Thursday, May 10, 2012

David Gandy:'s Icon Man

David Gandy is among the Top Ten Icons Men of the worldwide recognized web, Sharing this honour with models like Larry Scott, Gabriel Aubry, Alex Lundqvist or Mark Vanderloo.

The VIP club: those working "icons" of the moment - defined as male models with public recognition, established longevity and major campaigns and/or editorials within the last year.
Many male models come and go but these 10 forces have proven themselves to be client powerhouses via their fragrance campaigns, their blue chip advertising work and their continued editorial presence (the key variables on which this ranking is based). Some of these men, over the life of their career, have earned over a million dollars. Others have left behind unforgettable and moving imagery that proves that presence, passion and charisma counts in male modeling. Most importantly their existence and survival is a testament to where brilliant management can take a career. All hail the iconic male model.

Inevitable was Mr Gandy's place on MDC's top icons list. In a scant few years, there may be no other man who's made an impression like him in the public's consciousness. As the only male model to front a solo Details cover in recent memory, as the ongoing face of Dolce & Gabbana's multiple lines, a Youtube channel, videos, a column for British Vogue and more, the juggernaut effect of brand Gandy is seemingly unstoppable.



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