Monday, September 24, 2012

David Gandy Pomp Star Interview



London’s hottest inhabitant browses for antiques in Lillie Road, shop for ties in Carnaby Street and eats in Eight over Eight. DAVID CONSTABLE meet the manly male model.
David Gandy, 32, has one of the most recognized faces –and bodies- in the world, thanks mainly to an advert in 2006 for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance, which received 11 million online hits and saw a 50 ft poster of him grace Times Square in New York.
An Essex native, but now settled in London, he spends much of the year travelling and working on campaigns for the likes of D&G and Banana Republic. He is also a motoring correspondent for GQ and Vogue.

What’s your first London memory?
A visit to Trafalgar Square with my sister and grandparents. My grandfather used to work as a messenger and administrator during Margaret Thatcher’s time at No.10 Downing Street, so we had our picture taken outside the front door with the policemen.

Where’s your first stop when you are back in London?
A Colombian coffee shop called Tinto near my home in Fulham where they serve the best coffee in London.

Which street would you most like to live on?
Pelham Crescent in South Kensington.

What restaurant do you miss most when you are away?
Eight over Eight on the King’s Road.

What’s your ideal night out in the capital?
Simple – good food and good company.

Where’s the best view in London and why?
From Waterlow Park in Highgate you can see the whole of London from East to West.

What was your most memorable evening in London?
I think the best ones are those I can’t actually remember.

Where do you go shopping for clothes?
Liberty’s and Selfridges are my favourite department stores. Then Thom Sweeney for suits.

What’s your favourite independent shop in London?
Peckham Rye off Carnaby Street –it’s a bit of old- school London where I buy ties –and Burlington Arcade in Mayfair.

Who is your favourite British designer?
Vivienne Westwood and tailor Richard James.

Do you have a favourite Londoner?
Boris Johnson. I love his eccentricity. But I have also seen an improvement under him: on the underground, roads and also getting rid of stupid ideas like the M4 bus lane or the Congestion Charge expansion.

Tell us something we don’t know about the capital.
The best place to watch the sunset is from Putney Bridge looking down the Thames.

What’s your favourite area of the capital?
Lillie Road in Fulham for its antiques and vintage shops.

If you could have a giant billboard of you in London where would it be?
I’ve already had one and it was on the side of the Imax.

The app, David Gandy Style Guide for Men is out now and a fitness app, David Gandy Men’s Fitness Training, is due for release later this year.


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