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'Battersea Dogs & Cats Home' Ambassador

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Welcome to our special Home

David Gandy has been named FIRST ambassador for world famous Battersea Dogs and Cats home.
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is the first animal welfare organisation to establish a dedicated Behaviour Unit and our experienced staff give every animal that comes into our Home a detailed temperament and behavioural assessment. 
We offer extra training and socialisation to those that need it, and detailed help and advice to new pet owners through behaviour programmes and our Behaviour Advice Line. 
We also educate the public about every aspect of responsible pet ownership.
For an overview of what we do please watch our short film entitled 'All about Battersea', below, which was filmed across our three sites and features many of our staff and residents.
It provides a great introduction to our work and is played in all of our reception areas as well as at events we attend. It really does sum up why Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is so special.

Source: David Gandy's Facebook

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

David Gandy at the British Fashion Awards 2011

Nov 28, 2011 - David Gandy attends a drinks reception at the British Fashion Awards 2011 held at The Savoy Hotel in London, England.

British Fashion Awards 2011

British Fashion Awards 2011 with Antonio BerardiBritish Fashion Awards 2011 with Antonio Berardi
with Designer Antonio Berardi 

BFA Most Stylish Men
Flashing less nipple than Model recipient Stella Tennant in Dolce & Gabbana. Although is that a Thom Sweeney horseshoe waistcoat we spy? (We know because we were wearing the other two pieces of the same dinner suit.)
David Gandy chats in the Net a Porter lounge
David Gandy chats in the Net-a-Porter lounge

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals 2011

Nov 27, 2011 - David Gandy visits the Lacoste Lounge during the Barclays ATP World Finals sponsored by Lacoste at O2 Arena in London, England

271111 ATP World Finals (5) 271111 ATP World Finals (6) 271111 ATP World Finals (7)271111 ATP World Finals (4)
Yasmin and David Gandy

271111 ATP World Finals (1) 271111 ATP World Finals (2) 271111 ATP World Finals (3)271111 ATP World Finals

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vertu London Constellation Launch

241111 David & Rosario DawsonNov 24, 2011 - (First untagged picture) David Gandy attends the launch of the Vertu Constellation at the Farmiloe Building in London, England.

(HQ) with Rosario Dawson

Vertu Presents Constellation London (1) Vertu Presents Constellation London (2) Vertu Presents Constellation London (3) with Ver Vertu Presents Constellation London (4) with Ver Vertu Presents Constellation London (5) with Mod Vertu Presents Constellation London (6) Vertu Presents Constellation London (7)  Vertu Presents Constellation London (9)with Rosa

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Project with David Gandy

Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou's Diary
November 16: London, breakfast with model David Gandy at the Wolseley to discuss Comic Relief project

More information about Comic Relief Project Here


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“Carmen dell'Orefice: A Life in Fashion" Exhibition (Photo Update)

161111 Carmen & David Gandy 16 Nov 2011.- David Gandy attends at "Carmen dell'Orefice: A Life in Fashion" exhibition in London, launched by the London College of Fashion to celebrate her 80th birthday and her 66 years career.
161111 David Gandy & Natalia Barbieri

HQ                                        with Natalia Barbieri

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Velour #4: Eye Gandy

Eye Gandy

by Hannah Shakir 




“Great and good are seldom the same man.” – Winston Churchill.

Can you have the whole package – good looks, money, a sense of humour, loving family and friends, and intelligence? Well if you’re David Gandy it would appear that you can. This issue we feature a full spread on David Gandy, shot by VELOUR’s very own Eddie Bovingdon.

His striking blue eyes, swarthy complexion and dark tresses have pitched the half Scottish – half Londoner at the top of the bookers pile since his world famous Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Homme campaign. This also saw a 50-foot billboard of the model in Times Square, rocketing him to becoming one of the most recognized faces in fashion today. Starting life in Essex with a penchant for fast cars, which he admits is his “one great love”, Gandy’s success spring-boarded from winning a daytime television modeling competition to modeling for high profile brands such as 7 for all Mankind, Massimo Dutti, PKZ, Sarar, Carolina Hererra, Zara and Sergio K – to mention a mere handful. Not just a pretty face, the marketing graduate also blogs for and contributes to GQ. Now in his tenth year of modeling, he’s become fully enveloped into the fashion fold, works towards charitable endeavours and still remains seemingly grounded.

Becoming Dolce & Gabbana’s muse in 2006, Gandy has since starred in the apparel campaigns and, of course, the Light Blue Homme fragrance campaign, shot by Mario Testino. Commenting on when he first landed the job, Gandy says, “When I got the Dolce & Gabbana apparel campaign for the first time, I was hugely excited as it was the highest regarded campaign I had got in my modeling career so far. It was also wonderful that is was Dolce & Gabbana, who have one of the largest profiles in fashion.” Having since become ‘Mister Dolce & Gabbana’, his next greatest achievement to date is the David Gandy coffee table book by Dolce & Gabbana, which sees the tanned Adonis immortalized in over five years’ worth of collaborations; “Every image to me has a different story and I’m very proud to have a book now to celebrate our contributions together,” he says. The book itself features a high number of campaigns, editorials, press, calendar shoots, show pictures, and brand new material. What could be seen as a guilty pleasure is easily excusable however as the profits will be going toward EUPLOOS Project in Italy that aims to put the entire collection of the Gabinetto Disegno e Stampe degli Uffizi in Florence online, in order to create a completely accessible computerised catalogue together for future generations.

Now fully educated in the world of fashion, Gandy admits that he had no interest in fashion before he became a model, previously spending a lot of his time playing rugby and cricket. However when he quashes the rumours about him putting out his own label, but comments on what he would put out there, it’s clear to see the man’s certainly learnt a lot along the way, “Individual, very high quality clothes. Maybe taking influences from the past, such as Steve McQueen, James Dean, YSL et cetera. Along the same lines as Tom Ford, with great cuts, top quality cloth…but more everyday wear and at a price that is achievable for most men.”

On the suggestion that men have never been referred to as supermodels in the same way that female models such as Christie Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss have, Gandy offers up his thoughts. “In my opinion this is because it’s an acclaim to be a female model whereas people have looked down on men who use their looks to earn a living and therefore have almost been slightly embarrassed to say what they do in the past.” Gandy also makes the valid point that most super models have become just that from acting on celebrity culture and becoming famous outside of fashion. Gandy looks to Tyson Beckford who ruled the male modeling world in the 1990s and observes, “Tyson Beckford has become known really through work and celebrity status outside of modeling.” Reflecting on his own success as an iconic face in fashion he admits, “I’m flattered if anyone describes me as iconic but in reality I think it’s certain campaigns that are iconic and Light Blue is certainly that, alongside famous ad campaigns such as Levi’s or the ‘man with tyres’ arena poster.” With Gandy’s success going the way it is, it would be fair to maybe present the idea that perhaps he is the first male supermodel.

Working alongside Dolce & Gabbana has certainly put Gandy where he is today in the world of modeling, but what has helped is the relationship he shares with the notorious design duo commenting, “It’s really an honour to be so close to two of the most influential people in fashion. I’ve learnt a lot from them.” Putting the success of their campaigns down to a joint love of fashion and being able to come up with the goods time after time, Gandy elaborates, “The Italians and the English have a very different culture. But when it comes to fashion, we have very similar thoughts. For example they use icons such as James Dean, and Steve McQueen as inspirations, as I do. Whatever projects we work on together seem to be very successful and we respect that and each other, which is the most important factor. I owe them a lot when it comes to my career.”

Working across a number of campaigns and getting involved in editorial for the likes of and GQ, it would certainly appear that Gandy is becoming fully immersed in the industry. However what is apparent is that he remains grounded and processes his experiences with thoughtfulness and integrity. Showing his literary side, Gandy often begins his blog entries for Vogue. com with a quote immediately exposing a depth of knowledge of the wider world, explaining why, he comments, “I love quotations, I find them quite inspiring. For years when I’ve read a quote that I like I just seem to remember them. Therefore depending on what I write about that week, I try to connect the quote with the writing.” He also confesses his well-documented love for cars, “My great love is cars and I do a motoring column for, so I read a lot about cars, especially the history behind motoring and manufactures.” But his literary interests don’t just stop there, “I’m also interested in World War II and especially Winston Churchill, thus I have read pretty much everything on him and that subject,” he muses.

Having been in the industry for ten years, it wouldn’t be a fruitful career without some good anecdotes along the way. Giving an insight into one encounter with Gisele Bundchen, he quips, “We were shooting together on a bed with her on top of me (I’ve had worst days!) We finished the shot and she started shuffling backwards towards the back of the bed to get off of it. I could see what was going to happen and could have warned her, but she was being a pain the butt all day and had been telling me how much she hated English men, so I watched as she shuffled herself off the bed. Seeing Giselle falling backwards with legs flying up in the air was quite a sight to behold.” Evidently showing he still harbours the cheeky chappy Essex boy mentality despite having been propelled to stardom. Remembering less successful moments in his career, from early castings, another flicker of humour comes to mind as Gandy reveals the oddest things that have happened to him, during his time in front of the cameras, “One casting agent said to me, ‘Right, you are crawling along a drainpipe’. I just told him to bugger off and walked out.”

Commenting on his most recent shoot for VELOUR, Gandy said, “The shoot for VELOUR was a great experience. Eddie [Bovingdon] had approached me a few months ago with the idea of shooting in a location and manner that no one has thought of before.” Continuing he says, “He wanted a lot of acting, movement – no posing, very real and gritty shots. The team and rest of the guys on set were all a pleasure to be around and it made for both a memorable and affective shoot.”

Having made it to the top of his game at the grand old age of 31, there is evidently a lot more in store for his modeling career, and perhaps other avenues within the fashion and motoring industries. He’s met some incredible and inspiring people along the way – from car designer Ian Callum to the husband of Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthalar – but admits that the most important things to him are still his family and friends, and of course, (he jokes) his Blackberry. Reflecting on what his colourful life has taught him so far. “Life is full of surprises, I’ve learnt so, so much. I’ve had many deaths in my family over the last few years and I’ve seen how life can be cut short very abruptly. It’s important to make the most of every single day.” Perhaps one day in the future the next male supermodel will be quoting David Gandy as much as he quotes his own heroes.

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Byron #4 Summer 2011 (Online Magazine)

Here you can read the full text. Remember if you want translate it into a different language you can use the "translate" button in the right column.

"David James Gandy, nació en Billericay, Essex, un pequeño pueblecito al este de Inglaterra en 1980. Complejado de nioñ, porque era un poco gordito, y aunque en la adolescencia no tuviera excesivo éxito con las chicas, según confiesa, este modelo británico de 1,88 m de estatura, cuerpo musculoso perfectamente esculpido a base de gym e intensos ojos azules, se h convertido en icono de belleza de nuestro tiempo.

De madre escocesa y padre londinense, a los 18 años, cansado de la monótona y aburrida vida de su pueblo natal decide coger la maleta e irse a la Universidad de Gloucestershire para estudiar marketing multimedia. Los estudios los compaginaría trabajando para la revista Auto Express como probador de coches, una de sus grandes pasiones. De hecho en la actualidad es un coleccionista de coches y posee entre otras joyas, un Porsche de 1960 y un Lotus Élite.

Entre sus planes no estaba el ser modelo, pero fue una “broma” de sus compañeros de clase la que cambió su vida. En el 2001 y con 21 años recién cumplidos, sus compañeros enviaron algunas fotos suyas para un concurso televisivo de la cadena británica ITV. El concurso consistía en encontrar al telespectador más atractivo y el premio era un contrato de un año con la prestigiosa agencia de modelos Select Model Management, descubridora entre otras de Sienna Miller o Helena Christensen. Efectivamente David Gandy fue elegido, y a partir de ahí se le comenzarían a abrir las puertas del mundo de la moda internacional. Ese mismo año consiguió graduarse, pero prefirió centrarse en su nueva profesión como modelo. Los primeros años de David en el mundo de la moda no fueron nada fáciles, se presentaba a infinidad de castings para desfiles pero siempre era rechazado. Sus rasgos tan marcados y masculinos y su cuerpo musculoso, no le ayudaban, ya que se llevaba el look andrógino adolescente.

Sus trabajos durante esos tres primeros años se limitaron a ser imagen de manera puntual de catálogos para marcas poco conocidas. Sería cuando más desencantado estaba con su nueva profesión como modelo, cuando le llegaría la oportunidad caída del cielo, cuando en el 2004 fue elegido para ser imagen de Chic y Aqua, las dos fragancias masculinas de Carolina Herrera. Esta campaña supuso el despegue definitivo de David Gandy en el panorama de la moda internacional de alto nivel. Tras el éxito cosechado en esa campaña ficharía por la agencia Public Image Worldwide. En el 2005 sería imagen de Gant y Massimo Dutti para las campañas de Primavera-Verano y Otoño-Invierno 2005/2006, repitiendo para Massimo Dutti en el 2007 y para la campaña de primavera 2008.

Pero su gran despegue internacional como modelo sería en el 2006 de la mano de los italianos Dolce & Gabanna, los cuales apuestan por el modelo británico abriéndole las puertas de las pasarelas internacionales. La imagen y masculinidad que trasmite el británico fascinó a la pareja italiana que le conviritieron en su modelo fetiche, contando con él en todos sus desfiles y todas sus campañas publicitarias desde entonces. Ese mismo año sería imagen de la fragancia Light Blue, y su spot daría la vuelta al mundo alcanzando 11 millones de visualizaciones en youtube y que le convertiría en uno de los hombres más deseados del planeta.

Durante el 2007 sería imagen entre otros de Stefanel, junto con Gisele Bündchen, de Ermenegildo Zegna, de Cavalli, inclos sería la imagen del lookbook de Zara para la primavera/verano del 2007. Es el Top model del momento, buena prueba de ello son las numerosas portadas de revistas que acapara como las de Fashion Inc., L’Optimun o en VMan.

El 2008 es un año de lo más productivo para el modelo: sigue desfilando para Dolce & Gabanna, además sería imagen de sus campañas publicitarias y de su línea underwear y el protagonista único, del ya famoso calendario Dolce&Gabanna 2008, unas espectaculares fotos en blanco y negro realizadas por el prestigioso fotógrafo Mariano Vivanco. Además este año protagoniza la campaña de otoño-invierno 2008/2009 de Paul Kehl, de C.S.S Sarar y Massimo Dutti y es imagen de la fragancia Zirh Ikon. A su vez, protagoniza portadas en Harper’s Bazaar, Twist y Glamour Spain.

En junio de 2008, la revista Forbes califica a Gandy como el tercer modelo masculino con más éxito, por detrás de Matt Gordon y Sean O’Pry. Sigue desfilando y protagonizando campañas de moda y complementos de Dolce & Gabanna, que compagina con otras campañas para Free Soul, 7 For All Manking o Massimo Dutti y es la imagen de la portada del GQ Style ruso.

En el 2010, Gandy sigue cosechando éxitos como modelo, siendo entrevistado en televisión por el prestigioso blogger de la revista Vogue, Jonathan Ross. En este año seguirá siendo la imagen de Dolce & Gabanna, Massimo Dutti, y también de Feldpausch y Sarar, campaña protagonizada junto a la top model Carmen Kass. Siendo la portada de L’Officiel Hommes chino y Twist. En Agosto, comienza sus primeros pinitos como actor, haciendo un cortometraje con la famosa top model Helena Christensen.

Este año 2011 podemos ver a Gandy nuevamente en las pantallas de todos los televisores del mundo en el nuevo spot del ya famoso perfume “Light Blue” de Dolce & Gabanna, dónde, de mano del gran fotógrafo y director Mario Testino sigue fascinando a propios y extraños con la perfección de su bronceado y musculado cuerpo, enfundado en su ya famoso bañador blanco de la firma italiana. También inaugurábamos la primavera admirando de nuevo a Gandy, esta vez, el modelo británico protagonizaba un acuático editorial para la edición internacional de VOGUE Hommes, fotografiado por Jack Pierson.

Le pudimos ver en Junio en los desfiles de Milán y nuevamente en las campañas publicitarias de Dolce & Gabanna, Massimo Dutti y Sergio K, así como en la portada de la revista Sette.

En la actualidad compagina sus trabajos como modelo, escribiendo en un blog para la revista Vogue Digital, dónde habla de su trabajo como modelo, sus experiencias y gustos personales, como su pasión por los automóviles de lujo.

Este año, una vez más Vivanco fotografía a David Gandy para el libro que Dolce & Gabanna dedican a su modelo fetiche “David Gandy”. Un libro de fotografías del modelo, la mayoría en blanco y negro, cargadas de sensualidad y erotismo, que nos muestra la relación de Gandy con la firma de lujo y su increíble subida a la fama. Un proyecto de gran valor artístico y también solidario, ya que todos los beneficios irán hacia el proyecto de caridad apoyador por los diseñadores EUPLOOS.

En Junio tuvo lugar la presentación del libro, junto con la del nuevo spot del perfume “Light Blue” que lo catapultara a la fama, y hasta el propio Gandy se quedó sorprendido por el recibimiento. Como si de una estrella de Hollywood se tratase apareció en uno de sus descapotables clásicos de lujo, rodeado por 43 escoltas privados y un séquito de policías. Hubo desmayos, firmas, besos … y con su atractivo y simpatía no defraudó a nadie.

Después del lanzamiento de su nuevo libro “David Gandy por Dolce y Gabanna”, se nos muestra en una nueva faceta interpretativa, al lado de una pandilla de modelos en un nuevo video para la revista “Velour” realizado por el redactor jefe Eddie Bovington. La acción se desarrolla en un almacén abandonado y oscuro de Londres, pero con un gran valor estético. En el video Gandy aparece acompañado por los modelos Rob Knighton, Callum el Tornero Dudley O’Shayghness, Duncan Macrae, Isacc Carew, Jorge Admiraal, Joseph Turnbull y Josh McGee."

BYRON #4 Summer 2011 Spain

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David Gandy for Velour's 4th issue

Velour Magazine #4 Jul 2011 (5) Velour Magazine #4 Jul 2011 (6)
Velour Magazine #4 Jul 2011 (7)

Source:Eddie 8

New images of  Velour #4 by Eddie Bovingdon

Velour Magazine #4 Jul 2011 (3)Velour Magazine #4 Jul 2011 (4)


 David Gandy is set on fire for Velour's 4th issue by Eddie Bovingdon

Velour Magazine #4 Jul 2011 (2)

Source: select_men (

Cover of Velour Magazine #4

Velour Magazine 4# July UK by Eddie Bovingdon
Source: Velour Magazine Facebook

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David Gandy, hombre del año 2011 por GQ México

David Gandy ha sido elegido uno de los 11 premiados como "Hombre y Mujer del año 2011" por la revista (edición mejicana de la conocida revista GQ).
"Todos los años lo decimos. Cada vez es una expresión sincera de un orgullo que nos viene de muy adentro: once categorías, doce hombres y mujeres que están rompiendo esquemas, que se atreven a ir más allá, contra la corriente, contra toda sensatez, incluso, para demostrar que sí es posible cambiar la faz del mundo, que no basta con soñar con una mejor realidad: hay que construirla y defenderla cada día. ¡Felicidades!
Modelo Masculino: David Gandy
David Gandy es, dicho por muchos y no nada más por nosotros, el modelo perfecto. Es la imagen de importantes marcas como Ermenegildo Zegna, Carolina Herrera y Massimo Dutti, así como El Palacio de Hierro.
Confiesa que de niño era “gordito” y que hasta los 18 años, las mujeres ponían el mismo interés en él que en un poste de luz. En 2001 sus compañeros de clase –estudió Marketing Multimedia en la Universidad de Gloucestershire– enviaron unas fotos suyas para un concurso televisivo de la cadena ITV, el cual consistía en encontrar al telespectador más atractivo y el premio era trabajar durante un año con la prestigiosa firma de modelos Select Model Management. Y sí, como todos suponen, David fue el elegido. "

La entrega de premios tendrá lugar el 17 de Noviembre. NO hay confirmación oficial de asistencia.

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The London Evening Standard's 1,000 Most Influential Londoners

November 09, 2011: David Gandy attends 'The London Evening Standard's 1,000 Most Influential Londoners' at the London Transport Museum on November 8, 2011 in London, England
#David Gandy
Born in Billericay, the smouldering 31-year-old is arguably the world's top male supermodel, working with star snappers Mario Testino and Steven Meisel. Gandy is best known for those Dolce & Gabbana ads which saw him strewn across a boat in a bulging pair of white pants. His career began when friends enrolled him in a modelling competition on ITV. The Vogue blogger has also guest-edited ES Magazine.

A few seconds... 0:15 & 1:05

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Video Update: (Jun 2011)

Thanks a lot to Simela from Greece for getting this translation.

18/06/11 - "David Gandy for during the SS 2012 D&G Menswear Show"

"David Gandy : The Ultimate Male

David Gandy, the famous male model for Dolce & Gabbana, with those beautiful eyes,  is the main character in  the new book of the legendary fashion duo which was just published titled “David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana”

The 31st year old British model was a last minute addition to the fashion show for the Spring-Summer 2012 collection by Dolce & Gabbana.  A party was also organised on location to honor Gandy and celebrate the publishing of the Book.

Gandy says “ I would be nothing  without them. We started with Light Blue, then the calendar, the campaign, then  the next Light Blue campaign and now the Book.  We have worked together a lot. The book is the result of five or six months of hard work. It is amazing. I believe that we work perfectly well together and most importantly we respect each other. The book is a defining moment in any model’s carreer.”

The book includes photos from fashion shows, calendars, campaigns and editorials that Gandy and Dolce & Gabbana worked on since 2005, with the collaboration of high caliber photographers such as Mario Testino, Steven Klein and Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca."

VMan #24 Winter 2011

Sean O'Pry & David Gandy for VMan Magazine #24 Winter 2011: The Decades Issue - '1880s: THE BIRTH OF VMAN'. 

Artwork by Richard Kilroy
Styling: Katelyn Gray

IMG 0228