Sunday, November 21, 2010

David Gandy gets closer Away we Stay

David shares with us his W Hotel view. Close we were to talk about “Away We Stay". It is his first movie but nevertheless makes the talk in town, at now nobody can possibly have missed this glamorous piece of news.

Helena Christensen & Davis Gandy falling in love at a glance for W… Will we bump into a very handsome guy when checking in at the W Hotel on Leicester Square- London for the first time? If you were Notting Hill adepts like me, you must have changed your preferences and turned a bit more central, destination: Leicester Square.

1/ What is common to acting and modelling?
Good actors and models are very camera aware.  They have to be conscious of minute movements in their facial expressions and what these convey. They should also concentrate in their body movements, how they look best, from which angles
what angles etc.

2/ Have you ever fallen in love in a hotel?

3/ Were you lost in translation in front of Helena Christensen?
No we got along very well.

4/ Is a Hotel a place to pass by or to stay?
If you don’t stay in a hotel its pretty much pointless.

5/ What is your favourite room in the W hotel?
It’s not open yet.  Opens in February.  Hopefully I will look forward to figuring it out.

6/ What would you imagine to see there through a peephole?
A bed.

7/ Do you think hotels are meant to become nostalgic places since people come and go?
Of course.  Many hotels around the world are such historic places.  If you are very lucky you get to walk, talk and sleep where many famous and iconic people have been.

8/ Can a hotel feel like home?
Only if you own it I suppose.

9/ Do you stay away or do you always come back?
They are certain things that you should always stay away from.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

November 08, 2010 - By Ella Alexander

We reported in August that David Gandy had landed his first acting role and now, for the first time, we have the finished film to show you.

A celebration of W Hotel's arrival to London's Leicester Square, Away We Stay follows the romantic story of a photographer (played by Helena Christensen), who falls for a stranger she meets in a restaurant (Gandy). Inspired by the iconic movie Blow Up, the film is directed by Edoardo Ponti - the son of the film's original producer, Carlo Ponti. The cast also includes Fenton Bailey, Nick Moran and Tom Hollander.

"I was approached a few times with acting opportunities, but I wasn't tempted until I learnt about and saw the script for Away We Stay. Obviously with this being my first film and my first attempt at any acting, I wasn't sure if I could do it justice, but the director, Edoardo, made me feel very at ease and believed in me," Gandy tells us. "The other members of the cast - including Helena, Tom Hollander and Nick Moran - and the fact that it was set and filmed in London also added to its appeal. It would be fair to say, or even an understatement, that there were a few nerves beforehand, but I really enjoyed the whole process and didn't want it to end. The fact that people are saying positive things - including Sophia Loren I may add - is a huge relief!"

The film, set in London, features a glimpse of the new hotel which is set to open early next year.

"W London sits at the heartland of British film premieres in Leicester Square," says Kevin Rockey, the hotel's general manager. "We want to approach our opening with an innovative commissioning within the world of film. Away We Stay is inspired by the quintessentially British fashion film Blow Up which follows neatly our passions for fashion and film."

Will Gandy be taking his newly found acting skills further?

"If the opportunity comes along to do more acting work then it's definitely something I'd jump at the chance to do," he says. "However, like anything, if you want to do well you have to put in the groundwork, so there is a long way to go, but my first experience of acting was a great one."