Friday, October 26, 2012

David Gandy's Personal Passions for Candy & Candy A/W Magazine

For the #6 issue of Candy & Candy, fashion model and Jaguar ambassador David Gandy names his favorite cars and reveals why he's not your usual petrol-head.  Photo insert is from an article that David wrote for titled, David Gandy drives: Jaguar XKR-S

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

David Gandy for Lucky Brand 2012 'West Coast Winter' Catalog

Lucky Brand West Coast Winter 2012 Campaign

Lucky Brand presents more casual and comfortable looks for their West Coast Winter campaign & catalogue featuring David Gandy & Anne Vyalitsyna. 

Source:Lucky Brand

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lord Coe's 'Journey to 2012' event for the PSP Association

David Gandy & Sarah Ann Macklin attended Lord Coe's 'Journey to 2012' event for the PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) Association held at The Dorchester Hotel last nigh in London. The PSP Association hopes to raise funds for research into the disease and a way to prevent and cure the illness.

Here is a bit of insight into what PSP is (NINDS): PSP is a rare brain disorder that causes serious and progressive problems with the control of gait and balance along with complex eye movement and thinking problems. One of the classic signs of the disease is an inability to aim the eyes properly, which occurs because of lesions in the area of the brain that coordinates eye movements. 

PSP was first described as a distinct disorder in 1964 when three scientists published a paper that distinguished the condition from Parkinsons disease.  It is sometimes referred to as Steele-Richardson-Olszewski syndrome.

There is currently no effective treatment for PSP, although scientists are searching for better ways to manage the disease.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A look back at David Gandy's journey to Uganda

Last November I got to live out one of my dreams -to go trekking for gorillas in Uganda. The trip certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. This has nothing to do with the gorillas themselves; it's due to the terrifying drives required to get to them. We had three straight days in a huge, battered Toyota Land Cruiser, driving through very poor, undeveloped country on unmade roads - and this was without accidents or breakdowns. But I am a bit of a daredevil, and for me this only added to the adventure.Once we were in the gorilla zone we stayed at The Travellers Rest Hotel in Kisoro, a typical dusty, rural African town. The hotel (which Dian Fossey visited) is basic but charming, and most importantly they serve a wonderful cup of tea. My parents and I (don't imagine budding Attenboroughs here, think more National Lampoon's the Griswolds) slept well and the following morning awoke at 5am. We watched the sun rise out of the mist (gorillas in the mist isn't a myth after all), and a class of children arriving at the hut they call school, singing their morning hymn, before a two-hour drive to the camp.Once there, we trekked through extremely dense forest (making for very slow and hot progress) for a couple of thousand metres, and after two hours were finally within touching distance of these magnificent and extraordinary creatures.
We watched, mesmerised, as the gorillas grunted and chewed, and a macho silverback occasionally beat his chest to show his dominance. The mothers barely took any notice of us and some of the brave younger males dared to brush past us. But most delightful of all was when two tiny twin gorillas fed from their mother under the close supervision of a protective silverback. It was unforgettable.
Read more about his experiences on his Vogue Blog:Charitable Thoughts 2010

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

David Gandy for Lucky Brand 2012 'Late Fall' Campaign

Lucky Brand Late Fall 2012 Campaign 

Lucky Brand presents another Fall 2012 Style Free collection look book with Magdalena Frackowiak and David Gandy. Shot on location in Carmel  by Alasdair Mclellan.To view photos from the previous F/W 2012 look book please visit our link: David Gandy for Lucky Brand F/W 2012 Campaign 

Monday, October 8, 2012

David Gandy for Thom Sweeney Mayfair

David Gandy, along with Matthew Williamson and  George Lamb, is one of the many ambassadors for Thom Sweeney ,bespoke tailor in Mayfair, London.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

David Gandy Covers Men's Health Italy (Oct. 2012)

David Gandy Covers Men's Health Italy for their October 2012 issue.
Photographs by Leo Cackett

The following photos and interview are featured in this months Men's Health Italy. We will not be translating this interview because it is the same one featured in the Men's Health UK from June 2012.  If you would like to read the interview please follow our links here: