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David Gandy: one of the best looks of 2011

los 80 mejores looks de 2011THE 80 BEST LOOKS OF 2011
Most stylish men of the year

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Gallery Update: by Sophie Laslett

2007 Pictures

(New Picture) David Gandy from 'The Times Newspaper' on July 23,  by Sophie Laslett

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Video Update - 2007 Interview

I have wanted to retrieve this entry because thanks to 'World Fashion Official Channel', the interview has been upload in original format (english). Anyway, in recognition to the Russian Fan Club for the previous one, I will maintain both versions (english/russian)


galleryhosted.comVideo courtesy of the David Gandy Russian Fan Club. Thanks a lot to Oxigen for getting this translation, and in addition, to all its members. And thanks to Raquél & Bianca, both from Spain, for checking it.
This is a very rare interview and we couldn't enjoy with it wihtout your work.

2007 - "World Fashion Channel" Interview (russian)

"I’ve been working with the design duo Dolce and Gabbana for several years, right from the start of my career in modelling. This year, we signed an exclusive contract to shoot this calendar. I like my job, the variety of catwalks and photo shoots. The truth is that sometimes I got a little tired. Then I just drink a cup of coffee.

Dolce and Gabbana and me have established a good business relationship and now we're friends. I think I'm very lucky to be the face of such famous brand. I am very glad that my appearance came under their standards. But I'd like to say again - this is not my credit. Just luck and good fortune. Anyone could be in my place. But, fortunately, they chose me. Soon I'll be shooting for the calendar. I am very pleased to represent this brand.

It all started with Light Blue campaign, which was shot by the famous photographer Mario Testino. I think from that moment on, my face has become recognizable. These surveys have given me the chance and good fortune to go up a notch in a professional field. I did not expect this campaign will bring me such fame.

We are shooting now the winter Dolce and Gabbana collection for the Russian edition of GQ. The Fashion show was held only yesterday, so, today, this shooting is really exclusive. Yesterday I attended a photo shoot and PR campaign, timed to coincide with the launch of a new underwear collection. That's how I passed my day.

The advertising campaign is unusual this season. It differs from all other projects that have been before. Usually, the packages of underwear have photos of male torsos, but this time not only my body, but the face is also posted on the pictures. Very original decision, which I liked. I was in the boutique and saw the result of our work. And this interesting project served to create a calendar. After shooting underwear campaign, Stefano and Domenico came up with the idea to create a calendar and I agreed. This is an exclusive calendar, released in limited edition and it is not intended for the general public. It can be purchased only at a few Dolce and Gabbana boutiques.

I have never thought about modelling. While studying at the University a friend of mine secretly sent some of my photos to a modelling competition, and then they called me and invited me to television. From that moment on my life has changed. British agency “Select Model” signed a contract with me. That was six years ago. Here's how it all started.

I prefer photo shots to catwalks. Preparation for the shows is always a hard project that requires a lot of efforts and time. 40 or 10 seconds on the runway are hours of fitting and early mornings. It is constant stress and bustle, so I love to participate in the photo shoot. During the photo shoot you should embody a certain image or role and demonstrate your artistry. This is a live communication with photographers. Yes, I definitely like shooting.

Some people believe that the fashion world is a solid party. To me, it is a job first of all. I can not afford to buy a house or a yacht. To achieve such wealth one should really do a lot in modeling. People think we get paid millions, but you can be paid only 100 Euros per day. And what is 100 Euros? What I mean is that a luxurious and a successful life of a model is just a fantasy.

I would not choose to become a model if I really did not like that job. Of course, I travel a lot, but when you constantly move from one country to another you get really tired. All your life is spent in hotels and you are stressed all the time. I often worry about the outcome of the next advertising campaign or about the launch of a new calendar. In general, I always try to go up a notch professionally.

My family has no relation to the fashion world. We have totally different life. Once I tried to explain to them the point of my profession, but they are far from it. Of course, parents are proud of my success. They see me on TV; I often send them my photos. I also buy my mom some magazines with my photos. By the way, she has already collected a huge pile of such publications.

This is just the same job like any other and it's very hard. I've been modeling for 6 years and I have no time for anything else. I like animals and cars, but when you dipped into the fashion industry, then there is no free time on the hobby. Though, I have a couple of cars.

Thank you World Fashion for having spent a day with me. Now I am very tired and going to bed. Hope that everything went fine. See you!"

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Favourite Film

DGandy Glamour
DAVID GANDY: "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. This was the brilliant beginning of the screen relationship between Redford and Paul Newman, which to me is still the best buddy movie every made. It contains my favourite scene of all time, when one of Butch's gang tries to challenge him for leadership. I can watch this film over and over and it never fails to put a huge smile on my face. It's also a feast for the eyes - the styling with the three-piece suits, tailoring and bowler hats in a cowboy-style film is wonderful and something I would love to recreate in a shoot one day."


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Video Update: 'Light Blue' Interview


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Russian Interviews in September

1. Glamour Russia nº 12 (2011)

Glamour Russia nº 12

(via Tumblr)
2. Интервью: Дэвид Ганди

Russian Interviews 092011Самая востребованная модель о своем стиле, любимой музыке и о том, почему ненавидит свою улыбку.

О чем ты мечтал в детстве? Кого бы ты назвал своим героем?
Какой профессией я бы хотел заниматься или...?

В общем.
Как и все, в детстве я занимался спортом и много играл. Но став тинейджером, все время проводил с животными и всячески помогал им. Все мои выходные и свободные дни я был увлечен только этим. Ну и еще я боялся монстров. Видимо, поэтому моим героем был Пол Ньюман – не потому что он был великим актером, а потому что он занимался благотворительностью. Он потратил около пятидесяти миллионов долларов на помощь детям.

Ты очень редко улыбаешься на фото, почему?
На самом деле, я не такой серьезный, как всем кажется. Мне не нравится моя улыбка и в этом проблема. Я ненавижу свою улыбку!

Я не знаю. Но она (указывает на своего менеджера) очень любит мою улыбку. А в обыденной жизни меня заставляют улыбаться мои друзья и семья.

Если бы твоя жизнь была фильмом, какой бы ты выбрал к нему саундтрек?
Я крайне старомоден в своих музыкальных предпочтениях и люблю что-то вроде Дина Мартина, Франка Синатры, Тони Беннета или Майкла Джексона, к примеру.

Может, есть любимая песня?
Пожалуй, Fly me to the moon Тони Беннета.

Что занимает первые строчки твоего shit list'а?
Я не совсем понимаю, что это значит. То, что я ненавижу больше всего? Черт, мне определенно нравится этот вопрос! Я очень не люблю путешествовать столько, сколько мне приходится это делать по работе. Ненавижу когда очень громко шмыгают носом, сморкаются при всех, чавкают во время еды, ну и когда громко чихают. Мне хочется убить этих людей! Вот это и есть мой shit list.

Как бы ты описал свой стиль?
Я все-таки публичный человек, поэтому предпочитаю хорошо сидящие костюмы. В обычной жизни это могут быть потертые джинсы с пиджаками. Главное, все должно быть хорошего кроя и посадки. У меня есть как приталенные, так и более свободного силуэта одежда, выбор зависит от ситуации и от того, чем я буду заниматься.
Самое главное быть индивидуальным, это важно, поскольку одна и та же одежда продается по всему миру, будь то Лондон, Нью-Йорк или Москва. За счет глобализации ты можешь купить одни и те же вещи в разных городах, но при этом можно добавлять какие-то винтажные элементы. Это и есть мой секрет.

В одном из твоих интервью для британского Vogue ты говорил о том, что в будущем хотел бы заняться дизайном одежды. Какой ты видишь одежду, которая выходила бы под твоим именем?
Заставить мужчину зайти в магазин гораздо сложнее, нежели женщину. Поэтому мужская мода очень сложная. Если бы я все-таки занялся одеждой, то создал бы бренд, который предлагает не только вещи, а образ жизни.

В чем заключается роль твоего участия в проекте Martini Kisser Kasting?
Я член жюри. Отбираю мужчин, которые будут ассоциироваться с образом жизни Martini. 

Какой Martini предпочитаешь сам?
Мартини Рояле, Бьянко и Просекко с лимоном и со льдом, уже парочку пропустил. Думаю, вечером продолжим! (смеется)

Какие планы на будущее?
Я жду выхода фитнес-приложения для iPhone, сделанного на основе книги, которая уже издана в Нью-Йорке, Токио и Лондоне (выход приложения о фитнес-тренировках и питании от Дэвида Ганди запланирован к концу этого года, — прим. автора). Плюс несколько проектов, которые запланированы для GQ и Vogue. Однако проект Martini –это то, на чем я сейчас сконцентрирован больше всего.

Ты много путешествуешь по миру, где действительно ощущаешь себя дома?
В Лондоне! Последние 10 лет моим домом был и остается Лондон.

Ты счастлив?
Сегодня я смело могу завить о том, что я действительно счастливый человек.


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Best Dressed List by Magazine


Rather than resting on his genetically blessed laurels, model David Gandy strides towards perfection in this modern mix of simple black tee, tweed jacket and dandy pocket square. Not bad for a man who hit stardom thanks to of a pair of small white Dolce & Gabbana speedos.



1 Christmas Wishes Morgan 3 Wheeler1. Morgan 3 wheeler.

2 Christmas Wishes Tudor Submariner Watch Winder2. Tudor Submariner watch winder.

3 Christmas Wishes Rachel Bilson3. Rachel Bilson.

4 Christmas Wishes Thom Swwney Suit4. Thom Sweeney Suit.

5 Christmas Wishes Gucci Quilted Leather Biker J5. Gucci Quilted Leather Biker Jacket

6 Christmas Wishes Jaguar Concept Car CX166. Jaguar Concept Car C-X16.

7 Christmas Wishes Nick Brandt Prints7. Nick Brandt Prints.

8 Christmas Wishes Porsche Designed Blackberry8. Porsche Designed Blackberry

9 Christmas Wishes Libratone Beat Wireless Speak9. Libratone Beat Wireless Speakers.

10 Christmas Wishes Weekend in Dunton Hot Spring10.  Weekend in Dunton Hot springs Colorado.'s Best-Dressed 2012

L'Officiel Hommes Korea September 2011

LOfficiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 7LOfficiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 8

L\' Officiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 (4) L\' Officiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 (5)
L\' Officiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 (6)

The Art of Tailoring–Paolo Zerbini photographs David Gandy (Select) for L’Officiel Hommes. The styling by Emil Rebek reveals a story of fine tailored craftsmanship, bringing a luxurious essence to the modern man.

[Original tex]

L\' Officiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 (2) L\' Officiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 (3)  

L\' Officiel Hommes Korea Sept 2011 (1)

톱모델 데이비드 간디, 완벽한 몸과 맞춤 슈트2011-08-24

완벽한 몸을 가진 남자, 톱 모델 데이비드 간디DAVID GANDY. 그가 생애 처음 자신의 아름다운 몸을 위해 슈트를 맞추러 갔다.
(의상과 액세서리는 모두 돌체앤가바나)

데이비드 간디는 요즘 말로 짐승남의 원조다. 188cm, 남자가 봐도 반할 만큼 잘 단련된 근육질의 몸매와 독수리처럼 매서운 눈빛에 서른두 살(1980년생)의 나이에 걸맞은 성숙함까지 갖춰 완벽한 조화를 자랑한다. 그러나 2001년 모델 콘테스트에서 입상한 후 내내 톱 모델의 길을 걸어온 슈퍼모델의 원조, 데이비드 간디에게도 아쉬운 부분이 있다. 몸이 너무 좋은 나머지 남자의 완성이라 불리는 슈트의 아름다움을 그다지 많이 보여주지 못한 것.

이런 그가 태어나서 처음으로 이탤리언 모던 쿠튀르의 대가이자, 자신을 톱 모델의 길로 들어서게 해준 디자이너 돌체와 가바나에게 맞춤 양복을 주문했다.

얇은 천 위를 가볍게 지나는 가위 소리, 간디는 이 소리에 묘한 흥분을 느꼈다. 하얀 초크, 나무 책상, 오랜 전통이 묻어나는 줄자, 이 모든 것에 호감을 가졌다. 심지어 자신의 신체 치수를 재면서 가깝게 마주한 재단사의 숨소리에 묘한 설렘까지 갖게 되었다. 이것은 슈트를 처음으로 맞추는 사람이면 누구나 갖는 일종의 긴장감이다. 그리고 그 느낌은 재단사가 치수를 재면서 자신의 어깨를 누르고 가슴을 펴주는 동작을 취할 즈음 이내 풀어지기 마련이다.

도미니코 돌체는 간디의 상기된 표정을 보면서 “나 역시 누군가를 위해 한 벌의 슈트를 맞추는 순간이 가장 흥분된다”고 덧붙였다. 스테파노 가바나는 단추 하나를 고를 때도 몇 시간이 필요하다고 맞장구쳤다. 그렇다. 이 세상 어디에도 없는, 오로지 나를 위한 단 한 벌의 맞춤 슈트는 아름다움의 절정, 카타르시스와도 같은 전율을 느끼게 한다.

치수를 재고, 천을 고르고, 또 피팅한 날로부터 시간이 흘러 마침내 간디의 맞춤 슈트가 완성되었다. 슈트 재킷을 입는 간디를 보며 돌체가 담담하게 어린 시절의 일화를 늘어놓았다. “맞춤 옷에 관한 내 첫 기억은 재단사였던 나의 아버지에게서 비롯된다. 내 고향인 시칠리아에는 두 가지 타입의 옷이 있는데, 농장에서 일하는 사람들을 위한 평상복과 결혼식이나 중요한 파티에서 입는 예복이다. 아버지는 모든 옷을 다 만들었는데, 그것을 보며 지금 내가 하는 일을 다 배운 것이다. 그중 기억나는 것은 아버지가 무엇보다 그 사람의 피트와 신체 비율을 고려해 만들었다는 점이다.”

이렇게 말하는 동안에도 돌체는, 가바나는, 재단사는 간디의 어깨에서 시선을 떼지 않았다. 재킷이 얼마나 보기 좋게 어깨에 딱 달라붙는지 확인하고 환호하는 것, 가바나는 이것이 맞춤 슈트에서 가장 중요한 순간이라고 말했다. 간디가 팔을 들자 안에 입은 셔츠가 소매 끝에서 얼마나 보이는지까지 꼼꼼히 체크한 뒤 비로소 그들은 ‘성공’이란 단어를 입 밖에 꺼냈다. 마지막 다림질의 순간, 거울에 비친 간디의 얼굴에는 작지만, 그 어느 때보다 편안한 미소가 조금씩 번지기 시작했다.

EDITOR | Lee Bom

PHOTO | Paolo Zerbini

Source: L'Officiel, Paolo Zerbini's Blogspot

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Omega Store Launch

Dec 08, 2011 - David Gandy attends the store launch of Omega Boutique, Westfield Stratford City in London, England.
                                                                         with Jessica Ennis

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UK Online Fashion Week - Tuesday

Tuesday 6th December

The Oxfam Boys

OXFAM.ORG.UK is calling on some famous friends this week to reveal their experiences with the charity and to recommend their top pick from its online shop. Up today are Henry Holland and David Gandy:

This year you both ran the London marathon for Oxfam. Tell us about your experiences:
David Gandy: I have to be honest, the marathon wasn't something I ever considered. I'm not exactly a typical runner size, therefore when the opportunity arose, I knew it was going to be one of my toughest challenges to date and it certainly was. The training was almost impossible, as I was constantly travelling for work and if I wasn't travelling I was constantly trying to remedy injuries that kept occurring during the hard winter months training. Running within the Oxglam team was the highlight for me - the camaraderie  before, during and after the run was very special.
I'm so pleased we managed to raise so much money for so many fantastic projects in Africa run by Oxfam and that's what inspired me to run through the last seven miles of cramp, pain and embarrassment of being overtaken by the amazing guy who ran the entire 26 miles backwards!
What would you buy from the Oxfam shop?
david gandy OFW 01 DEC11
David Gandy: I love double-breasted suits at the moment and this YSL is no exception. The broad-cut shoulders and wide lapels look fantastic. I believe it's also a wool-blend, so it's a slightly more relaxed/casual look. It would probably need a little bit of taking in here and there, but can be dressed up with a tie and down with a T-shirt. Even though I am not usually an advocate of designers or labels, having the iconic YSL label for £80 is a huge appeal.

David Gandy's Wish List

morgan V 23nov11
1. A Morgan three-wheeler - Mix together one of the only true British motor companies left, recreate one of their most iconic British machines, make it available in British spitfire paintwork and you have something truly, unconventionally brilliant. I want one so much it hurts.

tomsweeney V 23nov112. A Thom Sweeney suit - In most cases it is not difficult to spot a great tailored suit, however it's almost impossible to tell the tailor or brand of the suit without looking at the label.  Kilgour and Tom Ford have, however, managed to design suits that are instantly recognisable to the eye with amazing quality, cut and style.  The only other people that can now be added to this distinguished few, is Thom Sweeney. I have one of their suits and frankly want to wear it over anything else in my wardrobe. If I could have seven TS suits for each day of the week, I would.

frenchouse V 23nov113. I spend a lot of time on antique/vintage and furniture websites either looking for myself, or helping find pieces for people who ask. The French House is one of my and favourites and the pair of oak fronted Tambour storage units is my favourite item on there at the moment.

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Vogue UK Interview

Vogue Interview

Dec 05, 2011 - David Gandy speaks exclusively to UK during the 'Online Fashion Week' about his life, career and future ambitions from the London Eye.

The 2011 Emeralds & Ivy Ball

Dec 03, 2011 -  David Gandy attends the Emeralds & Ivy Ball in aid of Cancer Research UK and the Marie Keating Foundation at Supernova in London, England.
Ronan Keating invited 580 VIP guests from both sides of the Irish sea at Londons iconic Supernova, Embankment Gardens, to celebrate the work of Cancer Research UK and the Marie Keating Foundation by raising a staggering amount of funding.

The 2011 Emeralds & Ivy Ball (4)The 2011 Emeralds & Ivy Ball (1)The 2011 Emeralds & Ivy Ball (2) The 2011 Emeralds & Ivy Ball (3) 
                                      x2 HQ

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Mr Gandy's Recommendations

David Gandy david Gandy\'s Recommendations

 From the style council of Mr., Mr Gandy's Recommendations


Eight Over Eight in Chelsea. I recommend the tuna tartare or black cod.”


The Donovan Bar at Brown's Hotel in London.”


“In winter I love to go skiing (anywhere in the Rockies). In summer, I like to watch game/animals in Africa.”


“London. It does fashion, history and grandeur without the arrogance of New York or Paris.


Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado. There's nowhere else like it in the world.”


“A Jas M.B. Traveller.”


Dolce & Gabbana. Going back to traditional men's styling and tailoring off-the-peg, they are simply the best.”


“A shoehorn.”

  • noteSTYLE ICON

“Andreas Kronthaler, for his daring and individualism.”

  • noteSTYLE TIP

“Shoes can make or break an outfit.”


Thom Sweeney.”


“Thomas Pink does a great service.”


“For bespoke: Thom Sweeney. For off-the-peg, Dolce & Gabbana .”


“Wide-legged pleated trousers by Ralph Lauren.”


“Diesel have every cut, style and colour that one needs.”




“Russell & Bromley brogues or Gucci shearling boots.”


“Anything Kiehl's.”


“A 1957 Jaguar XKSS.”


“Omega Speedmaster, Breitling Navitimer and TAG Heuer.”


“The new Blackberry Bold.”

The Second World War by Winston Churchill. The foresight and brilliance he had during World War II is just astonishing.”


Off the Wall by Michael Jackson.”

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