signature walk?
DG: Errr, no. Not that I know of

ND: What do you put I your hair? It looks so shiny and soft. How do you get it like that?
DG: Does it? The secret is Larry King. The hairdresser. He is the secret.

ND: Do you collect anything?
DG: Watches and cars

ND: What turns you on? What are you into right now?
DG: What turns me on? My goodness me. I would have to say interior design

ND: Would that be a new career move, then? Interior design? Post modelling?
DG: I’d love to do that as a career, to be honest. I’m always looking for antiques and things like that, so…

ND: What’s next? What do you have planned?
DG: My fitness application – iPhone, android application – is being releaseds in the next two weeks

ND: Is that a follow-on from your how-to-get-dressed app? Your David Gandy Style Guide for Men app?
DG: The ‘how to get dressed put left leg in left hole not right’ [app]. It’s a separate application, but there is a David Gandy style app and a David Gandy fitness application

ND: What’s your breakfast of champions?
DG: Scrambled eggs and cup of coffee

ND: What’s your star sign?
DG: Pisces

ND: Do you gamble? If so, do you win?
DG: Yes. About 50-50

ND: Who’s your favourite pin-up?
DG: My favourite pin-up? Man or woman?

ND: Man and woman
DG: Man, Paul Newman. Woman, I have no idea – Michelle Pfeiffer

ND: Do you have any tattoos?
DG: No

ND: What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?
DG: Oh my God. The best would probably be one of the D&G parties

ND: What was the first lie you ever told? Have you ever told a lie?
DG: Yes, I tell lies all the time. I can’t remember the first one. Oh, I can, I can actually remember it. It was at school, we were all starting out on out first day at school, and I pulled the chair away from this guy called Tommy and he sat down on the floor and the teacher asked me if I did it and I said no. So that was the first lie

ND: Tell me something about yourself nobody else knows
DG: That’s one I can’t answer. I haven’t got a clue. If anything I’m a bit of loner in life. I like to keep a secret a secret. I’m quite private

ND: What would you say are the essentials to becoming a famous model?
DG: Humble. Be humble

ND: Is there anything you would like to do but never seen to have the time to do?
DG: Millions of things. Probably have a family at this moment

ND: Have you ever visited a medium?
DG: I have for a joke, yes

ND: Was it a good prediction?
DG: She said I had a curse

ND: Did she tell you what kind of curse?
DG: No…

ND: How would you like to be remembered in the future?
DG: Probably as quite humble and someone who has given back with my charities

ND: Who would you be stuck on a desert island with?
DG: Someone with a boat

ND: Or a bottle for a message
DG: Exactly

ND: Have you ever used sex to further your career?

ND: Would you?
DG: No

ND: Are you demanding?
DG: Yes

ND: Do you find that models get jealous of each other?
DG: Yes

ND: Are you psychic? Have you ever predicted anything?
DG: Well, they say Pisces are wise owls who can predict what’s going to happen. I think I like to put stuff out there in the universe and hope it happens and positive thinking. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.


No sé por qué tiene necesidad de decir mentiras todo el tiempo, lo único que consigue al final es engañarse así mismo, no es algo para sentirse orgulloso. En general, salvo eso, una entrevista de lectura amena. Gracias por escribirla.

I can't believe he admits to lieing all the time. all of his interviews though are quite the same in his answer so i hive him credit for his consistency.

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