Sunday, June 17, 2012

David Gandy: Q & A on Twitter

Model David Gandy joined the British Fashion Council’s live Twitter Q&A today morning to answer your questions.

BFC: David Gandy has arrived to answer all your questions! Here he is ready to get started. 

DreamySim1: David Gandy: how do you keep fit/healthy with not much time/loads of traveling? 

DG: Go to the gym 3/4 times a wk. there's always a gym wherever i travel. Workouts last 30 mins, probably less than people think. 

Elizabeth B: Rumor is you are the muse for the leading man in some new fictions-Would you ever consider a photo shoot as one of these characters? 

DG: Have heard these rumours also, always looking for new ideas for shoots/projects, so something i can def start to look at. 

Cyse: David, are you on twitter? 

DG: No not on twitter and there is no official twitter. To keep up to date with everything people can follow my 2 facebook accounts. 

Cyse: How do see the British Menswear Fashion 10 yrs. from now? 

DG: Been an amazing start over the last 3 days at London Collections. Believe british men's fashion will go from strength to strength. 

Kay Polt: David: Is there any special significance to the ring you wear in several photos? I've not seen it in some of the more recent ones. 

DG: Easy answer, was a gift from a close friend, but it was lost at a shoot a couple of months ago. 

Laura T: David, something I've wondered (but never asked): many models have tattoos and/or piercings. Have you ever been tempted to get one? 

DG: Hey laura! i dont think mum Gandy would be very impressed if i did. 

Elizabeth B: David, does music ever influence your style choices for the day? Favourite song right now? 

DG: It's sunday, sunday means Tony Bennett, tea and the sunday times. 

Keyla Campos: I love you! What do you prefer? A movie or a book? 

DG: Always a movie. 

Kathryn Grimes: David: with your artistic background and design… Who/what artist/design do you favor? Or do you prefer a variety? 

DG: Favourite artist is Edward Hopper. 

Camilla Morton: You work with a lot of global brands how does London compare? What % of your wardrobe is Made in UK? 

DG: Everything worn over London Collections has been British. Either bespoke like Peckham Rye or highstreet such as. 

Jessica: What's the one must have item every man should have in his closet? 

DG: A well fitted suit and good shoes. 

Lizzie Walker: You've talked about starting a charity. Can you tell me if you have and what it will be about? 

DG: We are getting closer to finalising the charity committee. Made up of all people from fashion industry. Called Blue Steel appeal. 

Laura T: David, how many of the LCM shows will you have seen by end of today? 

DG: By the end of today I will hopefully have totalled 25 shows and events at London Collections. 

Jerome Allen Lorico: Is there a difference between your generation as a model and the generation of models now? In what aspects if there is? 

DG: I think it's a lot more widely accepted to be a male model now. 

Ike Bleu06: David, what's been the most memorable moment of your career so far? 

DG: The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue shoot. It's lead to where i am today. 

Ashley Maclachlan: David: who is your favourite highstreet retailer & why? 

DG: Marks & Spencer Fly the flag for British high street. 

Rebecca Okell: Which designer has particularly caught your eye during London Collections so far? 

DG: Hackett London, ETautz and Belstaff have all caught my eye at London Collections 

Kimberly Carroll: Hi David, boxers or briefs? 

DG: Kim I've been told you work for the BFC, get on with some work!! 

Ellie Wilson: David do you ever use a stylist....? 

DG: Sometimes i take advice from my stylist friend Joe Ottaway. But apart from that i style myself`. 

Ellie Wilson: David would you ever consider designing your own collection? 

DG: Brands have asked and so far we have declined. But def something i would consider in the future. 

BFC: The charming David Gandy has now gone to Pringle Scotland show & left us all slightly in love! Thank you so much for your questions. 

Source: BFC


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