Friday, June 1, 2012

David Gandy for 'British Airways High Life' Magazine


Model David Gandy reveals what’s in his suitcase

(David Gandy photographed in a River View Suite at The Savoy, London, by Neil Gavin)

George Clooney’s character in the film Up in the Air reminds me of me when I travel. I take about 80 or 90 flights a year so I’m the one looking at the security lines trying to figure out which one is quickest.
I must be the only idiot who would take antlers on a plane. A friend in Miami gave a candlestick made of them; it’s fair to say that security was pretty surprised. It was very funny seeing X-ray antlers popping up on screen as they went through.
Travelling requires military precision as I’m used to being on my own. If I travel with family or friends they lose their passport about 15 times before immigration which I find frustrating.
For a flight I wear clothes that I can snuggle into, like big chunky knitwear and jogging bottoms. I used to travel in tight jeans, which are pretty uncomfortable, I don’t know how or why I did it for so long.
Aloe Blacc is my go-on artist at the moment. I play the same songs over and over until I get sick of them.
My beauty regime isn’t huge but I always take Kiehl’s moisturizing cream. For men, beauty products are still quite a scary prospect, but Kiehl’s hops are really manly.

David Gandy & Lanthe Butt
David Gandy is the current face of M&S and a member of the British Fashion Council's Menswear Committee supporting London Collections: Men.
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Lorena, this is a nice article and written 100% correctly. It's gotten to the point that yours are the only David Blogs I read now.

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