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GQ Brazil Interview

During his last trip to Rio de Janerio last weekend , David conceded several interviews. The first one which has been released comes from GQ Brazil. The original language is portuguese. Those of you who prefer to read the original, click on this link In other case, here you are the transcription into english language, I have tried to respect the original and literal meaning as much as possible.

GQ Brazil unveils David Gandy: a tough buddy guy in the world of male models

By Wilson Weigl, GQ Brasil

GQBrazil 031812 1
He is totally Messi. No, Pele doesn’t come and I give up my arguments. Like a good British, he likes football, of course. And cricket! The strong and masculine features distinguish the 32-year-old model's handsome face and make us think of him as fashion's version of Hollywood's tough guys like Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman. “Hollywood has been offering me stereotypical roles like Spartacus (TV series, where Kirk Douglas played the lead role in 1960) or 300 (2006). A lot of people would take the opportunity, but I would rather prefer to be in a lessor film, a little thing if we compare with great actors”, explains David Gandy, an expressive English man who uses faces and expressions to state points of view and business. No trace of delicacy or scared timidity. Gandy is fun, smart and a real buddy to talk.

GQBrazil 031812 2
Mercedes 300SL Gullwing (1958)

Money guy too

"The world model is like that!", he says joking when I ask him if he watched Zoolander (2001), the definitive and sarcastic X-ray film about the fashion empire. It doesn’t take itself seriously and is quite different from the professional world that surrounds him. His first steps in the cinema, like I was telling at the beginning of the conversation, took place last year in a short film with Helena Christensen called, Away We Stay, a romantic story of a photographer who falls for a stranger man she meets in a restaurant. It was inspired in the classic film Blow-Up - After that Kiss (1966), and directed by Eduardo Ponti, son of the original film's producer, Carlo Ponti. "Everybody loved it. But only because I am a model doesn’t mean that I should act". Gandy confessed… He was in Brazil for 48 hours to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance for men. Do you remember the film directed by Mario Testino in Capri? If you don’t, have a look to the picture below, GQ and website also, where he is ranked number 8 among the Money Guys, a kind of Forbes list of the male models that have highest incomes in the fashion world.
GQBrazil 031812 3
D&G Light Blue Campaign

Women restless

GQBrazil 031812 4
He is sitting, drinking caipirinha, smoking and our scenario is the restaurant Fasano in Rio de Janeiro. He wears a perfect suit - but even slim, perfectly tailor-made suit. He is a gentleman with all women, something easy to notice. And some of them, during the chat, seem to have their seducemeter a little more on the "on" position, while others react to this with the assassinmeter ready to eliminate the competitors. He, without waiting it, creates this situation. "I'm a little lonely, I don’t have many male friends, I feel better with women. I find it easy to relate to them. Men trust in me and leave me to go out with their girlfriends and wives ... Well, at least until they know me better (laughs)! "He says with humor and showing his friendly personality. Oh, he too, prefers the a sense of humor in a woman.

The cell Gandy

He doesn’t force his attentions on anyone. Gandy is the male version of the woman who knocks everyone without exception only by himself and his beautiful existence. After all, he is practically the icon of the Dolce & Gabbana, and he wasn’t chosen by chance. And Gandy has such a sense of humor that the game starts with an overwhelming victory. "Yes ... no, yes ... no, Wilson!", He hesitates when asked if he is dating with models. The answer is "yes"? He tries not to date, but ... "My last girlfriend had a band," he warns. OK. Buddy Gandy loose his cell phone in my hands to show me pictures of his niece, his dog and the 1958 Mercedes that is reforming. He let me swipe my finger through photos without getting annoyed .
GQBrazil 031812 5
D&G  S/S 2011 Camapign
Hairdresser Larry King

His physical fit, if you practice gym and it is something you are wondering, isn’t a miracle. "The only secret is hard work. Many people ask me about training, weight training, so I decided to launch this year a fitness application for iPhone, "he says. The application will be available in July. When he is in London, trains four times a week and he didn’t practice any sport, for lack of time. "I used to practice various soccer, water polo, rugby, cricket, and athletics. Being English, I have to like football, "he explains. Perfume? Almost none, what is surprising in a supermodel. "I use two perfumes and a moisturizer because I travel a lot and make my skin dry. From a time ago I had an organic oil of roses, which I use on my face. I have a hairdresser in London named Larry King, who has cut my hair for years and sometimes come with me in my trips and photos "he says. He swears that he wears a perfume is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Why do we doubt?

GQ guy

GQBrazil 031812 6
Gandy is a GQ guy, actually is a columnist for the British version of this magazine, in addition to writing about antiques for Vogue - he finds, purchase and repairs rustic objects and does it very well (see his blog "Cars are my passion, since I was a child, when I discovered the cars magazines. Nobody in my family likes cars; I don’t know where the passion came from. In fact, I brought three magazines to read on my way to Rio. I have to keep up with the industry because I am a columnist for GQ , I have to test vehicles both classics and new releases.... At the moment, I have two cars: a Jaguar and a Mercedes-Benz 190sl which is being restored. Can’t wait for her " he says. Short time later Gandy would be writing on a plane - he says that it takes quite a while to produce the texts for GQ and Vogue and likes to do it looking at the moon and stars through the window in silence. "This has been my life for the past ten years, one day is never like another. It's good because I get bored easily. "


Hello, i would like to know if this article came out on the march issue of GQ Brasil... I'm trying to find this magazine, with this article, for a friend of mine... Thanks!

Hi Fivactba!, Glad to see you. This one was an online article from, we don't know if this article was published in GQ Brasil(March issue). We have this post in portuguese version just in case you want to. If so, send us an email to with your address and we'll send it to you without any problem. xx

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