Wednesday, May 9, 2012

David Gandy - '+Gente' Clip

Gente TV1 08052012

During the last days, the 'Light Blue' advertising by D&G airs in a lot of channels worldwide. Among all the news in magazines and clips featuring David Gandy, I would like to emphasize this one which was aired on TV1 Channel in Spain on May 08, 2012 as part of the program: '+ Gente'. The main reason is that it has new pictures from the report aired by the same channel within the 'Corazón, corazón' program on May 25, 2008. In that moment, David was in Madrid to pick up the award from Glamour Spanish Magazine like " The Most Beautiful International Male Face". 
I think it isn't necessary that I try to focus your attention in his eyes, is it?

Direct link to 'Corazón, corazón' Interview here
'Light Blue' Full Campaigns (2007 & 2010) here


David, I've watched you rise from the ashes and stretch your magnificent wings like a the proud Phoenix you have become. I watch and marvel have flown across the world's horizon in a blaze of glory. The powerful Phoenix you are now dominates the London night sky when meets with the exaltation of breathtaking birds of paradise who compliment his presence, the masculine presence long missing from the august ensemble. I was, proud and elated to see that that my friend David did the work he said he would do, and climbed to was on the highest branch of the tree of success, the only man ever to reach the heights--the phoenix, the fire bird. It must be wonderful to stand at the summit of Everest and realize that you and and you alone have realized the goal. The only man to do so. Like Sir Edmond Hillary you have paved the way for the other guys and now that they know the summit is possible, the path will be easier to ford and there will be others who will follow you. Be happy with the knowledge that you did it first, you are the legend who made the climb first. Congratulations Mr.Supermodel!

David, para cuando vuelves por España?. Te echamos de menos:(

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