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A Day With Gandy - Glamour México (June 2012)

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A Day With David Gandy

There are few special opportunities in life and, without any doubt, to meet and hang out with the most famous male model in the world is one of them.  The charming fellow to whom I refer, famous for his campaigns with Dolce & Gabbana, is the gorgeous supermodel David Gandy.  Come with me to Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the 24h I spent with him.

It was 11:30 am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and my hands began to sweat. The moment for meeting the unbelievably handsome English model was near. When I do interviews with international personalities, there is always the fear that they will be special or difficult to treat, but when I faced up with this man, I knew instantly that this would be a great experience and very different from the ordinary.

From his accent and his distinct blue eyes, everything about him was perfect. Dressed from head to toe in classic and elegant attire -  by Dolce & Gabbana, the designers who gave him  his most important campaigns – he looked impeccable, a god. For someone who has been named the number one male model in the fashion industry by Forbes Magazine, David is very simple and grounded. From the beginning of our conversation, it was clear  this was not a person who reached where he is because he was lucky, but an educated, intelligent adult and who possesses the with work ethic, and drive to succeed at whatever he chose. As a good Anglo-Saxon, he could not start his morning without a cup of coffee, although he said he is also a fan of traditional English tea. "My mom cures any illness or sadness with a cup of tea. So, that is why I like tea so much,"he confessed.

"I disagree with people who catalog models as dumb. The fact is, it is necessary to possess great intelligence to make modeling a long and successful career. "

"I love the sun," he says to Brazilian journalists and me while he took a sip of his drink. "What amazing weather this city has! It's a shame I could not leave the room at the Copacabana Hotel to enjoy it.   If I could, I would take your sunshine back to London with me. "

David Gandy began his career when at age 20, thanks to some friends at the university who enrolled him in a modeling contest. Not surprisingly, he won. "If I had not entered the fashion world I would love to have been a veterinarian, but the brains let me down. You have to be overly dedicated and extremely intelligent to be a scientist. ". Even though he is not a laboratory scientist, David is anything but unintelligent. He has known to make of himself a company, which requires considerable intellect. Not only does he work as a model in photo campaigns and walks catwalks, but he also writes a blog for Vogue, UK,  performed opposite Helena Christensen, in the short film AWAY WE STAY, but he has plans to create its own line of interior design products and much more. But without any doubt that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana selected him to be the face of its fragrance Light Blue was the great turning point of his career. "Why do you think you were chosen?" I asked. "Many people say it was luck, but I think it was a great opportunity for a very prepared person. I was big, muscular and masculine, very different from the androgynous models that were in the fashion industry at the time. The designers wanted to exploit my manly image, I took the risk and it worked. " And how it worked! Light Blue has become an icon in the fragrance industry, an unprecedented success. But did David know posing on those Italian beaches would change his life? "You never know what picture or campaign will be the one. You see the footage and think it is good, although maybe the public doesn't agree, but Light Blue was distinguished as a winner from the start. It was impressive to see that the campaign for the first time was very different from the others. In fact, it was my mom who predicted it. I sent a preview and she said, `This is going to be massive. '" How right she was: Six years later, David is still the image of the iconic Light Blue. In 2011, D & G and the Italian editorial, Rizolli, published a book in which were gathered the best photos of the model during his ten year career. He says he would love to make one that was focused in all their shots and runways.

"I would only make a film if the right script came to me. I won't say yes to just anything. I feel I would lose the status that it took me so much time and effort to win. "

The formal interview took half an hour, but for me it could have been all day. What I didn’t know was that my day was not finished with David. After our conversation in the hotel, the journalists arranged a delicious dinner at the Hotel Fassano. Imagine our surprise when at the same time we came to the restaurant, David Gandy arrived. And, I was sitting next to him. At first I was nervous, but along with the dinner, I realized that behind that cool professional exterior was simply a man of flesh and blood, who is charming and captivating. He let me choose the wine, he advised me what to order and we share a dessert. We talked about everything, but especially his love of cooking and food. Is there a model that eats dessert? Yes, David loves it. "Of course, I exercise and watch what I eat, but I love to cook. And a treat once in a while does not hurt, "he said while testing the crème brûlée we had ordered" My bread pudding is the best, you have to prove it." he replied.  The dream of many became reality for me that night.

The last question I asked was: Since you became a model, what is the biggest change that has happened? Without hesitation he answered me, "I wanted to control the industry more than it was controlling me".

Luxurious Passion
It was known that, despite being a simple model, David has some very luxurious tastes. As a young man, his obsession is cars. He has an extensive collection, he showed me pictures on his cell while we had dinner. His next purchase will be the new Mercedes-Benz sports car. "I'm going to give myself  birthday gift and indulge my whim."


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