Saturday, June 30, 2012

David James's 1st Anniversary

The history of every web like DjG begins with a day in which without realizing, you are a silent witness of an idea and an illusion in front row. An eternal moment in which you ask yourself a simple question that marks the starting point for something which you can only know by intuition what it will become to be, why not? ...

Three years ago, I didn’t even know who was the man from whom this website has his name, he only existed in my mind during those ephemeral moments in which the images of the Blue Light ad were projected on my eyes. Only then, I knew of the intensity of those eyes that had stolen the color from the ocean, only then, my glance walked, daring and lazy, through his masculine features to catch sparkles from the liquid diamonds which covered its body to, once time the fantasy dissolved in the TV, disintegrate themselves in the mist that hides the memories, and disappear as if it were a dream.

What was what changed all that? There is not one reason which can explain it, just to say 'it happened' would be even too simple, if I try to relativize the explanations in only one, would be undressed it of the feelings that bound it. In the summer of 2010, when everything about him on the Internet was very different from how it is now, one day I imagined something that it didn’t existed, I allowed myself mixing a part of my dreams, drawing a place where everyone could meet him and… in the center of that time, a picture will always be special for me, my perfect shot, which made me look at it twice and ask me, who is he? And when Google returned me an answer in the form of a mosaic of images of millions of hits ... how is he? What did he do? How has he reached where he is now?

And with that small-great idea as the cornerstone, for a whole year, DjG grew day by day in the shadows and with them, I withdrew more and more of the image that the fashion campaigns projected from him, I wanted to know if he really shone inside as it did outside. There were many stories in those days, I remember that only after a lot of months I met his full name, how difficult it is to think that now! Or if you wanted to get an official contact, you had to follow dubious tracks as bread crumbs to check, after whole weeks, that you were in the starting line one more time.

From the beginning I have been fortunate to have people close to me who have supported me from the goodness of their heart. To them, whom I have the honor to call my friends, thank you so much for everything. Mónica, Azucena, Miriam, Ángeles, Pilar and especially to you, Maria del Pilar for being with me every day.

All those efforts finally had a turning point on June 30, 2011, when you all had the chance to meet online and it has been an immense pleasure to share with every one of you these 365 days. Thanks for joining us a few minutes every day, for your support and confidence, for the thousands of visit throughout DjG which is now the widest and most documented web about him.  You can be sure that this word is too small for the gratitude we would like to show you.

Many thanks to those who I have had the pleasure of greeting and meeting in this year and have been so kind with us to get news or pictures. No matter if it was something punctual or longer, all are and were important for us. You know who you are and you can be sure that I can remind the name of every one of you. Bianca, Rachel, Simela, Rado, Bex, Ana Beatriz, Yvonne, Aline, Valentina, Stefania ... thanks for your kindness.

Heartfelt thanks to David Gandy’s Russian Fan Club, it is always a pleasure to organize things with you and on the special dates of this website you always delighted us with your creativity, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness and unconditional support. Never change. You all are really great. And as proof of that, I have the pleasure to introduce a video that Oxygen has done for this occasion. Congratulations Oxi for it, you really had the sensibility with you to do this, it could not have been more beautiful.
I would like to invite you all to enjoy it (and to visit their youtube channel that hides some other wonders)

And finally, I wanted to wait until now to announce that from today, the page has a new beginning, a new image to display, it has been redesigned from zero to make it more visual, quicker, easier, faster and interdependent with all the DjG’s social networks. With the experience of these two years, your comments and suggestions, we have wanted to improve your experience with it, something that we will continue in the future. We hope you enjoy each visit. It was a pleasure for us to get here and keep walking.

Our sincere thanks to all.


Thank you so much. I am more than happy for this day and, keep walking in order to see more years to come ;)

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