Tuesday, February 7, 2012

David Gandy Drives: Ranger Rover Evoque

The design

Gandy Evoque03 GQ 06 Feb12Every once in a while there comes a product of such high engineering, technology and design that you can't quite believe just how far ahead of the competition it is. The fact that it is widely available to everybody and not just the lucky few, is also a pleasant surprise. The iPhone 4S and iPad spring to mind, but the Range Rover Evoque is one such product.

Looking at the design, you almost feel like the designers of its immediate competition, the Audi Q3 and BMW X3, should hold their heads in shame and tuck their tails between their legs for producing such humdrum, boring cars by comparison. At every car show there are always beautiful yet unrealistic concepts, but you can bet your children that the production piece will be unrecognisable. Jaguar Land Rover should be applauded for converting the radical LRX concept from 2008 into the astonishing-looking car I have just driven for two days in the Austrian mountains. People stop on the street or even slow down alongside you on the motorway to gawp at this car. It seems to have taken its design cues more from Optimus Prime than any traditional Range Rover. The interior is less radical, but Jaguar Land Rover now builds some of the best in any road car. Every surface is of the highest quality leather, metal or plastic. There are some great touches that make you feel you are in something very premium, but also with an almost traditional British style and quality.


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