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Video Update - 2007 Interview

I have wanted to retrieve this entry because thanks to 'World Fashion Official Channel', the interview has been upload in original format (english). Anyway, in recognition to the Russian Fan Club for the previous one, I will maintain both versions (english/russian)


galleryhosted.comVideo courtesy of the David Gandy Russian Fan Club. Thanks a lot to Oxigen for getting this translation, and in addition, to all its members. And thanks to Raquél & Bianca, both from Spain, for checking it.
This is a very rare interview and we couldn't enjoy with it wihtout your work.

2007 - "World Fashion Channel" Interview (russian)

"I’ve been working with the design duo Dolce and Gabbana for several years, right from the start of my career in modelling. This year, we signed an exclusive contract to shoot this calendar. I like my job, the variety of catwalks and photo shoots. The truth is that sometimes I got a little tired. Then I just drink a cup of coffee.

Dolce and Gabbana and me have established a good business relationship and now we're friends. I think I'm very lucky to be the face of such famous brand. I am very glad that my appearance came under their standards. But I'd like to say again - this is not my credit. Just luck and good fortune. Anyone could be in my place. But, fortunately, they chose me. Soon I'll be shooting for the calendar. I am very pleased to represent this brand.

It all started with Light Blue campaign, which was shot by the famous photographer Mario Testino. I think from that moment on, my face has become recognizable. These surveys have given me the chance and good fortune to go up a notch in a professional field. I did not expect this campaign will bring me such fame.

We are shooting now the winter Dolce and Gabbana collection for the Russian edition of GQ. The Fashion show was held only yesterday, so, today, this shooting is really exclusive. Yesterday I attended a photo shoot and PR campaign, timed to coincide with the launch of a new underwear collection. That's how I passed my day.

The advertising campaign is unusual this season. It differs from all other projects that have been before. Usually, the packages of underwear have photos of male torsos, but this time not only my body, but the face is also posted on the pictures. Very original decision, which I liked. I was in the boutique and saw the result of our work. And this interesting project served to create a calendar. After shooting underwear campaign, Stefano and Domenico came up with the idea to create a calendar and I agreed. This is an exclusive calendar, released in limited edition and it is not intended for the general public. It can be purchased only at a few Dolce and Gabbana boutiques.

I have never thought about modelling. While studying at the University a friend of mine secretly sent some of my photos to a modelling competition, and then they called me and invited me to television. From that moment on my life has changed. British agency “Select Model” signed a contract with me. That was six years ago. Here's how it all started.

I prefer photo shots to catwalks. Preparation for the shows is always a hard project that requires a lot of efforts and time. 40 or 10 seconds on the runway are hours of fitting and early mornings. It is constant stress and bustle, so I love to participate in the photo shoot. During the photo shoot you should embody a certain image or role and demonstrate your artistry. This is a live communication with photographers. Yes, I definitely like shooting.

Some people believe that the fashion world is a solid party. To me, it is a job first of all. I can not afford to buy a house or a yacht. To achieve such wealth one should really do a lot in modeling. People think we get paid millions, but you can be paid only 100 Euros per day. And what is 100 Euros? What I mean is that a luxurious and a successful life of a model is just a fantasy.

I would not choose to become a model if I really did not like that job. Of course, I travel a lot, but when you constantly move from one country to another you get really tired. All your life is spent in hotels and you are stressed all the time. I often worry about the outcome of the next advertising campaign or about the launch of a new calendar. In general, I always try to go up a notch professionally.

My family has no relation to the fashion world. We have totally different life. Once I tried to explain to them the point of my profession, but they are far from it. Of course, parents are proud of my success. They see me on TV; I often send them my photos. I also buy my mom some magazines with my photos. By the way, she has already collected a huge pile of such publications.

This is just the same job like any other and it's very hard. I've been modeling for 6 years and I have no time for anything else. I like animals and cars, but when you dipped into the fashion industry, then there is no free time on the hobby. Though, I have a couple of cars.

Thank you World Fashion for having spent a day with me. Now I am very tired and going to bed. Hope that everything went fine. See you!"


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