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David Gandy's Spicy Interview (Transcription Update)

"At requested, we want to upload this video interview of the last year (I’m sure it has become in one of the unforgettable ones), with its full English transcription for all the foreign visitors. This has been made possible thanks to Melissa Feijoo-Viro who has been so kind to help us with it.
From DjG, thank you very much Melissa, for your prompt and valuable help.
To finish, let me only remind you that if you need to translate into a different language (this one or any other post) you can do it directly from here using the ‘Translate’ button down right on this blog.
Enjoy this interview one more time!"

September 07, 2011
Interview at D&G S/S 2012 Backstage by Mondo Trasho

Mondo Trasho: So, David do you just look at yourself in the mirror all day?
David Gandy: No
MT: So, you don't think...
DG: It scares me when I look in the mirror, so I try not to do it.
MT: Why? Your not vain?
DG: No, I don't think I'm vain actually, people actually think that...I don't actually like the way I look that much. I think I have a big nose, big ears and funny hair and so yeah I'd rather not look in the mirror.
MT: What position do you sleep in usually?
DG: Depends who's in the bed with me.
MT: Really?! What's your favorite sex position??
DG: Oh my God! I can't, I can't answer that..
MT: Why?
DG: I just can't
MT: So, we'll just assume the dirtiest position. I would assume doggy style.
DG: Everyone loves doggy style let's be honest
MT: Right
DG: Right
MT: Were you born this way?
DG: Born what way?
MT: This way
DG: No, I was a lot smaller
MT: Okay, perfect Are you a feminist?
DG: Yeah, I'm really pro-feminist actually
MT: Really, that's great! Tell me like...
DG: ... For like the vote and stuff. I can't wait until women get the vote, I think it will be really, really good
MT: 'Till they get the vote
DG: You think they'll be burning a few bras and stuff as well?
MT: No, but all jokes aside. Do you feel that women are better leaders than men or at least on par with them?
DG: The thing I love about what they say about women is that, they'll go, they'll be less wars if women were in charge and then Margaret Thatcher took over as you know as um Prime Minister in the U.K. and she went to war in the Falklands, so then no one can say that anymore so it's brilliant.
MT: My next question was going to be like how many girls have you had this week?
DG: None, cause I have a girlfriend and she's not with me, so.
MT: Yeah, I did some research, stalking, and uh I realize
DG: Oh you like to call it stalking?
MT: Yeah, and she's in a band, right?
DG: She's in a band, yes.
MT: Does she sing to you in bed?
DG: No
MT: Can you sing for me something?
DG: No, it's just for her, that's how private it is.
MT: What do you usually sing, though?
DG: Oh, I'm old school, I'm like a crooner like probably Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett stuff
MT: I can see by your hair
DG: And my nose
MT: Yeah, but you were born this way, so.
So, what's your good side?
DG: I don't know, well I think it's, I have a scar on this side, so maybe it's that side
MT: Your scar's hot, how'd you get it?
DG: Someone actually shut the car door in my face.
MT: Why, did you piss them off?
DG: Probably, I piss most people off
MT: Why, what did you do?
DG: It was my best-friend actually
MT: Did you steal his girlfriend?
DG: No
MT: Why not?
DG: Cause we both didn't have girlfriends at the time. We were in New York getting over our last girlfriends, hence the drunken closing car doors on ourselves.
MT: Why don't you ever do something crazy on the catwalk like why don't you like, I don't know, roll around on the floor, like push somebody, cause like your famous enough, where like it'd be fine and you'll probably get some great interviews.
DG: I think they'll frown upon that if I started rolling around.
MT: Cause you'd wrinkle the clothes
DG: Maybe I'd get a little tired half way and just go you know what just and just sit down or just sit down and chuck someone off the seat and sit down myself.
MT: You should do it!
DG: Apparently I can, with your permission
MT: You have my permission
DG: Don't tell the boys that, cause I'd ruin their clothes show
MT: Yeah, they would love it
DG: I'm sure they would
MT: Your place or mine?
DG: Where'd you live?
MT: 24 Maggio
DG: In Milan?
DG: No, you have to come to London, so it would have to be mine
MT: I'm coming next week!!!! Be careful what you say!!


Can you Post the transcription of the interview for the foreign girls?!

Welcome Lux, there is no problem with your request. Please, give us a few days to get it and we'll update this post as soon as possible.

Thank You DJG for letting me do this! It was a pleasure and I'm glad that it can be translated, It really is a fun interview with him! =)

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