Thursday, May 3, 2012

David Gandy & The Goose

gandy and the goose1DG & GooseIf you have had the opportunity of reading the last blog of David Gandy on Vogue, probably you could understand the created expectations that a lot of people had about this lovely history:  "David Gandy & The Goose", if not, here you are the direct link to enjoy it.  Fashion Diary (Vogue Blog)

Now, thanks to Lucky Brand, we can see those moments described before by David on his blog. This video was recorded during the last photo shoot in Carmel (USA) for the next Lucky Brad Fall 2012 season. Thank you so much for uploading it.
From Lucky Brand's Blog: The story goes something like this . . . the big grey goose who calls this ranch home, protects the property by sitting near the front gate by the pond. Upon guests’ arrivals, she “honks” quite loudly and persistently making it clear that she is the boss – and you are on her turf. After a few moments she targets one person to follow & terrorize while they are visiting . . . this day she chose David . . . but instead fell in love with him — as do we all!


David y la Oca asesina... Aviso a quien tenga la oportunidad de ver a un bicho de estos de cerca, ¡¡acojona por su tamaño!!. Y si te persigue graznando y con las alas abiertas, el susto no te lo quita nadie en varios dias.

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