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David Gandy Drives: Jaguar XJ Supersport

GQ032812 Jaguar XJ Supersport (3)The top model reviews the top models

Male supermodel and Car Correspondent David Gandy spends four glorious days with the supercharged, no-pussycat Jaguar XJ Supersport.


So, the Jaguar XJ Supersport: my new daily transport for the next three months. A strange choice, people might think, but I've actually been driving Jaguars since my early twenties. The Gandy family has always had a Jaguar XJ in the garage - until now, that is. The immaculate 1999 XJR that I sourced eight years ago has just been replaced with a Discovery. Weird then that the minute our old Jag goes, I get offered an XJ... Maybe it's just destiny that I will always drive a car with a leaping cat on it somehow.
One can't help but stare at the XJ: it's a fabulous piece of design. I was there in London in July 2009 when Jay Leno unveiled it to the world. The stunned silence of the audience said it all: the design was far removed from XJs of old. When I went to Paris a few months later and was driven around in a convoy of them, the Parisians couldn't have stared any more if Elvis Presley had risen from the Seine singing "Love Me Tender" whilst riding on the back of the Loch Ness Monster - that was the impact the car seemed to have. Ian Callum is a genius designer and one doesn't fully appreciate the brilliance of his work immediately; rather, it grows on you over time and never gets tired. It's almost like re-watching a great movie: there is always something new to notice. With the XJ, the sloping black "C" pillar hides the lengths and bulk of the car, making it more like a large sports coupé. It simply makes rival cars look, well, boring and a little cumbersome - with the exception of the Aston Rapide. This particular Supersport, in black metallic and smoked grey alloys, has a menacing beauty.


GQ032812 Jaguar XJ Supersport (2) by by Louis DoI can't wait to get into the XJ this morning. Maybe it's the novelty value. However, I know if it was a Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series or Lexus LS waiting for me, I'd probably choose the bus to get me around London today: the Jaguar doesn't make you feel like you should moonlight by chauffeuring weddings on the weekend, like they do. Thank the Lord that Jaguar has found someone who can design and build a great interior - or maybe it finally has the funds to not have to use indicator stalks that you'd find in a Ford Fiesta. The XK interior was better, the XF surprisingly good (even though I've never really taken to it) but the XJ really feels as if it's in a different league. The dark wooden oval that outlines the cabin - something I would expect from a classic, half-a-million-pound Riva speedboat - is just beautiful. The soft, subtle brown leathers are something Mulberry would be proud of - although the "virtual" instruments screen is just awful and seems cheap and nasty. More chrome and real dials for me please - what's wrong with "actual" instruments?

Sunday ...

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Photographer: Louis Dowler

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

David Gandy's Book by D&G

I'm sure you can remember the beautiful pictures taken by Mariano Vivanco in New York last year as a new photoshoot for the book "David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana". Now, we can enjoy these three outtakes which have never been seen before.

D& G Book ( Outtake1) david by mariano Vivanco D& G Book ( Outtake2) david by mariano Vivanco D& G Book ( Outtake3) david by mariano Vivanco


cover D& Gbook

Here you can see the rest of the published pictures, currently in


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Battersea announces David Gandy as first Ambassador

Battersea Dogs & Cats 2012
Internationally renowned male supermodel David Gandy has offered his full support to champion the work of Battersea, one of the world’s best known animal charities, by becoming its first Ambassador.

David Gandy, the UK’s biggest international male modelling export, made his debut in fashion as the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance. He has gone on to work alongside supermodels including Giselle, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and actress, Scarlett Johansson and has shot with the world’s most sought after photographers. His face and body have graced the covers of the most coveted global fashion magazines he is currently the face of the 2011/12 Marks & Spencer campaign.
David is also a keen animal lover and despite his extensive modelling commitments worldwide, he is a frequent visitor to Battersea’s iconic London site and a passionate supporter of the Home’s vital animal welfare work.
David said; “It’s a real honour to be invited to be Battersea’s first ambassador. The work they do to find homes for thousands of dogs and cats every year is amazing and I hope to help make a real difference. What makes Battersea so special is it cares for every type of dog and tries to help them get a second chance in a loving new home.”
“From visiting the Home, I’ve found that these dogs – many of them Staffordshire Bull Terriers – are desperate to get close to you for some love and attention. The affection they show you is astounding. I hope my involvement will help explain that and make people think of choosing a rescue dog or cat from Battersea for their next pet.”
Claire Horton, Chief Executive of Battersea, believes having David Gandy as a leading Ambassador will have an immediate and tangible impact on the Home, which is one of the UK’s top twenty best known charities. “We are immensely grateful to David for being such a supporter of our work and agreeing to be our first ambassador. David has so many followers and we know his support will really go a long way in helping change attitudes, especially towards more responsible pet ownership. We really couldn’t ask for a better champion.”
Battersea is on the front line in animal welfare. In 2011 across its three centres in London, Old Windsor and Brands Hatch it took in over two thousand cats and over five thousand dogs and a staggering 1,869 were homeless Staffies. Many of the animals that come through its doors have been badly abused, neglected or trained to be aggressive by a minority of irresponsible owners. Battersea is calling for a thorough review of the existing dog laws to help reduce the UK’s stray and dangerous dog problem.
David Gandy first visited Battersea having been given a gift from a friend to sponsor a kennel at the London site. He added, “Battersea is determined to help tackle the problem of the strays on our streets and start chipping away at people’s attitudes towards more responsible pet ownership and breeds such as Staffies and I hope to help support them as much as I can.”

David Gandy for Lucky Brand 2012 'Life in Color' (Update)

Lucky Brand SS 2012 (11) Lucky Brand SS 2012 (12) Lucky Brand 2012 (8) s
Lucky Brand 2012 (6) 1 Lucky Brand 2012 (5) Lucky Brand 2012 (6)
Lucky Brand 2012 (4) Lucky Brand 2012 (3) Lucky Brand 2012 Backstage

Lucky Brand 2012 (2) Lucky Brand 2012 (1)

LUCKY BRAND S/S 2012 Ad Campaign

Twitrelief Sport Relief Auction

On Sunday 25th, the bid ended, congratulations to the winner. The winning bid has reached £1,750. Besides, as a part of Twitrelief, there was a raffle labelled "Joe Ottaway Selfridges styling with David Gandy" (link). Congratulations to the winner as well. From here, I hope they enjoy a lot their moment with David.
March 15, 2012
Would you like to have lunch with David Gandy?

Today, Sport Relief announced the return of Twitrelief, the online auction that gives the public the chance to buy celebrity prizes.  Among 100 tweeting celebrities, David Gandy revealed his prize and is offered a date at a top London restaurant.

"Twitrelief is a fantastic and innovative way of raising money for a great cause and I'm hoping that people will dig deep to make sure they win the prizes they want," Gandy said. "For this year's Twitrelief I'm offering the highest bidder the chance to have lunch at one of London's top restaurants for some great food and plenty of wine, the only downside is, they have to have lunch with me."

From Thursday 15th March to Sunday 25th March, celebrities on Twitter will be tweeting about the Twitrelief auction and raffle prizes, offering their followers the chance to win these items. All the money raised by the public for Twitrelief will be spent helping people living tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries.

Here you are the direct link to the auction: Launch with David Gandy (Deadline: next Sunday 25th March)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

David Gandy & Mariano Vivanco on set

180312 DG& MV
March 17, 2012

GQ Brazil Interview

During his last trip to Rio de Janerio last weekend , David conceded several interviews. The first one which has been released comes from GQ Brazil. The original language is portuguese. Those of you who prefer to read the original, click on this link In other case, here you are the transcription into english language, I have tried to respect the original and literal meaning as much as possible.

GQ Brazil unveils David Gandy: a tough buddy guy in the world of male models

By Wilson Weigl, GQ Brasil

GQBrazil 031812 1
He is totally Messi. No, Pele doesn’t come and I give up my arguments. Like a good British, he likes football, of course. And cricket! The strong and masculine features distinguish the 32-year-old model's handsome face and make us think of him as fashion's version of Hollywood's tough guys like Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman. “Hollywood has been offering me stereotypical roles like Spartacus (TV series, where Kirk Douglas played the lead role in 1960) or 300 (2006). A lot of people would take the opportunity, but I would rather prefer to be in a lessor film, a little thing if we compare with great actors”, explains David Gandy, an expressive English man who uses faces and expressions to state points of view and business. No trace of delicacy or scared timidity. Gandy is fun, smart and a real buddy to talk.

GQBrazil 031812 2
Mercedes 300SL Gullwing (1958)

Money guy too

"The world model is like that!", he says joking when I ask him if he watched Zoolander (2001), the definitive and sarcastic X-ray film about the fashion empire. It doesn’t take itself seriously and is quite different from the professional world that surrounds him. His first steps in the cinema, like I was telling at the beginning of the conversation, took place last year in a short film with Helena Christensen called, Away We Stay, a romantic story of a photographer who falls for a stranger man she meets in a restaurant. It was inspired in the classic film Blow-Up - After that Kiss (1966), and directed by Eduardo Ponti, son of the original film's producer, Carlo Ponti. "Everybody loved it. But only because I am a model doesn’t mean that I should act". Gandy confessed… He was in Brazil for 48 hours to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance for men. Do you remember the film directed by Mario Testino in Capri? If you don’t, have a look to the picture below, GQ and website also, where he is ranked number 8 among the Money Guys, a kind of Forbes list of the male models that have highest incomes in the fashion world.
GQBrazil 031812 3
D&G Light Blue Campaign

Women restless

GQBrazil 031812 4
He is sitting, drinking caipirinha, smoking and our scenario is the restaurant Fasano in Rio de Janeiro. He wears a perfect suit - but even slim, perfectly tailor-made suit. He is a gentleman with all women, something easy to notice. And some of them, during the chat, seem to have their seducemeter a little more on the "on" position, while others react to this with the assassinmeter ready to eliminate the competitors. He, without waiting it, creates this situation. "I'm a little lonely, I don’t have many male friends, I feel better with women. I find it easy to relate to them. Men trust in me and leave me to go out with their girlfriends and wives ... Well, at least until they know me better (laughs)! "He says with humor and showing his friendly personality. Oh, he too, prefers the a sense of humor in a woman.

The cell Gandy

He doesn’t force his attentions on anyone. Gandy is the male version of the woman who knocks everyone without exception only by himself and his beautiful existence. After all, he is practically the icon of the Dolce & Gabbana, and he wasn’t chosen by chance. And Gandy has such a sense of humor that the game starts with an overwhelming victory. "Yes ... no, yes ... no, Wilson!", He hesitates when asked if he is dating with models. The answer is "yes"? He tries not to date, but ... "My last girlfriend had a band," he warns. OK. Buddy Gandy loose his cell phone in my hands to show me pictures of his niece, his dog and the 1958 Mercedes that is reforming. He let me swipe my finger through photos without getting annoyed .
GQBrazil 031812 5
D&G  S/S 2011 Camapign
Hairdresser Larry King

His physical fit, if you practice gym and it is something you are wondering, isn’t a miracle. "The only secret is hard work. Many people ask me about training, weight training, so I decided to launch this year a fitness application for iPhone, "he says. The application will be available in July. When he is in London, trains four times a week and he didn’t practice any sport, for lack of time. "I used to practice various soccer, water polo, rugby, cricket, and athletics. Being English, I have to like football, "he explains. Perfume? Almost none, what is surprising in a supermodel. "I use two perfumes and a moisturizer because I travel a lot and make my skin dry. From a time ago I had an organic oil of roses, which I use on my face. I have a hairdresser in London named Larry King, who has cut my hair for years and sometimes come with me in my trips and photos "he says. He swears that he wears a perfume is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Why do we doubt?

GQ guy

GQBrazil 031812 6
Gandy is a GQ guy, actually is a columnist for the British version of this magazine, in addition to writing about antiques for Vogue - he finds, purchase and repairs rustic objects and does it very well (see his blog "Cars are my passion, since I was a child, when I discovered the cars magazines. Nobody in my family likes cars; I don’t know where the passion came from. In fact, I brought three magazines to read on my way to Rio. I have to keep up with the industry because I am a columnist for GQ , I have to test vehicles both classics and new releases.... At the moment, I have two cars: a Jaguar and a Mercedes-Benz 190sl which is being restored. Can’t wait for her " he says. Short time later Gandy would be writing on a plane - he says that it takes quite a while to produce the texts for GQ and Vogue and likes to do it looking at the moon and stars through the window in silence. "This has been my life for the past ten years, one day is never like another. It's good because I get bored easily. "

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

David Gandy Celebrates 10 Years of D&G Light Blue Perfume

David Gandy, arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Friday 9th, and remained for the weekend where he gave several interviews at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in which he discussed his association with the iconic  Dolce & Gabanna brand-Light Blue pour Homme. The model, often called the world's handsomest man in the world, later hosted a special dinner where he spoke of his association  with the brand  so closely associated with his image...

The Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana is full of classics. Besides the leopard print, the label has other icons. One of them even completed 10 years in 2011. As part of the anniversary celebrations of the Light Blue perfume, the brand brought top model David Gandy to Rio de Janeiro for a meeting with the press at the Copacabana Palace. David has had the pleasure of visiting Rio 4 times during his career and immediately adapts the country's more casual attire, stating, "The city’s climate is wonderful" as he quickly disposes of the United Kingdom's heavy garb better suited for his native United Kingdom's colder climate. He got rid of heavy coats and opted for a light jacket and shirt with a few buttons open, revealing his chest strategically, as commented since the release of the fragrance campaign.

Incidentally, David revealed that the Light Blue Commercial was shot on the Island of Capri in Italy  and was directed by his close friend and mentor the renown Mario Testino, who is the man hugely responsible for the commercial's success.. Gandy appeared in the top 10 world’s richest male models in “Burn this commercial was a wonderful experience. Working with Mario is great. It’s like being with family. He is very fast and knows what he wants to show. One of my favorites, along with Mariano Vivanco. They are amazing people get on the photos.” The approach of David with the label of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is prior to the film. His first contact with the duo was in 2002 when he was still considered a new face.

“I have a long relationship with the brand. To me, It is an honor to have had the opportunity to be a part of the team. I started doing the shows and was invited to star in campaigns and then,” he recalls. Besides being the face and body of Light Blue, David had posed for the lines of ready-to-wear, gym, and eyewear, to name a few. “Of course I have many pieces of the brand, but also use much vintage”, delivers Gandy, who joined the business after winning a competition between models in the program This Morning. “I did not think to follow this path, but I like what I do,” he admits, that does not hide his love for suits. His favorite? D&G, of course. “Extremely clean”, the model said.

Source: (, Jornal do Brasil

Friday, March 9, 2012

David Gandy in 'El Libro Amarillo' for El Palacio de Hierro

David Gandy covers one of two versions of El Libro Amarillo S/S 2012 of El Palacio de Hierro

Photographer: Dean Isidro


Behind the Scenes 

(This is an edited version which is focused on David Gandy, if you want to see the full version, 
click on this link)

Source:,, palaciohierro's twitter

Besides, these few pictures were taken by Enrico Mariotti (hair stylish)

Backstage EPH LA 2012 (1) Backstage EPH LA 2012 (2) Backstage EPH LA 2012 (3) Backstage EPH LA 2012 (4)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

David Gandy Drives: Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR GQ 7 Mar12The top model reviews the top models
Male supermodel and Car Correspondent David Gandy spends four white-knuckled days with the buttock-clenchingly fast Nissan GTR.

So this is it. I finally get my hands on a Nissan GTR. This really has been at the top of my list for a while. Since this version was launched in Japan 2007 and finally Europe in 2009, it has demolished the competition and changed people's perception of not just what Nissan can do with a car but what a sports car could be capable of full stop - or rather, exclamation mark.

I love the look of the GTR. Yes, friends of mine laughed and described it as a "boy racer's car", which only proves one thing: I've got to get new friends. I personally think it's a handsome beast. Yes, it has huge 20-inch wheels and tyres filled with nitrogen, full under-body covering, large air intakes and ever larger spoilers. But what mere mortals don't know is that they are all here for one reason: supercar-beating speed.

The interior, as one of my friends put it while sitting in Friday night London traffic heading to Wembley, "is no Mercedes" (remind me to replace him also), but everything is there: satnav, heated electric sports seats, iPod connectivity and even a decent boot and seats in the back (later used for two more friends heading back into London). So is this a family car then? Well yes, It can carry kids, but think about it more than twice - do you enjoy the smell of vomit?


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Summer Essentials

    DGandy GQ SEMy essential style service: Personal Consultation
“I recommend a wardrobe consultation with Joe Ottaway or a personal shopping experience in Selfridges. London.”

    GQ071211 Essentials March
    My Travel Accessory
P'9981 by Blackberry Porsche Design.  "The best smartphone for business, with the best looks."

    GQ051211 Essentials March My Watch

Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT by Omega "A watch that went to the moon. Plus, James Bond wore an Omega. Enough said."

    GQ071211 Essentials MarchMy T-shirt

Loose Crew T-Shirt by American Apparel "A superb fit that looks great with just a pair of trousers in summer."

    GQ071212 Essentials MarchMy Fragance

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. "Still the best summer scent. It's fresh and clean and exudes chic."


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L'Officiel Hommes Korea (March 2012)

LOfficiel hommes korea March Cover
David Gandy covers the magazine 'L'Officiel Hommes Korea' (March 2012)

LOfficiel Hommes 12 (3) LOfficiel Hommes 12 (5) LOfficiel Hommes 12 (6) LOfficiel Hommes 12 (7) LOfficiel Hommes 12 (8) LOfficiel Hommes 12 (9)

데이비드 간디와 2012년 S/S 뉴 룩의 만남2012-02-

솔직히 까놓고 말해보자. 잘빠진 자동차도, 두둑한 인센티브도 좋지만 누구라도 당신과 하룻밤 자고 싶어 할 이상적인 몸을 갖고 싶지 않은가? 데이비드 간디는 지구상에서 가장 섹시한 몸과 외모로 엄청난 수익을 올리는 모델계에 살아 있는 전설이다.

LOfficiel hommes korea March 2012 (1)

코트와 벨트는 구찌, 셔츠는 엠포리오 아르마니, 페도라는 디올 옴므, 팬츠는 프라다.

데이비드 간디를 만나게 된 것은 행운이다. 그는 수많은 잡지와 광고를 찍었지만 우리나라의 매체와 함께 일하는 것은 처음이었다.

“내 몸을 보여주기에 급급한 콘셉트는 이제 좀 거북해요. 난 패션을 사랑하고 모델로서 그 무드를 표현하기 위한 노출에는 긍정적이지만 단지 내 몸을 통해서 상업적으로 성공하고 싶은 마음은 없어요. 이번 <로피시엘 옴므 코리아>와의 촬영은 이 잡지가 갖고 있는 스타일리시함과 제가 갖고 있는 상식이 통했기 때문에 하기로 한 거죠.”

LOfficiel hommes korea March 2012 (2)

셔츠는 톰 포드, 팬츠는 캘빈 클라인 컬렉션.

그의 말에는 힘이 실려 있었다. 1980년생, 어느덧 30대 중반에 들어선 톱 모델의 프로페셔널한 정신이 고스란히 느껴졌다. 그는 그의 말처럼 의상에 따라 자유분방한 표정과 놀랍도록 남성미 넘치면서도 아름다운 포즈로 우리를 감동시켰다. 몸살에도 젖은 셔츠 입기를 마다하지 않았다. 촬영이 끝나고 몇 가지 질문을 던졌다.

한국에 대해서는?
사실 잘 모른다. 그저 난 자동차의 광팬이다. 그래서 한국이 유명 브랜드를 보유한 거대한 자동차 수출국이라는 정도는 안다. 하하. 아직 가본 적이 없지만 기회가 된다면, 가서 즐기고 싶다.

LOfficiel hommes korea March 2012 (3)

베스트는 디올 옴므, 슬리브리스 셔츠는 버버리 프로섬, 팬츠는 프라다, 슈즈는 톰 포드.

당신은 여전히 청춘인 듯하다.
난 더 이상 젊지 않다. 젊음, 청춘, 모두 너무 오래된 이야기다. 아쉽게도 난 더 이상 젊지 않다. 단지 내가 좋아하는 계절이 봄인 것처럼 늘 다시 시작하는 기분을 잃지 않으려 할 뿐.

EDITOR | Bom Lee
PHOTO | David Romer @Atelier Management