Tuesday, March 13, 2012

David Gandy Celebrates 10 Years of D&G Light Blue Perfume

David Gandy, arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Friday 9th, and remained for the weekend where he gave several interviews at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in which he discussed his association with the iconic  Dolce & Gabanna brand-Light Blue pour Homme. The model, often called the world's handsomest man in the world, later hosted a special dinner where he spoke of his association  with the brand  so closely associated with his image...

The Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana is full of classics. Besides the leopard print, the label has other icons. One of them even completed 10 years in 2011. As part of the anniversary celebrations of the Light Blue perfume, the brand brought top model David Gandy to Rio de Janeiro for a meeting with the press at the Copacabana Palace. David has had the pleasure of visiting Rio 4 times during his career and immediately adapts the country's more casual attire, stating, "The city’s climate is wonderful" as he quickly disposes of the United Kingdom's heavy garb better suited for his native United Kingdom's colder climate. He got rid of heavy coats and opted for a light jacket and shirt with a few buttons open, revealing his chest strategically, as commented since the release of the fragrance campaign.

Incidentally, David revealed that the Light Blue Commercial was shot on the Island of Capri in Italy  and was directed by his close friend and mentor the renown Mario Testino, who is the man hugely responsible for the commercial's success.. Gandy appeared in the top 10 world’s richest male models in Models.com. “Burn this commercial was a wonderful experience. Working with Mario is great. It’s like being with family. He is very fast and knows what he wants to show. One of my favorites, along with Mariano Vivanco. They are amazing people get on the photos.” The approach of David with the label of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is prior to the film. His first contact with the duo was in 2002 when he was still considered a new face.

“I have a long relationship with the brand. To me, It is an honor to have had the opportunity to be a part of the team. I started doing the shows and was invited to star in campaigns and then,” he recalls. Besides being the face and body of Light Blue, David had posed for the lines of ready-to-wear, gym, and eyewear, to name a few. “Of course I have many pieces of the brand, but also use much vintage”, delivers Gandy, who joined the business after winning a competition between models in the program This Morning. “I did not think to follow this path, but I like what I do,” he admits, that does not hide his love for suits. His favorite? D&G, of course. “Extremely clean”, the model said.

Source: Elle.abril.com.br (Discollective.com), Jornal do Brasil


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