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Eye Gandy...'1/4 Style Crisis' Interview

Eye Gandy …

Jan 10, 2012 by Tiffany Forbat 

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World renowned male supermodel David Gandy talks to 1/4 Style Crisis about his fast track success in the fashion world, personal style, blogging and what goes on behind the scenes…

Charming. English. Modest. David is refreshingly down to earth and definitely one to keep watching…

1/4: So David, tell 1/4 Style Crisis how your career took off?

David: From August 2011, I have been modelling for 10 years. I came into an industry which was saturated and in love with skinny, androgynous looking guys, so of course I didn’t fit in.  In 2006/7 I shot the light blue campaign for Dolce and Gabbana with Mario Testino and people have said that this campaign changed mens fashion and brought back the masculine look.  At the moment I think it’s a good mix between the edgy/skinny editorial and the classical masculine, so hopefully works for everyone.

1/4: What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far?

David: There have been many personal achievements in fashion that people wouldn’t understand.  However working with Mario Testino on Light Blue was when I realised a lot of hard work had come off at last.
Last year was also a highlight as I had a book dedicated to me by Dolce and Gabbana.  It’s rather strange having a book called David Gandy, and hard to come to terms with thinking I deserve that kind of honour.

1/4: How would you describe your style?

David: Contemporary mixed with a lot of traditional tailoring.

1/4: Any favourite designers? What was the last piece you bought?

David: When Dolce and Gabbana do traditional tailoring off the peg, no one can touch them.  But I do have my suits bespoke now from the likes of Thom Sweeney.  The last thing I was measured for was a 3 piece suit tailored by October House.  I’ve also just got a dark brown 3 quarter length over coat by Marks and Spencers.

1/4: Tips on how to be a successful model?

David: This is impossible.  There is no one tip or one route I can say will lead to success. I do believe in individualism. There are thousands of models out there, so make yourself different and stand out, I’m not always talking about looks but also about personality and humour.  With success I always believe in the saying “don’t believe your own hype”.  Be humble and respectful.

1/4: You have recently started a blog on, become ambassador for Battersea dogs home….what’s next?

David: I have been blogging for Vogue for 18 months now, it’s very successful (I’m not sure why), but it’s great to be able to let people into the fashion world.  I am also the car correspondent for GQ as I have a huge passion for cars. 

So, what’s next? It’s difficult to say. I try new challenges every year, yes last year I became the first ever Ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats home, so I will be working closely with them this year. Last year I also ran the London Marathon for Oxfam (a challenge I always said I could and never would take part in). I also edited the Men’s Style issue for ES magazine.

This year I am working with the charity Comic Relief in starting my own foundation and I also have a Fitness/nutrition App that will be coming out in the summer.

1/4: You filmed a piece with Helena Christensen for W Hotel last year - is acting a career path you would like to pursue and if so what would be your ideal role and why?

David: I enjoyed the acting. I was cast only 2 days before filming, so it was all very quick and i was chucked in at the deep end a little. Acting is not something I immediately think I have the right to pursue, just because I have modelled.  Many roles have been offered and they have been the stereo-type roles that would be to obvious for me to take.  But if the right idea or part came along I would drop everything and dedicate myself to it.

1/4: Modelling usually involves staying in good shape for catwalk shows and shoots - how do you go about this?

David: Modelling doesn’t mean staying in shape at all.  I know so many models who never see the inside of a gym or know what a running shoe is.  I played a lot of sport at school though and at University started training.  With modelling and travelling its hard to pursue and sports or team games, so the gym satisfied my need for activity and competition.  I take it quite seriously but not obsessively that it affects my life too much.  I go to the gym about four times a week and I eat healthily.  But I still indulge in food and drink when I want.

1/4: Where can we expect to find you on a typical night out?

David: At my favourite restaurant Eight over Eight and then usually propped up at a bar somewhere.

1/4: Do you have any hobbies in your spare time?

David: I’m a complete petrol head.  So I drive and race cars when I can.  I’m having a 1958 Mercedes 190sl being restored at the moment.

1/4: What is your routine in the morning?

David: I can’t have a routine. It’s impossible to with the amount of travelling.  However that’s what I love that one day is never the same as the last.

1/4: Do you believe in male grooming?

David: Believe in it?? Is it a myth then? (laughs).
I personally dont have that many male grooming products.  Good quality moisturiser, hair product and fragrance. That’s about it.  Saying that I think all men will own up to trying out there Partners products, so I believe male grooming will become a much larger market.

1/4: You travel all over the world with work, name your favourite city?

David: Buenos Aires is stunning. I live in and still love London.

1/4: Favourite song and film?

Film:  Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid
Song:  Fly me to the Moon - Tony Bennett

1/4: What is your motto in life / favourite quote?

David: “A man without Enemies, is a man without Character”


Your blogs are really good. They are so informative. You are right about one thing, David seems to be good and kind and so different than young men are generally these days. He just seems to concentrate of presenting himself as a gentleman and doing something for humanity, and animalmanity. It would be so nice if he would visit his friends around the world. Maybe he could sell and autograph tee shirts for his pet projects Like battersea and that red nose project. David reminds me of Brad Pitt. He seems to have more on his mind beside fame and fortune. I'm wishing him an Angeline Jolie to complete his life when one is noble and kind, life is more rewarding than if one is just self-indulged.

Such a beautiful words Shazza, I'm completely agree with you in everything you've said.

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