Tuesday, August 23, 2011

David Gandy Drives: Caterham Supersport

caterham supersport 
The model

There comes a time when a man suddenly realises that his youthful bravado is no more and he has grown old and ever so slightly tame. My moment came when I collected what turned out to be one of the most significant cars I'll ever drive: the Caterham Supersport.

The very British Goodwood Festival of Speed is now said to be the finest motoring event in the world. I wanted the top driver's car produced by a British Company, so Caterham was the obvious choice: it suited the exuberant, slightly rebellious nature of of the festival. As I entered the small Caterham offices in Surrey, dodging the numerous tourists taking pictures of the unique-looking cars outside, I already had this review written in my head: A fast, unpredictable, big toy that really belongs, like a lot of the British car industry, in the history books. However, I couldn't have been more wrong.

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