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David Gandy for M&S A/W 2011

M& S AW 2011 by Uli Weber (11)

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Who is David Gandy?

He's the new face of Marks & Spencer, the old face of Dolce & Gabbana and the man who launched a thousand fashion pages. Not bad for the boy from Billericay.

M& S AW 2011 (6)
It's a tale of Billericay to Milan for David Gandy, the Essex born supermodel whose face (and body) has become one of the most recognisable in high fashion. This is largely thanks to Dolce & Gabbana. In 2007, Gandy appeared in a TV ad for the Italian duo's Light Blue fragrance. Come on, you know the ad: a manly man (not a skinny teenager) decked out in a rather skimpy pair of white swimming trunks, lounging on a boat in Capri with eyes as piercing blue as the sea... But before that, Gandy's career began when he entered a modelling competition on This Morning. And here's one more titbit for the fact fans among you; yours truly visits the same hairdresser as David, purely by coincidence, mind. His name is Larry and he works at Daniel Hersheson.

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Anyway, Gandy's regular appearances on the catwalk of Dolce & Gabbana- again, often not wearing much- were followed by an entire book dedicated to his face and physique, complete with lashings of gratuitous nude and underwear shots. He's been photographed by industry power snappers, such as Mario Testino, Steven Klein and Terry Richardson. He writes a car column for GQ. And this year, alongside that other new blockbuster signing Ryan Reynolds, Gandy has been drafted in by M&S to sex up the great British high-street.

What you first notice about this collaboration is that he is actually wearing clothes. The brand's posh, grown-up Italian Collezione range, to be precise. Cue our hero taking to the streets of Roma in a series of new season trends: the roll-neck, tasselled loafers, burgundy, corduroy and herringbone. 

Note: even if you don't like the clothes/are wishing he had stripped off instead, any fool can see this an exercise in showcasing what is possibly the world's finest stubble ever.

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Gandy's Marks & Spencer look (left) begs the question: in real life, would you tuck a polo neck into your trousers, as he has done, or is this just an excuse to show off more product? The decision is yours, but I'm heartened to see the mismatching of trousers and suit jackets here. Done well, it can look very "Euro Modern."

These pictures were given to the Guardian exclusively. The full set of David Gandy does M&S pictures will be published this coming Friday



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Source: M&S Facebook

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His name is practically a byword for Italian style - even though he's from Billericay. Male supermodel David Gandy has been unveiled as the new face of Marks & Spencer's Collezione range for autumn/winter 2011. Shot on location in Lecce by photographer Uli Weber, the collection includes on-trend rollnecks as well as elegant suiting and sprezzatura-worthy separates, plus some great bags - we bought a reasonably priced tan leather holdall from the range a few years ago which is still going strong to this day. Let's face it, if anyone can inspire the average British man to inject a bit of continental flair into his wardrobe, it's Gandy.

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