Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First-Class Clouds Lounge: An Interview with Supermodel David Gandy

A jetsetter in every way, supermodel David Gandy is the quintessential gentleman. Humble + respectful. Acquiring frequent flyer miles is part of his regular schedule & he confidently walks down some of the world’s most prestigious runways. He’s also been known to take a great picture. Recently, fashion + class & jet lag caught up with David to find out a little bit more about the gentleman who keeps the fashion world intrigued over & over again.

FC&JL| What are 3 things you always pack in your carry-on luggage?
DG: jacket, Car Magazine, toothbrush

FC&JL| How do you keep yourself busy during a flight?
DG: I usually hate watching the on-flight films, some are so dreadful. I actually go on my blackberry and text my mates and catch up with things while traveling.

FC&JL| What do you usually wear when traveling?
DG: I like to dress casual, nothing over the top- just a nice comfy pair of jeans and a shirt. I also love to wear a hat and bring a jacket if the weather is nippy where I am going.

FC&JL| Which location is your coolest visa stamp on your passport?
DG: Africa. I just always wanted to see certain animals in my life. It was on my list of things to do before I kick the bucket. Seeing those incredible creatures was a real joy.

FC&JL| Of all the places you have traveled, which has been the most memorable?
DG: I would have to say two places, can’t just pick one. I went to Capri; it was stunning when I shot for Light Blue. I loved the people and the area. Also, second is Africa. I love animals and I got a chance to go in Congo and see the gorillas. That was just amazing.

FC&JL| Do you prefer a window or aisle seat?
DG: I love a window seat because you can look out and see all of the world, plus an aisle seat tends to be awkward occasionally.

FC&JL| What are 3 songs in your iPod that you wish you could share with everyone?
DG: First song is Satisfaction by The Stones. I love that band so much, they are legends. Second, Two Hearts by Phil Collins. I love the classics. Third, Smokey Robinson hits.

FC&JL| Which have been some of your most interesting advertisement campaigns?
DG: D&G have been some interesting campaigns, they are so creative with stories behind the ads. It is classic art and it depicts something greater then just a typical ad.

FC&JL| What is more fun, photo shoots or runway shows? Why?
DG: I love photo shoots and runways both, but there are positives and negatives to them. Positives- it’s fun and enjoyable. Negatives- sometimes it takes a while on set, long hours for photos and runway taking a while to get ready and with so much practicing, but at the end of the day you love what you do. All worth it.

FC&JL| What are some of your thoughts before you step onto the runway at a fashion show?
DG: I always clear my mind. I feel if you have something on your mind, you will think about it and then you can get nervous. Even to this day, I have been in the business for years and I still get nervous before a big show.

FC&JL| What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet?
DG: I love my aviator jacket by D&G. I received it as a gift because I had one before, but it tore when I was in NYC a few years ago. I received a new one. It’s amazing. My Hugo Boss Jeans, they are so comfortable to wear out and about. I would say my car, even though you can fit her in my closet, she is another favorite of mine.

FC&JL| Describe your personal fashion in 3 words.
DG: classic, vintage, gentlemen

FC&JL| What is a necessity for your winter wardrobe? Summer wardrobe?
DG: Winter, a nice tailored suit jacket with some jeans and a scarf. Perfect for day or even a night out. Summer, comfortable jeans with a cotton t-shirt and a simple hat.

FC&JL| What is 1 thing every gentleman should have?
DG: A nice tailored suit jacket. You can dress it up or down, and it never goes out of style.