Saturday, December 31, 2011

David Gandy: one of the best looks of 2011

los 80 mejores looks de 2011THE 80 BEST LOOKS OF 2011

Most stylish men of the year


Lorena, David nixed my helping you out but it looks like this site has really improved. In spite of the disclaimer, could you please tell me why the copyright is in David's name? By the way, I absolutely hate that shiney suit David is wearing in this picture.He would look great in anything, but I hate suits with shiney textures on men unless they are tuxedos.

Shazza, I will answer all your questions without any problems but to avoid distorting the contents of this post or its comments, if you want, I could give you a more extended answer in private if you have got another one, only let me know it sending me an email.

The disclaimer is in my name, the current site owner, at no time it has been linked with him in official way or it has been something I would pretended to do it. In fact, there is explicit words about 'no affiliation with him, his agencies, family...'. as you have read.

This site maintains its UNOFFICIAL character in all its sections, contents and platforms.

Thank you so much for your appreciation... my most sincere gratitude

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