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David Gandy covers Men's Health UK (June 2012)

Men\'s Health UK June 2012David Gandy covers the June 2012 issue of 'Men's Health' UK Magazine, on sale from Monday April 30

Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (2) Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (1) Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (3)Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (4)Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (5)Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (6)Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (7)Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (8)
Men\'s Health UK June 2012 by Cackett (8)
Photography: Leo Cackett; Styling: Eric Down

Behind the scenes Video of Magazine's Cover Shoot (HD)

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Men's Health UK - The Model Example (June 2012)

Men\'s Health UK June 2012Men\'s Health Jun 2012 (1) Men\'s Health Jun 2012 (2)
Men\'s Health Jun 2012 (3) Men\'s Health Jun 2012 (4)
Men\'s Health Jun 2012 (5) Men\'s Health Jun 2012 (6)

Men’s Health UK – The Model Example (June 2012)

He’s the shy boy from Billericay who has cashed in on his looks. But David Gandy is more than just an image. He speaks exclusively to Men’s Health about looking good for a living and shares his tried-and-tested workout tips for building a million pound body.
Photography Leo Cackett / Styling Eric Down / Words Dan Rookwook

A man walks into a greasy spoon in east London and orders a mug of tea and a jacket potato. He takes a seat in a booth by the window. The owner eyes him from behind her counter before announcing to the entire café: “Oh my. You’re so handsome. Look at you! You remind me of my dad.”

The man winces at this ever so slightly, then smiles down into his mug of tea.

“I know you, don’t I?” she continues, crossing the room towards him. “Are you an actor? Or a footballer?”

The man pauses for a moment, then says, “No, I’m a model.”

“Oh, just a model…”

But David Gandy is not just a model. He is the first male supermodel and one of the most photographed men in the world. The image of him on a boat off the Amalfi coast, reclining in a pair of (possibly too) tight white briefs did more than good trade for Donce & Gabbana. The campaign put him on a level with the iconic image of Kate Moss in her equally tight Calvin Klein’s. It hung him on a poster 50ft high in New York’s Times Square. It made him a star.

But David Gandy is from Essex. He’s more comfortable here in a caff with a brew. He is the gangly teenager who, with a bit of luck and no little hard work, became the byword for the modern male aesthetic. But in spite of his success, Gandy tells us, he would rather have been a vet.


Men’s Health received a unique insight into the life of David Gandy – a man who defines what it is to be good looking and is paid handsomely for his efforts. We found out how it feels to be the boy from Billericay who became the world’s first male supermodel. And what he really sees when he looks in the mirror.

You’re an international supermodel. Are still you still an Essex boy at heart?

I was born and bred there, so definitely. But I refuse to watch The Only Way is Essex. These programmes give the place an awful name. My parents live on the Essex-Suffolk border in Constable country. That’s the Essex I know, but not the one people see.

Do you have many close friends?
I have a handful. Unfortunately, I can’t say I have many from the fashion industry. I’ve been modeling for 10 years, so that says quite a lot. I have a group of friends from back home and we all stay in contact.

What do they think of your career?
They take the piss but they do it to my face. I hope that behind my back they’re quite proud of what I’ve achieved.

Do you see yourself as “normal”?
No. I’ve never really fitted in anywhere. I’ve always felt a little on the sidelines, like I never fit into one category.

Are you happy with what you’ve achieved or do you want more?
There’s loads of stuff. I’m clever in many respects, but not academically. I wouldn’t be doing this job if I could be a vet. In terms of my looks, I’m very self-critical: I hate my hair, my lips, my nose. And I can’t grow a full beard. People assume I think more of myself that I actually do.

So who do you see in the mirror?
I don’t see what everyone else sees. I see the David Gandy “brand” and how each picture is going to affect it. Cary Grant once said that even he wanted to be “Cary Grant”. And I think that’s it, in a way. There’s this big weight of expectation when people meet me and it can be a bit hard to deal with.

What were you like as a teenager?
My puppy fat stage was as 15 to 16. My body grew out first, instead of up. When you want to start chatting up girls and having sex, it’s not a great time for that to happen.

But you’re not awkward around girls now, though…
I still have a shyness about me. I’m useless at chatting up women. And I have a great looking set of friends who are all absolute charmers, so even when we go out, I’m still in the background. It’s not about looks – it’s about the gift of the gab. You can talk a woman into bed, you really can.

Are you ever lonely, then?
Everything I do professionally is me at the forefront. I’ve been travelling on my own for 10 years, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve always been like that. I go into my shell with work – I’ve been like that since I was 12.

Are you easy to live with?
My perfectionism can make it difficult. I know my ex-girlfriend [Molly King, the one you fancy in The Saturdays] struggled. Things have to be perfect – everything in the house, every car I buy. That’s incredibly hard to live with if you don’t understand it.

Does your job affect your relationships?
It’s a sacrifice I’ve made for the last decade. If either a relationship or my work must suffer, then I’m afraid it has to be the relationship. I have this need to be in a certain “place”, to have achieved a certain thing. Then when you do get there, the only way you can go is down. That scares, me so I move on to the next thing.

Are you happy alone?
Yes. I can get on with my own life, my own “perfections”, without needing to explain that weirdness to someone else. I’m single now, so I don’t have to worry about it.

What time do you normally get up if you’re not working?
I start getting emails at 7.30, 8am. But sometimes I’ll just grab my laptop and get back into bed with a cup of coffee. I need coffee straight away. The latest I’ll ever be out of bed is about 10am.

Linda Evangelista famously said that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $ 10,000 a day. What’s your going rate?
I’m one of the highest earners in the male modeling industry, but the top women still earn so much more. You’re talking Gisele earning $ 13 million last year or something like that. No guy in the industry ever earns that amount. The disparity is absolutely huge. I’m trying to close that gap.

Why do female models earn so much more?
I look at the supermodels and they have a team around them: a publicist, special booking teams, financial advisors. They’re businesswomen. I’ve been criticized for saying this, but on a shoot the hierarchy is the female model, the photographer, the stylist, the make-up artist and then the male model. People have said, “Oh, you don’t like it that women are at the top.” But I respect them for it. I just don’t think the male models should be at the bottom.

Was building the body you’ve got now a way of trying to reverse that inequality?
When I was 17, I suddenly shot up to 6ft 2in and became quite skinny. I hated it and wanted to do something about it. I read things in Men’s Health and the supplements certainly helped. All the younger guys at the agency now ask me, “How do you bulk up?” I don’t think it’s normal to have these skinny guys in adverts that look more like women than men. How can people aspire to that?

When do you train?
I can’t train in the morning.It will always be in the late afternoon or after work at about 9.30pm. That’s when I feel most energetic and can push the most amount of weight or reps. Everyone is different. You have to read your own body to get the most out of it.

What’s your typical training week?
I do three heavy weights sessions: one focusing on my chest, an arms session and a back session. Then on two other days I’ll work out Monday, Tuesday, rest on Wednesday and then train Thursday, Friday and one day on the weekend-depending on how much I’ve had to drink the night before.

How much do you drink?
I love my booze and my job involves a lot of socializing, so I probably drink more than people think. I stay away from beer, but will have a glass of wine a day – I like red wine. If I have anything else It’ll be a double vodka with lots of ice and fresh lime. The cleaner the spirit the better you feel, especially if you want to work out the next day.

And the rest of your diet?
I’m not hugely strict. Mum used to say I hum when I eat and I still do. I’m happiest when I’m eating but I do keep away from processed foods, anything white or in a packet. One thing I always have to hand is a pack of wholewheat wraps. Wherever you are, you can always chuck in a few raw vegetables, some chicken and hummus.
It takes two minutes. I eat raw vegetables like there’s no tomorrow.

How long can you live this kind of life? Do you want to model indefinitely?
Some guys still make a fortune when they’re 45 years old, but I think modeling is a young person’s game. You have to know when your time is up. I wouldn’t mind getting involved more in something else.

Is that why you’re now bringing out a fitness app?
Britain is the most obese country in Europe. We simply can’t seem to read the nutrition facts on the back of food. I’ve learned so much since I started modelling, I just wanted to put it all down. I know some of the best PTs in the business, I’ve gone over what works and what doesn’t. I know how your can get yourself into better shape – and I’m the evidence that it works.

For that reason, a lot of men would say you have it all. Do you?
I’m 32 and more than anything I want to find a girlfriend and have children. I want to be able to say, “I’ve done enough”. Hopefully, one day a girl will come along and I’ll think she’s far superior to my work and let my priorities go. That’s what I’m aiming for.

What type of woman can you imagine that person being?
Until she comes along, I really don’t know. Women don’t throw themselves at me. Not unless they run a greasy spoon, apparently.

David Gandy’s 15 – MINUTE HOME WORKOUT

“This workout is cardio-based but weighted so you are burning fat and calories while also toning up and building muscle,” says Gandy, who releases The David Gandy Men’s Fitness & Training App in June. The idea is to complete all five exercises with no break between them. After that, give yourself three or four minutes’ rest. “Use this time to go and make your protein shake, then start again,” Gandy says. “It’s better to give your muscles the rest they need for another full circuit, instead of quitting halfway through.” To see video footage of the man himself demonstrating this workout, visit

Bend at the knees, and keep a slight forward slant with your back.
Hold a pair of dumbbells in front of your thighs (A). Raise them so your upper arms are just above horizontal (B). Hold for a second at the top to “squeeze” your back muscles, then lower.
8-10 reps.

Start in a press-up position (A). As you lower, bring your right knee out and up to touch your elbow (B). Return the leg as you push back up. Alternate legs. Go as low as you can.
15-30 reps.

Kneel down, feet crossed behind you (A). Roll the barbell out in front of you (B), then roll back. For a challenge, balance on your toes instead of your knees.
8-10 reps.

Hold a barbell with a wide grip (A). Stand up and drop under the bar to catch it across your chest (B). Squat (C), return to standing, then press it above your head (D).
8-10 reps.

Push explosively from your chest muscles and triceps. Do two claps. Gandy can do three with one clap behind his back (but cheats a bit by going up onto his toes).
8-10 reps.

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David Gandy's 15-Minute Home Workout (Men's Health)

He's the first male supermodel, one of the most photographed men in the world, and Britain’s most stylish man. But David Gandy is not just a pretty face – as he reveals in his cover interview for the June issue of Men's Health, on sale from Monday April 30

MH Workout 0412
In this video, David Gandy shares his tried-and-tested workout tips for building a million-pound body – handy if you’re planning on entering the Men’s Health cover model competition this year, or just want to get in shape for the summer. This simple full-body routine can be done anywhere – all you need is a couple of dumbbells and a free weight bar.

Film: Alex Kryszkiewicz; Photography: Leo Cackett; Styling: Eric Down

In this excerpt from the interview in June’s Men’s Health, Gandy reveals his training and diet regime

When do you train?

I can’t train in the morning. I’ve never been a morning person. It will always be late afternoon to late evening: about four o’clock or after a day of work at 9.30pm. That’s when I feel most energetic. But everyone is different. You have to read your own body.

What’s a typical training week for you?

If I knew I was going to be in London for 7 days, I’ll probably do 5 days on: Monday, Tuesday, maybe a break on Wednesday and then Thursday, Friday and one of the days on the weekend. That will include three heavy weight sessions – a chest session, an arms session and a back session – and the two other days will be high repetition, low weight supersets and circuits. I never really do just plain cardio. My legs are naturally big so I don’t train them separately.

Do you find it easy to stay motivated?

I need someone to push me. I often train with one of my best friends: Louis. We work out together but we’re very different frames. I’m almost 15 stone but he’s about 11.5 stone so there’s a good mix there. Working out with someone is a great idea.

What’s your diet like?

I’m not hugely strict. I don’t really believe in dedicating your life [to a diet] as some do. My mum used to say I hum when I eat and I still do. I’m happiest when I’m eating but I do eat good stuff. I keep away from certain foods – anything white, anything processed, anything in a packet. The other thing is to beware when things say ‘low fat’, because they often have more sugar or salt as a result.
One thing I always have to hand is a wholewheat wrap – great to chuck in with a few raw vegetables, a bit of chicken and hummus. It takes two minutes. I eat raw vegetables like there’s no tomorrow.

Do you drink?

I love my booze. My job involves a lot of socialising so I probably drink more than a lot of people think. I like red wine, but if I have anything else I’ll have a double vodka, lots of ice, lots of fresh lime. Clean alcohol. The cleaner the spirit the better you feel – especially the next day if you want to work out.

Do you ever treat yourself?

I do enjoy a few biscuits, but I’ll always feel guilty at the end of the day. I’ll never really go crazy. My motto is that whatever you put into your body, you’ve got to work out.

And you’re bringing out a fitness app in June?

Britain is the most obese country in Europe. People can’t seem to read the nutrition facts on the back of food. I’ve learned so much [about fitness and nutrition] since 2006, I just wanted to put it all down. I know some of the best PTs in the business. I’ve gone over what works and what doesn’t. I know what will get you in the shape you want to be in.

To read the full interview complete with style shoot and step-by-step workout, look out for the new issue of Men’s Health, on sale from April 30

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Launch of the "Lion NYC" Pop Up Restaurant

April 26, 2012.- David Gandy attends the launch of the "Lion NYC" pop up restaurant at the Brompton Club London, England.

Lion NYC pop up restaurant 2012 (1) Lion NYC pop up restaurant 2012 (2) Lion NYC pop up restaurant 2012 (3)

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Gallery Update: L'Uomo Vogue Sport 2002


2002 Pictures

 David Gandy for L'Uomo Vogue Sport Magazine (Italy - 2002)

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The 50 GQ Men of Style & Substance

50 GQ Au 2012 Norman Jean Roy
GQ.AU published its list of Top '50 GQ men of Style and Substance' for its next issue of GQ Australia Magazine (April/May 2012). From Hugh Jackman or Ryan Gosling to designer Marc Jacobs, David Gandy came in at #32 (top #18), the only featured model in the list.

32. David Gandy
One-man brand

Far from a fey air-headed Zoolander, the world’s highest-paid male model is branching out as a TV presenter, filmmaker, and style app producer.
“He’s the epitome of never resting on your laurels,” says Jack Milenkovic.


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'Jornal do Brasil' Interview

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Veja por que o inglês David Gandy conquistou a Dolce & Gabbana - e a gente!

Jornal do Brasil - Heloisa Tolipan

David Gandy é um dos homens mais lindos do mundo, isso é incontestável. Tem a educação, o humor e o bom gosto dos ingleses, mas é simpático e bronzeado como os brasileiros. Na verdade, bronzeado como os ingleses que são habitués de nossas terras. O modelo, que é rosto e corpo (e que corpo, mantido com muita malhação) da Dolce & Gabbana há dez anos, veio nos visitar no mês passado para comemorar o décimo aniversário do perfume Light Blue, cuja campanha é responsável pelo grande boom em sua carreira, e nos recebeu em uma suíte do Copacabana Palace para uma conversa. Foi exatamente esse perfil, mais, digamos, corpulento e bronzeado que deu a David o encanto e a fidelidade da maison italiana.

Jd B 100312 interview"A campanha do Light Blue trouxe o homem másculo para o mundo da moda. Mudamos os parâmetros da indústria", diz David Gandy, o rosto da fragrância há 10 anos
“Não acredito em sorte. Acho que existem pessoas bem preparadas à espera de uma oportunidade. Sempre me diziam para malhar menos e cuidar mais da minha pele, mas eu fiz o contrário do que me pediam. Era o modelo fora dos padrões do mercado por ser mais forte e bronzeado que os outros rapazes, mas foi exatamente isso que atraiu o pessoal da Dolce & Gabbana”, confessa. “Eles arriscaram em me escolher para a campanha do Light Blue e acabaram mudando os parâmetros da indústria. Trouxemos o homem másculo para o mundo da moda. E todas as outras marcas copiaram a estética icônica da primeira campanha do Light Blue”, completa David, que é do time que luta contra o estereótipo do modelo masculino. Segundo ele, os rapazes são um alvo fácil da indústria e precisam ser mais ambiciosos. “Eles precisam se inspirar nas tops que fazem campanhas da Victoria’s Secret, por exemplo. Os homens se contentam com pouco, não investem em suas carreiras tanto quanto elas. Eu não”, salienta.

E David investe pesado em seus negócios: tem três empresas, um aplicativo para iPhone sobre moda masculina lançado e outro sobre alimentação e fitness saindo do forno, em julho, uma coluna na revista GQ britânica, um blog no site da revista Vogue do Reino Unido, um livro sobre os seus 10 anos de carreira, lançado em parceira com a marca de Domenico Dolce e Stefano Gabbana, e mais uma dezena de projetos paralelos. “'David Gandy' é uma marca agora. Preciso ser controlador com os meus negócios e gosto de estar a par de tudo o que acontece. Também procuro dar oportunidades a pessoas que já trabalharam comigo e são boas. Por isso, se sou chamado para um editorial, levo fotógrafo, maquiador, cabelereiro e figurinista comigo”, diz.

David Gandy nos bastidores das gravações da campanha de Light Blue, comandadas por Mario Testino.
No meio de tudo isso, David ainda arruma um tempinho para responder e-mails de rapazes que o têm como exemplo. “Cheguei em um patamar em que controlo mais a indústria do que ela me controla. Agora, tenho uma voz. Isso aconteceu porque disse mais ‘não’ do que ‘sim’. É preciso que esses rapazes saibam bem o que querem. É como um jogo de xadrez, você precisa movimentar as peças certas para ganhar”, aconselha.

Dentre as paixões de Gandy estão os carros e a decoração, especialmente se houver móveis antigos no meio de tudo isso. As fotos dos móveis que restaura e integra ao ambiente moderno de seu flat londrino, publicadas em seu blog, já renderam convites para participar de shootings de diversas revistas especializadas em decoração, mas não é esse o desejo de David. “Existe um espaço vago no mercado para o tipo de decoração que gosto, mas mostrar a minha casa e como me integro a ela é algo muito pessoal. Não farei”. A praia do moço é passear por feiras de antiguidades logo assim que as barraquinhas são montadas, por volta das 5h, com um café na mão e um casaco pesado no corpo. Aliás,os nossos exemplares cariocas, na Praça XV e na Praça Santos Dummont, na Gávea, o deixaram louco para um tempo vago no apertado cronograma da visita ao Rio para um garimpo.

Jd B 100312 interview (2)
A (sortuda) modelo polonesa Anna Jagodzinska divide com Gandy a campanha de Light Blue.
Apesar da agenda cheia, pelo menos David teve tempo de dar um mergulho no mar de Copacabana para sentir a nossa energia. “Já estive no Brasil umas quatro vezes, mas sempre a trabalho. O que mais gosto no Rio é o clima. E as churrascarias! Elas são o que vocês têm de melhor! É como uma fonte infinita de comida”, ri David, que sonhava em ser o Super Homem quando criança. “Consegui realizar esse sonho por um dia, em um editorial da Vogue americana em que me vesti como o Clark Kent. Mas meu real sonho profissional era ser veterinário. Amo os animais. Não posso ter nenhum bicho de estimação porque viajo muito, mas me associei a um abrigo de animais em Londres e, agora, sou responsável por 300 gatos e cachorros”, conta.

Se você também se encantou por David Gandy, aí vai uma dica para a conquista: bolo de cenoura. “Minha mãe faz o melhor do mundo e, outro dia, eu acabei comendo um inteiro que ela preparou para mim”. Se a culinária não for o seu forte, faça uma parceria com São Pedro. “Gostaria de levar o sol do Rio na mala. Em Londres o tempo está sempre cinza e chuvoso. Quanto mais velho fico, de mais sol preciso”. Se o nosso sol não couber na mala, pode voltar ao Rio quantas vezes precisar, viu, David?

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'Gnt Fashion' (Brazil) Interview

March 10, 2012.- David Gandy speaks to 'gnt fashion' at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where he attended 10th anniversary celebrations of the D&G 'Light Blue' perfume.

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M&S: Spring 'Collezione' Shoot

M&S S/S 2012

Picture taken by me, Oxford Street (London)
January 6, 2012
Ph: Uli Weber

By David Gandy

After a gruelling 3 weeks that took me from London to Paris, London to Puerto Rico, London to Miami and then London to NYC, I was thoroughly looking forward to the sun, scenery and sand of Sicily, which was the destination for my 3rd shoot for the Collezione campaign with Marks and Spencer. The team for Collezione all know each other well now, so unlike many dreaded trips of introductions and not knowing quite what is in store, these trips are always a pleasure and the team is like a well oiled machine. But who is this on the call sheet? David Nolan? Fresh meat, perhaps? David is actually the new stylist for this trip, what has he let himself in for?

On Sunday morning I make my way to Heathrow to meet with hairdresser Larry (I’ve just noticed he always wears small oval glasses and his name rhymes with Harry…so call him Larry Potter immediately, for my amusement if no ones else’s). 5 hours, yes 5 hours later, and I’m still at Heathrow airport with Larry Potter (the new joke now wearing thin) and the plane grounded due to fog. We miss our connecting flight in Rome and land with 30mins to spare for the next one. A kind man for Alitalia escorts us - now rather irate – English and Italians to the flight for Sicily. Finally in Sicily we drive an hour (in the rain) to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the crew – most of the team arrived yesterday to prepare the locations, they certainly had found a lovely location at the Hotel Metropole, with a somewhat cloudy view of Sicily. Not that this location was to be used for the shoot you understand, this was just for dinner (ooooh the hard ships we endure).

After 12 hrs travelling, the good news is, its been raining for the last 2 days and it will continue for the next couple of days and if that wasn’t bad enough, I realise I’ve lost my passport as I try to check in to our wonderful AshBee hotel…oh the glamour of international travel.

After 5 hours sleep, my room is invaded by people. Usually it would just be Larry and our understanding of a no speech policy until after our first coffee is broken by the film crew. Oh yes, I have a film crew with me who are filming a documentary and they want a commentary of every move I’m making. I’m not good at talking at the best of times (just ask my ex-girlfriends) but at 6am in the morning…the ‘bear with a sore head’ analogy comes to mind. We meet everyone for breakfast, faces are a little anxious as the rain is still falling and this is a spring/summer shoot, at this moment I wish Larry Potter would wave his magic brush and wizard up a miracle.

We head to the old Sicilian train station (the only location with cover). Within 20 mins, even with all the hurdles so far, Uli Weber (the photographer) and his assistants perform miracles with lighting and cameras and the pictures look wonderful. The train station provided a wonderful back drop and a real story and depth seems to preside in the pictures, somehow they seem to be the best we’ve produced so far. The clothes are helping though. There are some pieces in the collection that astonish me. There are such design details and style with such quality cloths that Ralph Lauren and Armani would be proud to have them in their collections, a navy linen pin stripe jacket stands out and it will certainly be in my collection for next year. David ‘fresh meat’ Nolan turns out to tie a tie with the best of them and this is enough for me and him to become friends instantly, that’s how easy I am (just ask…actually I wont finish that).

We all finish the last shot back at the hotel and have been shooting with such efficiency we even have time for a few variation shots before the sun goes down. We all celebrate with a well earned and triumphant beer. Cant wait for everyone to see the shots. And talking of shots there was the wrap dinner…but that’s a whole different story!


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David Gandy for the 'Kids Company' Charity

2012 \' Kids Company\' by Chris Craymer (1)This beautiful picture was taken by Chris Craymer and will appear in his London show to raise money for 'Kids Company' on Friday April 12th. All the proceeds from this auctioned print will go to this Charity Foundation.

2012 \' Kids Company\' by Chris Craymer (2)
                                A picture at the moment of signing.

 For more information on the  Kids Company charity visit link