Thursday, June 14, 2012

David Gandy in (Middle Class War)

David Gandy answers some questions for Shortlist, in a terribly polite of well-to-do ways, vs. Tinie Tempah

1.- Do you have a cleaner?
No, That's not a good start, is it [Laughs]? If I had a cleaner, I'd just end up cleaning before they got there, which is even more middle-class. But there's no point in me having one, as I'm rarely in my apartment. I leave it and it looks exactly the same three weeks later when I get back from travelling.

2.- Do you ever buy clothes in the high-street sales?
God, yes. I love a bargain. Everything I buy has money off in some way or another. Because I'm quite tall and broad, I usually fit into things that don't fit other people, so I wait until the last day of the sales and buy all the leftovers. The proper dregs. Sometimes I know stuff won't fit, but it's such a bargain I buy it anyway.

3.- What percentage of your DVD collection is foreign language or documentaries? 
I'd say 30-40 per cent is documentaries - usually about cars or animals. There are some guilty pleasure in there, too. I love anything with Michael J. Fox - Doc Hollywood, Teen Wolf, The Secret Of My Success - I've got them all.

4.- Have you ever backpacked across a country?
Someone took the p*ss the other day and said, You are so not a backpacker." It doesn't really go hand-in-hand with the fashion industry, where people say, "I slummed it once - I stayed in a three-star hotel. No room service, I don't know I survive [Laughs]" I've been to places such as Borneo and slept in huts on beaches, but I definitely didn't backpack.

5.- Have you ever called a watch a 'timepiece'?
I know too much about this as watches are another of my guilty pleasures. Someone told the word 'watch' id derived from a Celtic word meaning 'bell', so if your watch hasn't got an alarm or a bell on it, it should always  be called a timepiece. That's how geeky I am about this.

6.- Do you listen to Radio 3 or Radio 4?
No, I can't say I ever listen to those two. I used to like a bit of Radio 2 now and again, but then Terry Wogan left and it went downhill. You can't beat a bit of Wake Up To Wogan.

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