Monday, July 9, 2012

The Friendship

A gentleman is something difficult to explain, a style, an attitude, but without any doubt, shiny shoes are implied in the global image which are an integral part of it.

During the men’s fashion week in London a couple of weeks ago,  on June 15th, 2012, David attended an event in the Burlington Arcade, Mayfair.

This place has a shoe shine service since March 2006 and if you can remember, David wrote a post about this on his Vogue Blog, back in 2010.
People may point out that buying new shoes or having a large shoes collection is rather expensive, and I agree. However, not only am I a believer in good shoes, but also in shiny shoes and preserving your current shoes or rejuvenating an old pair is a quick, simple and cheap solution. My little luxury and secret (not for long!), is a guy called Romi Topi. 
Romi runs a shoes shine service in Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, London. Shoe shine services are everywhere in America, but a rarity in the UK and yet sitting there in Burlington Arcade (which happens to be one of my favourite small parts of London), surrounded by the vintage watches, jewellery and luggage shops, watching the world go by and shooting the breeze with Romi is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the City - you almost feel like you were back in London a century ago - and at Christmas time, it's just that little bit more special.
Shiny Shoes (nov 2010)

The - Two years ago the British model David Gandy sat for the first time on the chair of the shoeshiner Romi Topi in the Burlington Arcade. As many may know, the historical arcade is famous for its luxury shops since it was built in 1819. Among some gentlemen the place is also known for its shoeshine professionals – the best in town.
“When I met Romi it was love at the first sight”, exaggerates David with a particular humor about their immediate connection. Romi is a young artisan whose talent is to transform lifeless shoes into brand new desirable objects. Their relation evolved into a friendship of total trust, being Romi a kind of therapist for David (as much as vice-versa).


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