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The Finishing Touch for 2012 - Top 10 David Gandy posts of the year

With this "last" post of 2012 we wanted to take the opportunity to say Thank You to all of our followers, from over 158 countries and over 1000 cities worldwide... Thank You So Much!

In summary, of all the things that have happened this year, we wanted to share with you our own Top 10 list. Our most read posts, with several thousand views each, and our most viewed videos on DjG's own YouTube channel.


Special Mention
In 2013, once we've recharged our batteries, we will be back with new challenges and ideas. So as it is customary to say around this time of year.... See you next year!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to All!!!!!

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David Gandy for Marks & Spencer (S/S 2013)

David Gandy, looking fabulous in blue, debuts Marks & Spencer new Spring/Summer 2013 'Collezione' Campaign. The shoot took place at the historical Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, located in Miami, Florida, in November 2012. David Gandy was photographed by non other than Arnaldo Anaya-Luca. Hair and Grooming by Larry King, Styling by Richard Pierce and Art Direction by Kate Goode.

 Beautiful new photos courtesy of Arnaldo Anaya-Luca

Behind the Scenes with Arnaldo Anaya-Luca
With Larry King (Hairstylist) 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

David Gandy Covers 7Hollywood Mag (Fall/Winter 2012) (New Interview)

David Gandy graces one of seven covers for 7Hollywood Mag 'Icons' issue, photographed by John Ryder and styled by Loïc Masi. He is one of seven stars that fully conveys the glittering constellation of this amazing universe. He is photographed wearing impeccable Dolce & Gabbana suits, tuxedos and a very nice black tank. 7Hollywood Mag is a bianual publication celebrating the immaculate egos in fashion, film, music and art that Los Angeles has to offer.

BTS Screencaps
 See them on Posterous


There’s something in the air in Hollywood…

It’s the modern-day Mount Olympus. This is the city where artists from every culture hope to “make it”, taking their place in the pantheon of screen gods and goddesses, musical mavericks and cultural avatars who maintain this town’s undisputed status as the world’s dream factory. 7 Hollywood welcomes you to an avant-garde view of the worlds of style, art and culture: seven covers with seven stars to fully convey the glittering constellation of our unique universe. This town where fantasies are made real, a place that distills the world’s myths and magic into moving pictures. Seven covers starring seven icons of today and tomorrow, a magazine where the world can discover and explore the beauty, depth and vision of a city that other cities from New York to London to Paris and beyond reinterpret season after season, year after year, decade after decade. We invite you to meet the freshest new talents, while simultaneously celebrating the icons that continue to inspire us all.

David Gandy: Breaking the mold
Photographer John Ryder, Stylist Loïc Masi By Jake Savage

David Gandy has made a career out of doing things his way, whether being the first male model nominated for the British Fashion Councils ‘Model of the Year’ award in 2010 or being the only man in the epic 2012 London Olympics fashion show, Gandy has shown he’s not afraid of going against the grain. Now with another Model of the Year nomination under his belt, the Dolce & Gabbana muse talks about his rise from humble college student to one of the fashion industry’s most important icons.

On a hot July afternoon in Hollywood, David Gandy sits, fidgeting slightly as he waits patiently for the interview to star. It’s a simple setting: just a stool in front of a white canvas, and it only serves to highlight Gandy’s striking features. With his slicked back hair and famous piercing eyes, he looks almost ethereal; it’s like you’re staring into one of his famous billboards above Times Square or sitting across from a real-life James Bond. If it weren’t for the occasional good-natured smirk, you’d have a hard time believing otherwise.
It’s difficult to imagine a time when Gandy wasn’t planted firmly at the top of the fashion world. Since 2006, the Essex-born model has been the de facto face of Dolce & Gabbana, appearing in numerous campaigns for everything from fragrances to swimwear. In the process, he has established himself as an international superstar and redefined what is possible for male models every where. Not bad for someone who originally had no interest in modeling.

“I wouldn’t have actively pursued modeling,” he admits. “I wouldn’t have approached agencies; probably if I’d been approached in the street. I wouldn’t have accepted the idea.”

When his friends initially told him to enter a modeling contest airing on TV, Gandy scoffed at the idea. His roommate at the time refused to allow the all-too-modest college student to pass up, such a golden opportunity and secretly mailed in photos of him. The judges loved what they saw, and it wasn’t long before he received a call from Select Modeling Agency. Of course, not knowing anything about the contest, Gandy thought the whole thing was a prank. “I put the phone down to them,” David says, smiling. “I didn’t know anything about it!” Eventually, he was convinced to enter, and after winning the contest, he hasn’t locked back.

“I had just finished university, and I though [modeling] might be an adventure for a couple of years.” But when Dolce & Gabbana decided to take a chance on Gandy for their Light Blue fragrance campaign, fashion industry was made.

At the time, Gandy’s body style was deemed “too big.” Most male models had followed the lead of their female counterparts and become ridiculously skinny. The masculine aesthetic was nowhere to be seen, with most major designers choosing to highlight androgynous models in their major campaigns. He was told repeatedly that if he wanted to find work, he’d have to lose weight. Instead of following orders, however, he did the opposite – he hit the gym and got bigger, adding on pounds muscle to his already athletic frame. Dolce & Gabbana loved what they saw and quickly made Gandy the face of their brand.

“We put the male model industry on its head,” says Gandy. “The industry went from skinny androgynous guys to more muscular. It all stemmed from Light Blue.”

Soon, it seemed like everyone was copying D&G’s vision of a return to male masculinity. Even David Beckham got in on the action, as billboards splashed with images of him bare-chested in white shorts began to pop up all over the world. The “Gandy look” had become a sensation.

As Gandy speaks about his past, it quickly becomes obvious why he has been able to stay at the top of an industry that’s notorious for chewing up and spitting out its participants. There’s a certain sense of modesty and charisma about him, and although many might have a hard time believing that someone who seemingly has it all can stay even remotely grounded, you get the feeling that being a model isn’t all that defines Gandy. The name of his charity, Blue Steel Appeal (after the Ben Stiller pose in Zoolander) shows he has a definitive sense of humor about what he does. When he’s not in front of the camera, he writes and often serves as somewhat of an ambassador of all thing British. He seems to regard his considerable success and fame with skepticism, always deflecting praise towards those around him. When asked how it feels to be known as a universal style icon, he reminds that it is the support staff around him that puts together the wardrobe and takes the pictures. “I just stand there,” he says with a grin.

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Dear Santa: I wish for... A Christmas Story with David Gandy

Wish granted!!! Here on DjG we'd like to make that one wish of meeting David Gandy come true, well, sort of. So, here's a small gift of thanks from us to you in celebration of our second Christmas with you. 
We also wanted to leave you with a great big smile for Christmas!

Therefore, Many Thanks to our dear friend Kiara for sharing her amazing story and encounter with David Gandy!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...right?!

Merry Christmas from the DjG family to yours!

In her words by Kiara...

There is a moment in your life when you realize your dream has come true...I realized that, the moment I felt David's lips on my cheek!!!

But, let's start from the beginning...

Once upon a time, in the south of Italy there was a beautiful woman with a dream. She dreamed of the moment she could meet two men. Patiently she waited and waited, days, weeks, months. That desire became a silent aspiration that always accompanied her. It didn't matter how long she waited, the important thing was, when would that moment occur.

And then on a normal day like any other, it occurred!

All of a sudden there was a chance. Was it possible that the day has finally come? Was it my mind playing tricks on me? Or adrenaline was pumping so hard, my heart pounding in my ears that made me read the words wrong?

I blinked a few times, rubbed my eyes, looked around until I was able to return my focus and attention back to my computer screen. 

But no, there it was shouting from the rooftops, a world wide announcement of a Dolce and Gabbana event. My chance, my moment had arrived!

June 21, 2012: twitter: @dolcegabbana - Are you in #Milan on Saturday? Take your chance to meet David Gandy at our boutique Link

IT WAS TRUE!!! I was totally dying!!!!

Next stop: Milan!!!! The city of fashion was waiting for me! So along with my sister I embarked on a frantic search for train tickets, schedules etc... It was really crazy.

At 12am on day 22 I finally had my train tickets and departure was only a few hours away.
What awaited my sister and I was a 8-9 hour train ride up to Milan. Sleep? Impossible! The noisy clatter of the train was horrible! Believe me when I say this was the worst trip of my life! The only distraction I had was what was awaiting for me the next day, that I would finally be meeting my idols!

I had endless opportunities to imagine the moment and their possible variations. So, I let my imagination go: me talking with Mariano Vivanco (the best photographer in history!), exchanging view on cameras, lenses, objectives.. I was totally in love with this fabulous person, who I had never had a change of speaking with. I greet David Gandy, I meet Adam Senn, I photograph Enrique Palacios. So with my imagination running wild there was absolutely no chance of sleeping.

On the morning of day 23, our D day, we arrived in Milan at 6:30am....happy and tired! The city was so fancy and cool during fashion week.

At 2:00 pm my heart stopped! I heard Mariano calling my name! And I finally met him! All the scenarios I had imagined in my head went out the window. Reality far exceeded my expectations, it was The Best Moment Ever!!

But, again I get ahead of myself. There was still much more of the day ahead. We was the 1st to came in Corso Venezia… we lost the time because nobody was here until the 4:30 pm. We had our snacks while waiting in line. My sister and I and a few other girls chatted with some journalists and bodyguards. Oh, and did I mention that we were first in line??!!!!!

And then....there they were!!! David Gandy, Adam Senn and Enrique Palacios, the faces of Dolce and Gabbana who had organized this event for them and with them. The boutique was so fancy, classy and awesome. It was so Dolce and Gabbana and so Italian with plants typical to the south of Italy.

The first look was amazing....all gorgeous guys!.

David was sooooo BEAUTIFUL....I thought he was perfect, but he was more than perfect! Soooo....there we are, he was standing in front of me with Mariano then he looked at me and said "Oh look a professional camera" (I was taking a pic while I was talking with Mariano) I just don't remember my answer. I just remember he replied with a smile! When I finally hugged him it was "THE MOMENT", the 9 hour train ride and fatigue disappeared!! He was so nice and cute and I was totally lost in his eyes.
When I asked him for a kiss he said "Sure"! He gave me the kiss slowly so I would be able to capture the moment with my camera.

Even writing about it now, brings a smile to my face! These were amazing moments that I will never forget. Talking with Mariano, smiling, taking pictures with him. He was so nice, it was like if we were friends...he said "OMG your blog is so cool" (fuckyeahmarianovivanco)....that day was amazing!

For me they are ICONS, these guys are full of talent and meeting them was so """fucking""" amazing! That day I also met Adam Senn and Enrique Palacios, super sweet guys! But, that is an entirely different story!

This was the craziest thing I have ever done in my life! Almost 18 hours round trip and 2 days just to meet with those guys! Worth it? YES!

I leave you guys wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of love and dreams...and the most important thing; do crazy things because they will be the most beautiful memories you will have in your life!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GQ Interview's London Collections:Men Board Member David Gandy

The FINAL show schedule for London Collections: Men A/W 2013 has been confirmed.
See all the menswear shows & presentations

As preparations for the second London Collections: Men from 7-9 January get underway, GQ brings you an exclusive preview of the shows with a series of designer and industry insider Q&As. Next up, we speak to LC:M board member David Gandy... 

By: Nick Carvell

 Which show are you most looking forward to this season and why? 
Alexander McQueen is showing for the first time at LC:M and it's great that a brand of such high calibre is showing it's support. At the last LC:M, I thought Hackett was the best show, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep up their high standard. 

 Can you tell us one item that you're sure to be sporting at the shows come January? 
As it's January and in London, then it's bound to be either cold or wet (or both), so I may be sporting a few hats and of course the usual tailored suits.

 What was most memorable moment at the previous LC:M? 
Lack of sleep I think. I tried to go to as many shows and presentations as possible. I think it is important to be involved if you are on the committee. Along with that there were so many dinners, events and parties to attend (including Tinie Tempah's until 5am), so after three days I was exhausted.

 What sets LC:M apart from the other men's fashion weeks around the world? 
Prince Charles opened LC:M last year. No other city have a Royal Family to show support at fashion week, nor the tailoring history of menswear or the heritage that we have with designers like Vivienne Westwood. Of course other fashion weeks also don't have the wonderful backdrop of London, arguably the best capital of the world.

 Which new designer or label would you like to see show at LC:M next season?
 It would be great to see Burberry showing [a full catwalk show] as it's such a prolific British brand. I would also like to see M&S and Reiss flying the flag for the British high street. 

 What is London's most stylish street for people spotting and why? 
Some people may say east London, but I still think Savile Row and Mayfair, including Bond street and New Bond Street, are the most stylish areas. 

 What's your favourite place for lunch during London Collections and what do you order? 
Breakfast or brunch meetings are always at the Wolseley (for a sausage sandwich) or Little House. I do love Automat as well, for a soft shell crab sandwich. 

 What's your go-to eau de cologne? 
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue of course! 

What's your most unexpectedly stylish movie and why? 
I think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is so stylish - English tailoring meets cowboy chic. Another film that should have more recognition for it's style is Inception. Obviously the special effects and the film were hugely impressive but I sat there thinking, "I wonder who did the suits and styling?" 

Who is your best dressed British man? 
Prince Charles. People laugh at me when I say this, but he's always immaculately dressed. No one wears a better double breasted suit. 

 What is the one thing every man should buy this Christmas? 
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue or failing that if anybody wants to buy me a JFK Omega watch, I'd be very happy.

Source: GQ

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David Gandy Talks Fitness, Grooming and What He Wants for Christmas

David Gandy
‘I’ve got the waviest, curliest hair of anyone I know! 
By R.Taverner 
In 2010, David Gandy ‘turned techy’ with the launch his own men’s style app for I Pad, I Phone and I Pod. The app focused on men’s fashion and offered information and advice on what styles to put together. Two years on we’re pleased to announce that David’s back with a new app called ‘David Gandy Fitness & Training’

This app has a clear goal of being as ‘bespoke’ as possible by working out a daily fitness programme thats specifically right for you and luckily it’s released just in time to deal with the post Christmas bloat out! So if you want to get a body that looks like his, it’s time to stop searching!

So David what’s the story behind the app and how did it come about?
Well, I’ve wanted to do it for a while now. It’s the right time to launch it with the technology moving on how it is. We basically set the app up through demand. The style app came through people asking me about my fashion choices and what clothes I wear so it was a similar story with this app; with people asking me about my fitness regime, nutrition and work-out so that’s why we’ve done it really.

How will this app will set itself apart from other fitness apps?
I feel the app is very technically advanced. It is very tech-forward and simplifies things. There are a lot of books out there about men’s health and fitness and most of them are 400 pages long! For me, over the last 11 years I have had to adapt my body very quickly to whatever I’m doing. So, through trail and error and also working with some of the best PT’s in the world, I gathered evidence to find what really works. And I believe this app really works because I’m the evidence for it. I think that’s what sets it apart.

Is there a balance of between feeling good and looking good?
Personally, I think you look great when you exercise. The gym is not always a fun place to be but you really have to narrow it down on what’s right for you. Using the app means that you don’t have to spend an hour and a half down the gym, you can choose 20, 30 or 40 minutes… Whatever feels right for you! It is really just a question of doing the right type of exercise on a regular basis.

How did the different sections within the app come about?
The reasons behind creating the Lean, Cut and Bulk sections of the app are to really simplify it down. The Lean and Cut sections are for men trying to chase the ‘Brad Pitt/Fight Club’ body and the Bulk section is for men wanting to get bigger and try and achieve the Johnny Wilkinson/ Daniel Craig type physique.

You’re known for having quite a simple grooming regime. Can you tell us a bit about what is consists of?
I really should do more as I am getting older but because I travel a lot, I drink a lot of water as I get dehydrated quite quickly. I always carry moisturiser as well with me for my skin. Hair-wise, I’ve got probably the waviest, curliest hair out of anyone I know. Larry King, my hairdresser, is great and comes on all my shoots now.

What are some of your favourite grooming products?
I love the Kiehl’s brand. I can’t get enough of their Coriander Bath & Shower Liquid Body Cleanser…

What would you like to receive for Christmas this year?
I don’t actually know… I’m so difficult to buy for! I have a bit of a soft spot for watches so if anyone would want to get me the JFK Omega watch which is very rare (and very expensive!) then I would be extremely grateful!

How are you spending your Christmas this year and who with?
I am spending this Christmas with friends in the English countryside. I have just recently returned from Botswana and am staying in New York for a bit so I don’t know what I’m doing for New Years yet.

And can you remember your earliest memory of recognising an aroma?
When I was young, my family used to travel a lot around Italy and the Mediterranean. That’s where I remember men taking much more time in terms of the grooming and looking good. I always remember their aftershave smelling great. Italian men are well-known for looking after themselves.

Friday, December 14, 2012

David Gandy named Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, known for its collaborations with the design and fashion industries, has named David Gandy as its new brand ambassador.

The men’s fashion icon and the premium blended Scotch whisky brand are part of a new brand campaign called Game Changer in the World of Whisky, which recognises "those who achieve progress for themselves and the world around them".
To launch the partnership Gandy took part in a photo shoot by the photographer Ian Derry with Johnnie Walker Blue Label in the Artesian Bar at The Langham (London).

In his new role David will front campaigns for the brand from December 2012 and also attend an exclusive event at London Collections: Men, autumn/winter 2013 in January. He comments, 'It's a great privilege to work with Johnnie Walker Blue Label - it's a modern classic. The blend of its British heritage, international style and craftsmanship demonstrates a sense of progress and achievement that I value in today's luxury brands.'

Alison Forrestal, general manager Diageo Reserve Brands, Western Europe, said: "There is no better way to align our game-changing product proposition than by partnering with a contemporary, game-changing individual, such as David Gandy. We are extremely proud of the partnership and we look forward to working with David to continue our journey of setting definitive, international standards in whisky excellence.”


Screencaps courtesy of @DreamySim1

David Gandy: A Model Businessman


We speak with male supermodel David Gandy on expanding his brand
By James York, 13 December 2012

It wouldn't be flattery to assert that, for the last six years, David Gandy has almost single-handedly defined the success of British male modelling. He's global, iconic and enjoys a reputation that towers above his nearest rivals. Latterly, it has taken Hollywood A-listers to bring such recognisable profile for other major campaigns. But he's no cliche, with an impressive biography that boasts a degree and your essex-boy-done-good credentials. This model is also an entrepreneur - not content with merely donning the finest garments. He's looked at his female peers and taken what he needs to replicate their success. And by doing it his own way he's fine tuning a damn good brand, one that could soon exceed any of those great Supermodels in its value. Why? Because he has his feet on the ground and understands the guy on the street.

We're speaking with him at the launch of his latest project. Hot on the heels of his highly successful fashion app, David Gandy Style Guide, is his personally crafted path to a male model-like physique. His body is a significant part of his business, and he won't accept that muscular confidence isn't there for the taking. That's right, you can now get it for a couple of quid and some hard work. Out now is his new and rather succinctly named app, David Gandy Fitness and Training.

When you read men's magazines
and fashion magazines, 
no one really represents high street fashion.
 That's because they don't advertise...
David Gandy on the lack of high street representation

"I did the Style Guide a couple years ago, the David Gandy Style Guide. And that did very well, it got to number two behind Jamie Oliver in the lifestyle section. So I can see there's quite a demand there.

"Men and women always approach me and ask about my style. But even more so than the fashion and style was the fitness…It got to the point, you know, where there was a personal trainer that [sic] saw what I was doing and said: 'can I work with you just to get a few tips?' When a personal trainer is asking you that… you've got some sort of recognition that you're doing the right thing." Said Gandy, on his reasons for making the latest app.

Gandy is passionate about his subject matter. And whilst this is a business venture, a brand extension, he hasn't plunged his head in the champagne bucket. He's got strong ideas about why his app could be a competitive option in the ever expensive fitness and gym sector.

"It's all very well going to a personal trainer that's going to cost you £110 for a couple sessions. But when I look at some of the personal trainers around, a lot of them are in great shape but a lot aren't. You have to, sort of, lead by example.

"The aim is to try to simplify it for men…I say to people that i've trained for 11 years through trial and error…People might say, that's wrong and that's wrong. But hopefully I am the evidence that it works. And i'm not saying other exercises don't work, this is what works for me." Said Gandy.

We're impressed by his ease and charm - probably learnt through his years of pacifying stylists and photographers. Perhaps it's just the inevitable confidence that comes from his success and security. Either way, it's the lateral thinking and the drive that's ringing the loudest. He's totally focused on doing something of lasting value. Whilst he doesn't say it directly, you get the feeling he's the one "Professional Footballer" who has actually looked at his cards and formulated a long term strategy. He's at his peak, unlikely to drift too far from his current profile, but watch out in the future.

"I had to sort of progress. Everyone coming into the modelling industry weren't actually models. People coming in for the top jobs, you know, they were actors, sportsman. Everyone took the mickey out of male models but at the same time everyone was coming in. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt's just done Chanel, George Clooney. And everyone's doing it. You couldn't just be a male model, you had to be a brand.

"And, you know, I am a male model, and I am not ashamed to say that. But at the same time there are thousands and thousands of male models and you have to differentiate yourself from those. I'm also a bit of control freak…" Says Gandy.

But it's Hollywood that is proving the biggest threat to some of Gandy's global contract opportunities. A movie star endorsing fragrance is all but "the new norm". Perhaps these forays into apps and technology are being forced upon him? With A-listers encroaching on his territory, Gandy has been driven to diversify. Better that, though, than professional inertia. That doesn't mean his opinions of these newcomers and those booking them are muted.

"I can't really understand with Chanel [booking Brad Pitt] - with that. It's either brilliant because everyone's talking about it or it's just awful because everyone's talking about. I can't quite work out out which way it's turned, you know… For all that, it's worked out really well.

"I don't think anyone could do that. If you just had some unknown doing that for Chanel, it just wouldn't work. Of course in that situation you would have to have celebrity or an actor doing that." He adds.

In a competitive market, an attack on your core business often warrants a salvo in return. With a recognisable face, strong physique and British accent, one might argue that Gandy could be an outside contender for a new Bond. Has the lure and seduction of Hollywood been in his mind?

"We've done a short film with Helena Christianson - so we did that a couple of years ago. People got very excited about that and I had agents coming over from LA. I must say, one of the last things I ever need is more agents in my life…

"But they came along and got me very excited. I'm very happy with this [modelling] industry. There's still so far to go and obviously being in the Olympics this year, I feel I've proved myself right…Everyone seems to be coming to the male fashion industry, so I don't know why we'd really want to go in the opposite direction." Said Gandy.

And he's not wrong. It was 2012 that heralded a first for London - one of fashion's avant garde cities. London Collections: Men arrived. A dedicated space and celebration of men's fashion. Gandy was heavily involved and is seizing upon the chance to compound that influence in 2013.

"I'd like to think the industry is changing. I've always tried to expand fashion…I still think there is a very elitist thing that goes on in fashion and people, they just don't find it tangible. Especially men.

"At the end of the day, i've worked with the best creators in the world. I've gained knowledge myself. But I want to be able to give that to the man on the street...If I can do it, essentially, anyone can.

"Really my aspiration is to go along the same lines as the supermodels. We all know Kate Moss as a brand…and that's exactly what we want." He adds.

Having been immersed in the high fashion world for a decade, and more, you'd think that Gandy would have been turned to clique. Snobbified into shunning the affordable and corralled into the pen of those "in the know". Not so. It seems that he's gone the opposite direction. He's seen the decadence and, likely, because of his roots, observed how it can sometimes seem out of touch.

"When you read men's magazines and fashion magazines, no one really represents high street fashion. That's because they don't advertise. If you don't advertise in magazines, at the end of the day, you don't get in them. Which to me isn't, sort of, saying to men "this is the best that's out there." Because we have Top Man and we have Reiss…It's not telling exactly what is out there for people that haven't got huge amounts of money.

"I go and shoot for someone and I go, "this is the most god-awful coat, why are we shooting this?". And they say, you know, they're great advertisers. And that's the reason why?" He said.

That's an attitude many men can, no doubt, relate to. It's also a balanced point of view from a man running on the inside track. How very refreshing. Were David Gandy to have his way and continue building this impressive influence and brand, you'd hear no complaints from us. The man on the street might finally have their champion in men's fashion - one with his feet on the ground and finger on the pulse.

The David Gandy Fitness and Training App will be available from iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play Store priced £2.99.


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David Gandy Answers Your Questions in an M&S Interview (Video Transcript)

With the gorgeous backdrop of the historical Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Fl, the location of his photoshoot for the new 2013 M&S 'Collezione' campaign, David Gandy answered a few fan questions that were submitted through M&S's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Emma MacDonald (Facebook): If you could work in M&S which department would you like to work in and why?

DG: If I worked in M&S department I'd would probably be good in the food department or the food would get eaten. Well I would like to advise men, I enjoy advising my friends when they come to me for advice about clothing, so that would be an interesting sort of section as well.

@loveisdolly (Twitter): What's your greatest accomplishment?

DG: I'm not sure if I've achieved my greatest accomplishment yet, maybe that would be children and family but so far I mean the Olympic games this year. I was the only male model among, sort of, the other seven female models, they were showing with you know a billion people watching and 75,000 people in the stadium, so that's got to be a bit of a highlight. Well we'll see I might have to achieve something else.
Claire Hunter (Facebook): Just wondering how you keep your skin so clear? Do you have a regime?

DG: You know, I got very lucky with my skin I don't do much to it, just a bit of moisturizer. You know a lot of flying doesn't help but I don't have a beauty regime that I can actually say or tell anyone, it's about the food you eat, I'm very sort of healthy with what I eat there's no processed food no fizzy drinks not a lot of sugar so, which helps.

Laraine Harrison (Facebook): Do you wear M&S clothes when you're not working?
DG: I do wear M&S clothing on my own time. I always pick out the bits I like, I get them adapted and get tailors to take them into my body size. Anyone can do that it's very cheap sort of thing to do. I wear a lot of M&S clothing now.
Elaine Barron (Facebook): Do you enjoy working for M&S?

DG: Well this is my second year working with M&S now. It surprised me the amount with the quality and the style and I think we're surprising a lot of people I'm involved in Men's Collection and I turn up in an M&S 'Collezione' suit and people would just presumed it was Ralph Lauren and I sort of had to persuade people it was M&S so it was a surprise for me it was a surprise for a lot of people. It's just a great British brand that I do try to aspire to push Britishness. I'm very proud to be British, so it's great working with a very very sort of British institution that I suppose now M&S is.
Smith June (Facebook): Have they asked you to play Christian Grey?

DG: Many people suggest that I should play Christian Grey, but I haven't been asked by anyone, no.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

David Gandy covers SID Magazine #3 (Fall/Winter)

 David Gandy, photographed by Leigh Keily, and his intense cobalt blue eyes cover a special edition of SID magazine. The photoshoot took place at Apartment 58 in London on October 9. Hair by the talented Larry King, styling by Sylvester Yui and make-up by Kenny Leung. David graces the cover wearing Ozwald Boateng.

Behind the scenes 

Heart of Gold
By Mike Miller - Features Editor (SID Magazine)

I suggest he might auction off his tiny white briefs that made him famous in the Dolce Gabbana Light Blue advert; he’s not totally against the idea, but confesses “it would be hard to part with them, it’s like my gold suit that I wore for the Olympics. I have them hidden away.”

I push him on how he feels about that advert, he tells me “it was a career highlight, obviously … It was the feeling that after six years in the industry that I was on the brink of something big. You could definitely feel there was something special about this advert and then it turned out there was. It was iconic. It changed the industry, before, it was all about those androgynous skinny guys - and there’s still a place for them – but after we filmed Light Blue, the fashion industry followed. Calvin Klein brought back their famous image of men in underwear, David Beckham did the underwear campaign for Emporio Armani.”

When I ask him what else he would describe as a career highlight, he immediately thinks of the Olympics, “to be representing Britain was an incredible feeling. I think it was great they got models involved.” He remembers being very anxious before hand, when he was in the trailer backstage, "Jourdan (Dunn) asked me what I was doing, I kept checking my flies were done up, I was totally preoccupied they might be undone!”

You think David might have had enough on his plate this year, but in March, David was announced as the first ever ambassador for Battersea Dogs Home. He tells me he was always loved animals, particularly dogs – We could see that during the shoot, the way he interacted with Kiki, our loveable “Chug” (Chihuahua-Pug) would have verged on nauseating had it not been David Gandy. I ask him how he came to be the ambassador for Battersea Dogs Home, apparently when he was sixteen he was volunteering in an animal rescue shelter in his hometown of Billericay, Essex and “when Margherita Taylor – the DJ – sponsored a kennel in my name, I went in and spoke with the guys, I offered to help in any way they needed. And then they invited me to be their first ambassador.” It costs £36000 a day to keep the place operating. He even had his parents involved apparently, for “those dogs that are particularly affected by the kennels are sent off to my parents’ house in the Essex-Suffolk border and stay there for five weeks. It’s a respite.”

It seems that David must have very little time for himself, so I ask him how he finds any time to relax; he assures me does “sometimes”, giving the example that he recently got his car racing license, I have to remind him that’s not a usual form of relaxation. Instead I ask him if he has any time for holidays – “not really I travel a lot, but only for work – but I am going to Botswana at Christmas to trek with Orangutans” … so no sunbathing then?

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Opening of Lucky Brand's new store in New York

David Gandy attended the opening of Lucky Brand's new flagship store at the Time Warner Center on December 5, 2012 in New York City

 (L-R) Michael Neumann, Dave DeMattei, David Gandy, and Patrick Wade

David Gandy with Bora Park (R)

David Gandy with Elizabeth Lunny (L) and with Kelly Bensimon (R)