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David Gandy for 'Apollo Novo' Magazine

Apollo Cover

David Gandy covers the new issue of french magazine 'Apollo Novo' (Spring 2012)

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During the past ten years, David Gandy has been the image of campaigns from the leading fashion brands and cosmetics. We have a meeting with the model who is now embarking on the daunting task of branding himself.  It took place mid-March in Paris, for an exclusive shoot for Apollo Novo Magazine. When he arrived, David Gandy occupied the space like the  star of his profession he truly is. His steel blue eyes are  impressive and glossy. He knows what he wants and especially what he does not want.

Q: What aspect of your profession do you like most?

David Gandy: Thanks to my work, I have to travel a lot and I love it. I live in London. However, I am a nomad, my whole life is wrapped in a bag. I fly to the United States one day, work in Milan the next day and fly again to be in a show this weekend in Paris.  This is the life to which  I' ve grown  accustomed. The day I don't have to pack my bags to put down roots, will be the day I would start to feel panic. Returning home is a job also: when you leave a place after a long stay, the day you return, many things have changed, your friends, your family, there is always something new and exciting. With London in particular, I love coming back because I love London--after all, it's my home.

Q: Can you say what would make you decide to unpack your bags in earnest?

David Gandy: One day, I will have had enough. One day I will simply say: "it's over" but that day has not arrived yet. I have so many projects in my heart. I have a passion for interior design and I have decorated the homes of some of my friends. When I decide to unpack my bags for good, I will buy a house and re-do it inside out. It's a passion, an obsession that will require a lot of time and energy. I won't be able to  travel as much when I undertake such a project, but until that day comes, I take the opportunity to travel as much as possible.

Q: Is there an ultimate project for your career you would like to complete this year?

David Gandy: I have many plans, ambitions, however I do not want to talk about them because I prefer to surprise rather than disappoint. So I will depend on the element of surprise.

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And despite of the fact that the complete cover has not been still released online, the french magazine graces its web with this awesome close-up of David Gandy. (HQ)

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March 23, 2012

Directed by Alexandre Saltiel

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There is one photo which looks nice. I really hope there's an actual shoot it's exciting the new issue :-)

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