Wednesday, May 30, 2012

David Gandy at The 'Glamour' Women of the Year Awards 2012

May 29, 2012.- David Gandy arrives at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in association with Pandora at Berkeley Square Gardens in London, England.

RT @EvaLongoria: Me and the gorgeous David Gandy 
@monsterpr at the Glamour UK Awards!

Alesha Dixon, David Gandy and Glamour editor Jo Elvin (black dress)

And because with David an image is never enough, here you have a few seconds to see him when he arrived at the event (min 4:40)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Gandy gives fashion advice to drivers

David Gandy has advised men against wearing driving goggles.
The supermodel has given his top tips on how to look hot behind the wheel of a sports car. According to David, the main thing is to think about is your driving attire.

“If you insist on driving a supercar around town, don’t wear aviators while doing it. You won’t look like Maverick or Goose [from Top Gun] but there will be a few four-letter ‘call signs’ people will give you,” he told GQ.

David then admitted there are certain times when wearing goggles might be acceptable. They are extra special circumstances though, which he has clearly outlined.

“You are only allowed to wear driving gloves, goggles or a shearling aviator jacket if: 1. You are flying a Spitfire. 2. You are driving any type of Morgan or pre-Seventies classic car. 3. You are Paul Newman or James Dean. 4. You are Alan Partridge,” he laughed.

“Never ever, under any circumstances, put cushions on your back seat! Not even if [designer] Terence Conran tells you it’s OK.” 


Friday, May 25, 2012

David Gandy at The global Launch of 'Martini Royale Casting'

Launch of Martini Royale Casting 2012 (4)May 23, 2012.- David Gandy at Martini Launches The 'Martini Royale Casting' With Designer Christian Louboutin To Find The Next Female Martini Star at The Design Museum in London, England.

Launch of Martini Royale Casting 2012 (3)Launch of Martini Royale Casting 2012 (5)Launch of Martini Royale Casting 2012 (1)
Launch of Martini Royale Casting 2012 (2)
David Gandy with Christian Louboutin & Yuri Buzzi, the winner
 of Martini's Kisser Casting Talent Campaign (2011)

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Gandy for 'Apollo Novo' Magazine

Apollo Cover
David Gandy covers the new issue of french magazine 'Apollo Novo' (Spring 2012)

To read the original french interview, please go to In other case, here you are the translation into an english language in exclusive for

During the past ten years, David Gandy has been the image of campaigns from the leading fashion brands and cosmetics. We have a meeting with the model who is now embarking on the daunting task of branding himself.  It took place mid-March in Paris, for an exclusive shoot for Apollo Novo Magazine. When he arrived, David Gandy occupied the space like the  star of his profession he truly is. His steel blue eyes are  impressive and glossy. He knows what he wants and especially what he does not want.

Q: What aspect of your profession do you like most?

David Gandy: Thanks to my work, I have to travel a lot and I love it. I live in London. However, I am a nomad, my whole life is wrapped in a bag. I fly to the United States one day, work in Milan the next day and fly again to be in a show this weekend in Paris.  This is the life to which  I' ve grown  accustomed. The day I don't have to pack my bags to put down roots, will be the day I would start to feel panic. Returning home is a job also: when you leave a place after a long stay, the day you return, many things have changed, your friends, your family, there is always something new and exciting. With London in particular, I love coming back because I love London--after all, it's my home.

Q: Can you say what would make you decide to unpack your bags in earnest?

David Gandy: One day, I will have had enough. One day I will simply say: "it's over" but that day has not arrived yet. I have so many projects in my heart. I have a passion for interior design and I have decorated the homes of some of my friends. When I decide to unpack my bags for good, I will buy a house and re-do it inside out. It's a passion, an obsession that will require a lot of time and energy. I won't be able to  travel as much when I undertake such a project, but until that day comes, I take the opportunity to travel as much as possible.

Q: Is there an ultimate project for your career you would like to complete this year?

David Gandy: I have many plans, ambitions, however I do not want to talk about them because I prefer to surprise rather than disappoint. So I will depend on the element of surprise.

Apollo Novo S2012 (1) Web HQ
And despite of the fact that the complete cover has not been still released online, the french magazine graces its web with this awesome close-up of David Gandy. (HQ)

Signed picture Apollo Novo S2012 Apollo Novo S2012 (2) Apollo Novo S2012 (1)

Apollo Novo S2012 (3)

March 23, 2012

Directed by Alexandre Saltiel

Source: , Apollonovo's Facebook &

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scottish Fashion Awards 2012 (June 2012)

Even though the Awards will be in a few weeks, this information could be important for you if you are perhaps luckily in Glasgow or any other place and you would like to attend this event. If not, there is still other important reason to post this: we have again an opportunity to see an interview with David Gandy taken by during the ceremony last year. Maybe the last one is reason more than enough to many of us but, if you are one of them who is going to attend, I hope you enjoy a lot.
Scottish Fashion Awards 2012This year’s prestigious event looks set to be one of the best yet. Hosted by Alexa Chung, the event will see big names in the industry, including David Gandy, Laura Bailey, Tali Lennox, Millie Mackintosh, Brix Smith Start and Rankin, jet into Glasgow.
The audience – made up of guests, celebrities, supermodels, designers, and a host of international fashion stars – will be in attendance when some of the biggest names in the Scottish industry collect their awards, honouring them for their influence on style and trends.

The 7th Annual Scottish Fashion Awards will take place on Monday 11th June 2012 at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow, followed by a black tie Gala VIP dinner, and for the first time ever the public will be able to snap up tickets to attend the glitzy ceremony, priced at £35 ( limited number).

Find out more information: or call 0844 395 4000.
Scottish Fashion Awards 2011

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vogue: Best Dressed of the Week

St Regis Polo Cup 2012 (1)
David Gandy is among the most stylish stars of this week in Vogue (British Magazine).

This HQ picture belongs to 'St.Regis International Polo Cup 2012' event on Saturday 19, 2012.

David Gandy & Sarah Ann Macklin (model)


David Gandy at St. Regist International Polo Cup 2012

St Regis Polo Cup 2012 (4)
May 19, 2012.- David Gandy attends The 5th annual St.Regis International Polo Cup at Cowdray Park, West Suusex (London)

During the last weekend you could see on our Twitter, a new retweeted pic (from @NylonPR ) took during this event.
St Regis Polo Cup 2012 (2)St Regis International Polo Cup
David Gandy & Sarah Ann Macklin (model)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Youtube Video Wall


Starting today, there will be at your disposal a new static page on the blog which allow you to explore from here the DjG's Youtube Channel. To do more interactive and more pleasant the visit, I have included the Cooliris software with the Full Screen Mode. The link will be on the top of the blog: "Youtube Video Wall"
Thank you so much. I hope that you enjoy it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

David Gandy covers 'Paws Magazine' Summer 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gallery Update: Undated by Lawrence J Thomas


 David Gandy by Lawrence J Thomas 

Friday, May 11, 2012

David Gandy: el hombre Dolce & Gabbana

DG D& G Esquire Lat May 2012

El rostro de Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue nos enseña que la seducción comienza en el olfato
Por: Pierina Fer 

La seducción comienza en el olfato, o al menos esto nos enseñaron Domenico Dolce y Stefano Gabbana cuando lanzaron al mercado Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Con su adictivo, fresco, envolvente e irresistible aroma, esta fragancia celebra diez años de vida con la presentación de una campaña protagonizada por David Gandy, uno de los hombres más cotizados del momento. El modelo fue fotografiado en las aguas del Mediterráneo por Mario Testino, quien nos introduce en el estilo de vida de Dolce & Gabbana en la Riviera italiana.

Con 13 premios internacionales, D&G Light Blue se ha convertido en un clásico. "Estamos muy orgullosos del legado de esta fragancia, que captura la sensualidad del Mediterráneo, un lugar perfecto para la seducción", comentaron los diseñadores. Viajamos a Río de Janeiro para la fiesta de aniversario, donde entrevistamos a David Gandy.

ESQ: ¿Qué te gusta de Light Blue?
DG: Que es fresca y ligera... ¡me encanta! No me gustan las que se sienten muy pesadas.

ESQ: ¿Cuál es el momento perfecto para usar esta fragancia?

DG: Me gusta en la primavera y el verano, me remite al Mediterráneo y su magnífico sol.

ESQ: ¿Cuéntame sobre la campaña?
DG: Fue simplemente asombrosa. Soy muy afortunado, imagínate: Italia con una luz maravillosa, una modelo bellísima a la que además tenía que seducir, y un fotógrafo fantástico como Mario Testino.

ESQ: ¿Cómo seduces a una mujer?
DG: Debes ser sincero y no mentir para conquistar. También tienes que estar serio pero no en exceso, algunos chistes ayudan. Y queda prohibido hablar, hablar y hablar.

ESQ: ¿Cuáles son tus accesorios y prendas favoritas?

DG: Tengo serios problemas con los relojes, y más por sus precios. Me encantan los trajes, podría vestirme con ellos todos los días de mi vida. Tengo tres trajes bespoke, a final de cuentas soy inglés y la sastrería está en mi sangre. Los trajes Dolce & Gabbana son asombrosos pues tienen un fit perfecto, no se les tiene que hacer nada; tengo como 50.

ESQ: ¿Cómo prefieres los trajes?
DG: La moda de hombre es muy limitada en comparación con la de las mujeres. Ellas tienen múltiples accesorios, nosotros debemos variar nuestros trajes para vernos diferentes y propositivos. Tengo trajes de un botón, dos botones, tres piezas y cruzados; estos últimos son mis favoritos, porque son muy antiguos y te hacen lucir elegante y con estilo.

Fuente: Esquire Latinoamérica

Thursday, May 10, 2012

David Gandy:'s Icon Man

David Gandy is among the Top Ten Icons Men of the worldwide recognized web, Sharing this honour with models like Larry Scott, Gabriel Aubry, Alex Lundqvist or Mark Vanderloo.

The VIP club: those working "icons" of the moment - defined as male models with public recognition, established longevity and major campaigns and/or editorials within the last year.
Many male models come and go but these 10 forces have proven themselves to be client powerhouses via their fragrance campaigns, their blue chip advertising work and their continued editorial presence (the key variables on which this ranking is based). Some of these men, over the life of their career, have earned over a million dollars. Others have left behind unforgettable and moving imagery that proves that presence, passion and charisma counts in male modeling. Most importantly their existence and survival is a testament to where brilliant management can take a career. All hail the iconic male model.

Inevitable was Mr Gandy's place on MDC's top icons list. In a scant few years, there may be no other man who's made an impression like him in the public's consciousness. As the only male model to front a solo Details cover in recent memory, as the ongoing face of Dolce & Gabbana's multiple lines, a Youtube channel, videos, a column for British Vogue and more, the juggernaut effect of brand Gandy is seemingly unstoppable.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

David Gandy - '+Gente' Clip

Gente TV1 08052012
During the last days, the 'Light Blue' advertising by D&G airs in a lot of channels worldwide. Among all the news in magazines and clips featuring David Gandy, I would like to emphasize this one which was aired on TV1 Channel in Spain on May 08, 2012 as part of the program: '+ Gente'. The main reason is that it has new pictures from the report aired by the same channel within the 'Corazón, corazón' program on May 25, 2008. In that moment, David was in Madrid to pick up the award from Glamour Spanish Magazine like " The Most Beautiful International Male Face". 
I think it isn't necessary that I try to focus your attention in his eyes, is it?

Direct link to 'Corazón, corazón' Interview here
'Light Blue' Full Campaigns (2007 & 2010) here

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

David Gandy for Banana Republic Summer 2012 Campaign

David Gandy & Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha for Banana Republic Summer 2012 Campaign by Carter Smith.

Banana Republic Summer 2012 (2)Banana Republic Summer 2012 (3) Banana Republic Summer 2012 (4)

Banana Republic Summer 2012 (5) Banana Republic Summer 2012 (6)

Banana Republic Summer 2012 (1) Banana Republic Summer 2012

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gallery Update: Men's Health UK Magazine 2010


2010 Pictures

 David Gandy for Men's Health UK Magazine (Nov 2002) by Hamish Brown  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lucky Brand Summer 2012

David Gandy & Shannan Click  for the Lucky Brand Summer 2012 shoot by Guy Aroch on location in North Malibu (Watkins Cove)

Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (16) HQ Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (17) HQ
Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (18) HQLucky Brand Summer 2012 (19) HQ

Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (13) HQ

Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (9) Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (10) Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (11)
Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (10) Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (1) Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (9) Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (13)
Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (11) Lucky Brand Summer 2012 (4)

On Set (Detail)

Lucky Brand Summer 2012 On set