Thursday, February 12, 2009

We get to know the real David Gandy

Nothing cheers us up more than a random sighting of David Gandy on a Thursday afternoon. Even better though is getting to know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about him. Read our revealing Q&A with him now.

As Mr.Gandy is soooo in demand (this is a man who took 75 flights last year alone) its rare to see him  well, taking the afternoon off. So, good on him we thought after spotting him strolling the Milanese streets. Not five minutes later though we discovered his free afternoon was actually an appointment at the Dolce & Gabbana style office ahead of his appearance at next weekend's San Remo music festival (Feb 21st).

This got us thinking - whats really beyond his air-miles and that impeccable dress sense? Being Swide, we pulled a few strings  and just for you, we sent him a list of Q&As based on the famous Proust questionnaire. Below are his revealing answers. A word of warning  if you werent in love with him before reading this  you will be after.

David Gandy: The Q&A

Q. The main peculiarity of my character.
A. Shyness

Q. Which qualities do I appreciate in a man.
A. Behaving like a gentleman

Q. What kind of woman do I prefer?
A. Compassionate and beautiful

Q. What quality do I like most in my friends?
A. Honesty

Q. My main fault.
A. Stubbornness

Q. My favourite occupation.
A. Driving.

Q. My dream of happiness.
A. True Love

Q. My worst disgrace.
A. Always working

Q. What I would do if I werent a model.
A. A veterinary surgeon

Q. The country where I would like to live.
A. Africa or Vermont (USA)

Q. My favourite colour.
A. Light Blue ;-)

Q. My preferred flower.
A. Sunflower

Q. The bird I like the most.
A. Robin. (To be visited by one means a departed family member comes to look after you)

Q. My favourite romance writers.
A. Shakespeare (not truly romantic obviously)

Q. My male heroes
A. Paul Newman, Winston Churchill

Q. My female heroine
A. Diane Fossey

Q. My favourite singers.
A. Donny Hathaway, Smokey Robinson, Tony Bennett

Q. My favourite painters.
A. Edward Hopper

Q. My favourite historic icons.
A. Winston Churchill

Q. What do I hate more than everything.
A. People who take themselves too seriously or selfishness

Q. What's wrong with me.
A. Too Many things

Q. The historic personalities that I hate the most.
A. Not historic but at the moment Gordon Brown

Q. The natural gift that I would like to have.
A. To be more intelligent

Q. How would I like to die.
A. Peacefully and satisfied

Q. My present state of mind.
A. Unsettled

Q. My motto.
A. A man without enemies is a man without character

Q. The object I never forget at home.
A. Blackberry

With special thanks to David Gandy