Thursday, September 9, 2010

Styling by David Gandy

David Gandy is about as super as male models get and probably best known as the face (and body) of Dolce and Gabbanas Light Blue fragrance.

His latest endeavour, however, is the The David Gandy Mens Styling App, everything a man could wish to know about getting his look right at the touch of a finger.

Its all the tricks of the trade that Ive picked up over the last nine years, from working with all the best people  the best stylists, the best photographers, the best creatives, elaborates David, pictured above at Richard James Bespoke.  Ive produced the app in association with the stylist Joe Ottaway. Some men seem to be a bit confused and intimidated by the whole world of fashion. We want to simplify things.

An example trick of the trade? Get certain clothes altered by a tailor. It makes such a difference. A lot of ready to wear clothing is made to fit a wide range of customers, so youre lucky if you find something that fits you well. Weve got a before and after bit on the app of a guy who spent a bit of money getting a regular, off the peg suit altered and you wouldnt believe the difference.

Its a top tip, and one that is not lost here at Richard James, where we know only too well that we are not all the same shape or size and offer an in house alterations service of the exactitude you would expect from Savile Row: suit coats can be squared off (made flat) if they bunch under the back of the lapel; side seams can be taken in or let out; sleeves and coats shortened, and cuffs made to work (button). Moving down, trousers can be taken up or let down; waists taken in or let out; legs narrowed; belt loops added, and the fork (what a tailor calls the crotch, and so called because it is the spot from which four seams fork out) expanded.


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